Xiaomi Amazfit Bip Review: a GPS cardio smart health watch less than $70

Xiaomi Amazfit Bip Review:  a GPS cardio smart health watch less than







Xiaomi today offers a wide range of sports trackers. We have already seen the Mi Band series together, including the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 test very recently. These bracelets have the advantage of being very affordable, however their sporty look may not appeal to everyone. And some features may be missing to some. To fill this, Xiaomi offers an Amazfit range, which are sports smart watches. A look much closer to classic watches, with all the functions of the Mi Band: Oled screen, activity tracking, sleep, heart tracking, SMS and phone notifications, alarm clock, etc. but also a built-in GPS! All this for less than $70, thanks to the entry-level model Xiaomi Amazfit Bip. Today we propose to you a Xiaomi Amazfit Bip Review to discover it in more detail…

I. Unpacking the Xiaomi Amazfit Bip

We find a very simple packaging, white, simply displaying the brand Amazfit.

Inside, there is the watch, well housed, with its charger base:

The Amazfit Bip watch will probably remind you of something: it’s a copy identical to the Apple Watch, with a 1.28 “touch screen (176 x 176 px, in color), protected by a Corning Gorilla glass, which ensures its solidity.

On the side there is even the small button to navigate the menus (which will be used here especially to “wake up” the watch):

No apparent opening, and for good reason: the Amazfit Bip is certified IP 67, so resistant to water and dust (we can take a shower without problems with, for against not sure that we can swim).

In this very small watch we find a battery (lithium polymer) of 190 mAh, a Bluetooth chip 4, a vibrator, a screen, a three-axis accelerometer, which is responsible for collecting data on your activity and your sleep, a sensor heart rate, which is therefore responsible for measuring your heartbeat, and a GPS.

For recharging, a small Usb station is delivered, on which it will suffice to clip the watch, its rear contacts coming into contact with the station:

II. Using the Xiaomi Amazfit Bip

To use it, it will obviously be necessary to install the mobile application that is going well: Mi Fit, which we are now starting to know well (available on iOS and Android). The application has evolved a lot, is now available in French, and offers very complete functionality. I will not represent them all here, they are the same as for the Mi Band 3. So I invite you to review the test of the latter to discover the possibilities of the application.

The first time you will have to create an account if you do not already have one at Xiaomi, by including your name, but also your gender, age, height, and weight. Finally, we set a goal of steps for the day. The ideal is to be able to walk 40 minutes a day, or around 8000 steps to stay healthy.

For the moment our watch is not known to the application, it will have to be paired. This is done very simply, by requesting the addition of a new device. Please note, you can only have one device paired with the smartphone. If you already have a Mi Band for example, as it is here, it will first have to be dissociated from the account.

We therefore ask to add a watch, and we select the Amazfit Bip model:

It is possible that an update of the watch is done, you just have to wait a few seconds.

After wearing the watch for a while, it will have data to synchronize with the application, which will display them on the dashboard:

We can thus follow the number of steps,the different activities over the day, with a report on the duration, average, etc.

At a glance we will see the number of steps taken in the day, the kilometers, as well as the calories spent. The highlighted circle in the main screen represents the progress towards our goal. By clicking in the center of the circle you can have a detail of the steps on the day.

In the same way, you can have the details of your night: bedtime, waking time, deep / light sleep phases, averages over a period, situation in relation to other users, etc … It’s complete!

Note that the Amazfit Bip watch, like the Mi Band, automatically detects when you go to bed and when you get up! No need to press any button like some competitors, everything is done here automatically. The result is rather reliable!

It is possible to share your results on social networks, or even to test yourself against friends, via a QRCode to be scanned.


Many data on the activity in question are available in the summary:

The watch will display some during the session, such as the duration, the kilometers traveled, the average heart rate, etc.

The GPS track, however, will only be available once the activity is complete:

These screens on a specific activity are the little more compared to the Mi Band 🙂

The application also offers other features:

Xiaomi Amazfit Bip review smart health

We can for example vibrate the watch to find it (you will have to strain your ear to hear the vibrations…), indicate on which arm you are wearing it, just to adjust the calculations correctly, be notified of calls, read your SMS ( very practical thanks to its large screen), etc.

We can choose the screens to display, and their order. And it will even be possible to change the display of the dial (a selection is proposed, but it is possible to use others via third-party applications).

We also find the alarm clock function, identical to the Mi Band, which vibrates on your wrist to wake you up. A function that I appreciate very much, which allows me not to wake my wife in the morning 🙂

Although the app is extremely handy, a lot can be viewed directly on the screen of the Amazfit Bip, which is very handy.

xiaomi_amazfit_bip_review-smart healthIII. Conclusion of Xiaomi Amazfit Bip review

The Xiaomi Amazfit Bip watch is a watch that remains fairly simple, but which comes a notch above the Mi Band range. A more look goes everywhere, and a little more complete functions, especially thanks to the integrated GPS. Activity monitoring is perfectly adequate and sleep monitoring is very precise. The continuous monitoring during an activity is however sometimes a little fanciful, but gives at least an idea of ​​our situation during the effort, allowing me nevertheless to lift the foot when I force too much

The autonomy is very good, with 45 days announced. Of course a regular use of activities, which triggers the cardio and GPS monitoring, will impact the autonomy, but it remains very good, and easily hold the month. We find the Amazfit Bip regularly around $ 70, which is an excellent price for this product, which will satisfy all those who do not want to invest a fortune in a Garmin type watch for example.


Xiaomi Mi Band smart health connected bracelet Review

Xiaomi Amazfit Bip








Use / Getting Started


Report price quality



  • Autonomy
  • Big screen
  • New functions: SMS reading, reminders
  • Hight Report price quality


  • Oled screen difficult to read in the sun

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