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Yoga and sound relaxation, a perfect couple!

Today, the benefits and well-being provided by the practice of yoga are well established. In the same vein, the benefits of relaxation music are also important. And when you have the opportunity to live together in the same context, happiness is assured! Let’s find out why this connection between yoga and sound relaxation is a gift for apprentice yogists. And also find out how easy and enjoyable it is to create sound relaxation.

Would you be ready to imagine the pleasure you would feel creating, giving and sharing sound relaxation with your yogi students? “But I am not a musician! » you say? Well, even a non-musician, you can learn in a few days The Music of Instinct !!

  1. Yoga and sound relaxation, the perfect couple

  2. Be a yogist and offer sound relaxations

  3. Training The Music of Instinct

  4. Yoga teachers offering sound relaxations: testimonials following The Music of Instinct

“Yoga is almost like music in a way; There is no end. » Sting

1. Yoga and sound relaxation, the perfect couple

For our greatest good, there are so many different yoga practices. But always, yoga brings an open and clear state of mind, often thanks to a harmonious and deep physical solicitation.

An aspect of yoga well known is the physical and bodily practice: a particular and holistic physical activity that stimulates the body as a whole, awakens energies, energizes the muscles, circulates the lymph and blood, strengthens the joints, opens the lungs, releases blockages, etc. Due to this physical activity, yoga also acts on the mind and emotions: it is always surprising to compare the sensations before and after a yoga session. Wonderful !

sound relaxation offers similar benefits, using another key: sound and music. The sound vibrations will also act on the emotional, mental and physical levels, taking another path.

We could say by comparing these 2 experiences that yoga is “rather yang” (keys to well-being through the body, movement and action) and that sound relaxation is ‘rather yin’ (keys to well-being in a state of receptivity) If on the one hand yoga structures the mental and the emotional through the body, sound relaxation structures the mental and the emotional by relaxing the physical. A great complementarity!

Thus, we understand why yoga sessions are increasingly embellished with sound relaxation. There are generally 2 ways: yoga session with music (live or recorded music) and savasana to music, moment of relaxation in general after the course of a yoga class. Savasana (in Sanskrit) is a posture lying on the back, a posture of relaxation and complete relaxation. A few minutes of breathing and meditation colored with a sound massage after the yoga session helps integration, letting go, and recovery.

Yoga and relaxing music go together naturally. I always have a lot of joy in creating relaxation music and mantras in this context. I also had the great pleasure of accompanying musically in Paris sessions of 108 meditations in the sun and workshops on various themes, including Antoine Pommet and Benoit Piernot. Yoga and music: what beautiful encounters! Beautiful sharing where yoga and live music harmonize. Beautiful sessions where the music of my albums supports the concentration and breath of yoga enthusiasts:

“I had the chance to meet Anthony and discover his work in Paris in 2017. Since then, I have been using his music and working with his work in the classes and trainings I give to yoga teachers. .

I have a special affection for the Coeur Symphonique album and I recommend it to several colleagues, knowing that it can often serve as a very effective tool to get into a state of maximum flow.
In addition to his exceptional work, I am, still today, absolutely touched by the gentleness of the friend Anthony who bears his name like no one else! » Antoine Pommet.

THANK YOU Antoine Pommet for your touching testimony, a magnificent international yoga teacher whom I invite you to discover to experience his sensitive and relevant teaching.

That said, it is not always possible to call on a sound therapist, a musician or a music therapist… In this case, as a teacher, it is interesting to propose the sound relaxations yourself, sound journeys of harmonization and integration.

2. Be a yogist and offer sound relaxations

Even if you have doubts, I assure you that you are able to achieve sound relaxation with great joy and pride. As a yoga teacher, you have necessarily had to develop listening: to the body, to your sensations, to your breathing… These elements are also sources of presence and creativity in the musical proposal.

Yoga teacher, you like the group, the sharing, and the pleasure of pleasing. Well if you want to feel completely capable of freely playing music to your students, know that there is nothing simpler!

By developing through the approach of music and sound, your quality of presence, your inner feeling, you go straight into true, authentic and resonant creativity.

And I’m not just talking here about the practice of Tibetan bowls: you can easily create a richer sound space, possibly also opening up a stronger space for imagination and image integration by using other intuitive instruments. We offer more than 100 instruments to discover in the training.

You can easily with the Training The Music of Instinct go from being an introverted non-musician to “I am free and I joyfully share my being and my music!! »

So you will be able to share improvised music with your students and your acquaintances. You will be able to feel the effects of vibrations, and will know how to make them feel. You will understand which vibrations are good for you and how sound and music work for relaxation. You will provide another framework for anchoring the benefits of your lessons by adorning it with sound vibrations.

It’s time to rediscover your talent as a musician and co-creator with l’Instant et l’Instinct. What joy to then be able to share your harmonious sensitivity and musical truth with your family, friends and students!

“Yoga is like music:

the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul

create the symphony of life. »

BKS Iyengar

3. Training The Music of Instinct: create your sound relaxation!

Ha la la, there are tough beliefs! Like not being competent or able to play music! Like the one it takes years of music theory before having fun and before daring to develop a fair and beautiful proposal!

Fortunately, the young baby is not burdened with all these limiting beliefs and all these questions when he wants to start walking. Fortunately, you believed in yourself to experience yoga. Rest assured music is even easier

With this training, you will add a string to your energy bow. You will discover this wonderful feeling of sharing through music a sound relaxation to your yogist audience. As for yoga, it is the feeling of bringing a framework of harmony, centering, balancing.

You will not only be able to enhance your yoga classes with sound relaxation in your professional space, but also explore and share your music in your personal circle.

During the training, you will feel the benefits of sounds on the body and mind. You will dive into the Tibetan bowls, the gongs and the drum having the effect of provide immediate well-being, and easy, cheap and enjoyable instruments for a post yoga session like kalimbas, koshi chimes… and a hundred more

You will discover how to use and play these intuitive instruments and how to approach more conventional instruments naturally like piano, guitar, accordion…

IMPORTANT : “Music of Instinct” benefits from a QUALIOPI CERTIFICATION, (via training organization Cae Clara) Thereby, THE COST OF YOUR TRAINING CAN BE ASSURED by an OPCO (such as Afdas, FIFPL, Uniformation, Atlas, Ocapiat, Constructys, Opcommmerce, Akto, Opco2i, Opco Mobilités, Opco EP, Opco Santé, etc.) or job centre, depending on your situation and your sector of activity! Attention, it is not the CPF! It’s Qualiopi

For all the information on this magical training that makes you become free to play with authenticity and beautyclick on the following links:

Don’t you think it’s possible to learn to play beautiful music freely in 4 days? So, read on, and contact us

4. Yoga teachers offering sound relaxations: testimonials

Here are some testimonials from yoga teachers who have followed the La Musique de l’Instinct training.

  • Estelle: “Since this formation (The Music of Instinct) I dare to compose my own sound relaxation to my students although I am neither a musician nor a singer. My students tell me that music allows them greater relaxation, to better leave their minds. What’s Great About Instinct Music it’s that what’s happening is unique and fits perfectly with the magic of the moment that’s unfolding. »Estelle Poirault,
  • Catherine: “I was really lucky to be able to take part in the ‘Musique de l’Instinct’ workshop with Anthony Doux and Othello Ravez. It was 4 days ofdeep and creative exploration in benevolence, remarkably orchestrated by Anthony and Othello with lots of sensitivity and relevance! Of the unforgettable moments shared in joy and serenity. I come out with more confidence and boldness ! I recommend to all those who wish to move forward and dare to develop what they love in life and vibrate in unison! Many thanks to both of you. »Catherine Atzenhoffer,
  • Lucilla: “This music of instinct training allowed me to learn to compose with very varied/complementary instruments, and to integrate them into a sound journey after my usual yoga sessions (pranayama=breathing and asana=postures).

    My students clearly perceived a change in my “method”: there is a before and after training, that’s for sure!! I take a lot less of my head preparing things (before I wrote down all my lessons on index cards).

    This training gave me self-confidence. From a base, a lesson plan more or less prepared in advance, I can now embroider around it, and let the spontaneous take its place.

    For me it was a big job, to let it happen, what must be, at the right time.

    And it was the music that brought me to this, it is this music of instinct that then shone through my life.

    I have a lot of gratitude towards Anthony and Othello: thanks to their listening, their patience, their encouragement, their kick in the ass too! In such a benevolent environment, one can only flourish.

    Then yes, these 4 days have changed something in my life! There is much more spontaneity and joy. Because what I prefer when I “compose” a sound journey is that I enjoy it! Some students told me they felt this “wave of fun”…

So, like Estelle, Catherine, Lucile and many others, come and dive into this vibratory aspect of sound, the musical creation of the Instant and relaxation through music!

Instinct Music Session, April 2022

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“Life is a mystery that must be lived,

not a problem to be solved. »


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