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Xiaomi scale 3 -You are finding a surprising connected smart scale

Are you finding Xiaomi scale 3 online?But this product isn’t in market.I don’t know about you, but I weigh myself very often (cyclist obliges). So I wanted to replace your Xiaomi scale 3 finding with a high-tech connected Xiaomi mi Scale. So here is the test of this product signed Xiaomi.

Here is the test of the connected Xiaomi Smart Weight Scale to measure body mass, fat, bone and calculate your BMI. The product fits perfectly into the ecosystem of connected objects dedicated to the health of the Chinese brand. Here are our impressions and our handling of the product.

smart health device Xiaomi scale 3


About $ 40
300 x 300mm
Accuracy between 5 kg and 150 kg
Units: Kg & Pounds
Android and iOS app
Integration of third-party applications


I find the design of the Xiaomi Mi Scale really perfect. On the black tiles in my bathroom, the contrast is just perfect. I also really like the way they hid the digital display. Thus, it is invisible until you put your feet on it. Then your weight is displayed in white. Xiaomi therefore remains in the sleek design with rounded edges which are a bit the markers of its Mi range. The negative point of this immaculate white is that it can get dirty quickly. A shot of white vinegar and it is gone.


Before weighing yourself for the first time, you will need to sort out a couple of things. First, you are going to need to get yourself a few AA batteries (4 to be exact), as they are not included in the box. The brand estimates that you will be able to weigh yourself for a year without a problem. After all, depends on your usage. I regularly weigh myself 3 times a day to adjust my water needs after my cycling sessions.

Next, you will need to download and install the “Mi Fit” home app on your Android phone or iPhone. It is this application that forms the link between the scale and your phone (via Bluetooth). Your data is then recorded on the Mi clood allowing you to follow the evolution of your physiological data and your weight measurements over time.

If you wish to change the unit of measurement, the modification is not made at the software level, but at the hardware level by activating a switch (three possible choices) on the bottom of the Mi Scale.

You can choose between kg, lbs and catties – the latter is sometimes used in South East Asia (except for fun not too useful for us). Please note that the different choices are designated by inscriptions in Chinese… without even an English translation. For my part, I had nothing to do with Kg was already selected. Otherwise the choice will be made by testing.

Pairing your scale with your phone is pretty easy. Just open the app on your phone, turn on Bluetooth, step on the scale. Pairing will begin as soon as you select the Mi scale as the device to be connected.


I wanted to do a fun test to check the quality of the data. The purpose of the test is quite simple. Namely measuring my weight before and after a one-hour workout (From the home trainer on Zwift). Over an hour of sport, I should only notice water losses (significant, because indoors).

Here is the test protocol:

I weigh myself before the workout (74.9kg including 57.3 kg muscles / 19.3% fat / 55.3% water)
1 hour session on Zwift at around 245W average (FTP currently at 265W) so a fairly intense session
I calculate the quantity of water ingested during the test (1 can of 800ml + 1/3 of 500ml) or 965ml => 96.5 cl => 0.965 liter
I dad after the session and I get (74kg including 57 kg muscles / 18.8% fat / 55.6% water)

So I have a weight loss of 74.9 – 74.0 = 0.9 kg

In theory this difference should only be water. However, if I compare my two “water” values ​​before and after I have a difference of 0.3%. I didn’t gain any water weight, but as the muscle and fat values ​​were changed the water percentage increased.

According to the scale, I lost 300 grams of muscle as well as 544 grams of fat. For the muscle I tried to see if a loss was possible after an hour of exertion, I couldn’t find anything. For fat, it’s pretty weird to have lost some. Losses are usually done on prolonged efforts (greater than 3 hours) at endurance (55% / 75% of the FTP). On the other hand without being an expert, but remembering my high school lessons, these figures can be ditched by the loss of salt caused by sweating. Since mineral salts affect the conductivity of the water (and therefore the body), it may be quite normal that these figures do not correspond exactly to those expected.

As you will understand, I took the vice a little further by doing this test, which is absolutely nothing scientific. It was just my geek side that stood out. Even if the precision is not to the nearest gram for the secondary values ​​(water mass / fat / muscle), it is sufficiently precise and allows you to quickly visualize where you are and gauge your level of fitness. Above all, it allows you to see the evolution over time. In my case when I’m looking to lose weight (to improve my weight / power ratio). I carefully monitor the muscle mass. I’m making sure there aren’t any big gaps (downward, if it’s going up I’m happy) which would mean a loss of strength. In short, the balance does the job perfectly.


The Mi Scale can also report its weight readings to third-party apps like MyFitnessPal and Apple HealthKit. But the support is quite patchy, so the information you find will depend on which application you choose.

Whichever app you want to use next, you should use Xiaomi’s “Mi Fit” app during your weigh-in as a way to get this weight data on your phone. Uploading to other applications will then be done from this application by connecting to the APIs of MyFitnessPal or AppleHealhKit.

In short, if you want to “save” your data, don’t forget to put your phone with Bluetooth enabled next to you. If, however, you forgot it. Don’t panic, the synchronization will be done the next time with all the values ​​recorded since. The previous unsynchronized weight readings the next time he is nearby and you use the scale.

The Mi Fit app also supports Mi Band and Mi Band 2 trackers or Amazfit Smartwatch 1 or 2. So you can track all your physical data and sports activities in one place. The application clearly presents its data and allows you to view your weight measurements in the form of a graph. So there is no more reason to lose your diet :).

If you are in family. It is possible to share the scale with all the members of your tribe. All you need to do is create an account for each on the “Mi Fit” app. The app is based on weight to “guess” a particular family member. In the event that your weights are close. The app will ask you who is actually on the scale.

Again in the family option category: you can weigh the newborn by taking it with you. The tarre will be done with your weight. The infant’s weight will therefore be the difference between the weights found.


Since you can’t find Xiaomi scale 3 online.So you need consider Xiaomi mi scale. Once again Xiaomi signs a high-tech product with an unbeatable quality / price ratio. Finding a connected scale offering so many services for this price is impossible. Especially since the system is designed to work with all of the brand’s “health” products. Providing you with impressive health monitoring.

The only downside for me is bluetooth connectivity. I really would have preferred it to be done over WiFi. Well, this is just a detail.

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Quite happy with the product. It was important for me to have a scale capable of giving me (quite precisely) my muscle mass and my fat mass, two important values ​​in cycling. The scale is very beautiful and easy to use. I may regret the fact that the connection is only made in Bluetooth with the phone.

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