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Withings Sleep: the latest update of the sleep sensor

Withings Sleep: the latest update of the sleep sensor

What do you think about Withings? One of the recent updates to the Withings Sleep sensor device marks an important turning point for the brand, and more broadly for the use of smart home dedicated to health. People can now benefit from an identification of disturbances during the night, and within a few months, from that of possible sleep apnea.

Home automation and health: Withings at the heart of tomorrow’s challenges

In a few years, Withings has succeeded in establishing itself as one of the essentials of e-health. The French company is now present internationally, and is increasing the number of releases and improvements on its products already on the market. We could mention its Withings Steel HR, Withings Go, Activity Steel or Pop connected watches, its Withings Body or Withings Body Cardio smart scales, or more recently its Pulse HR connected bracelet and its BPM Core smart blood pressure monitor presented at the Consumer Electronic Show 2019.

We have seen a gradual evolution in the brand’s offerings, with beginnings rather dedicated to traditional home automation health monitoring with watches and bracelets, then towards increased health monitoring with connected objects to prevent more problems. specific, like those related to heart and sleep.

In mid-March 2019, with an update, the Withings Sleep device, a smart device dedicated to sleep, now offers a new functionality. This facilitates the detection of possible respiratory problems during the night phases. And ultimately, the goal is to identify sleep apnea in users.

E-health: the nerve center of smart home 

Withings is not the only innovation company working on the issue of sleep apnea, as brands like Apple and Fitbit are also doing their research to provide home automation solutions to consumers.

Withings Sleep: a home automation object to diagnose sleep apnea

With solutions as sophisticated as that of Sleep – formerly Nokia Sleep, Withing specializes its field of expertise. The principle of Sleep is quite simple, since it is a sensor to slide under your mattress. This collects data from the night and analyzes the sleep cycles of its user. Different features are already available:

With Withings Sleep, when you wake up, you can view all the data for the night.
Personalized support thanks to the Health Mate application (iOS and Android),
Sleep quality analysis,
The user’s heart rate record,
Integration into home automation scenarios,
Detection of snoring during the night.

The goal, with Withings, is to enrich these features in order to offer equipment with many health benefits. With the recent update, the brand wants to eventually allow people who use their device to identify possible sleep apnea. A priori, this new functionality will be available at the end of this year. All that’s missing is FDA and CE certification for validation. The company worked alongside Dr. Pierre Escourrou, cardiologist and sleep specialist, to develop the detection of disturbances during cycles.

Note that there are three types of sleep apnea: central sleep apnea (CSA), mixed sleep apnea and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), which can manifest as different symptoms during the night. . These can range from simple snoring to suffocation, to frequent waking and increased heart rate. And obviously, these sleep conditions often have consequences during the day.

Detecting sleep disturbances can thus anticipate certain health problems, especially cardiovascular. With the application, Withings Sleep classifies these disturbances according to their frequency and level of intensity.

The Withings Sleep sensor is available for € 99.95 and guaranteed for two years.

Withings Sleep: responding to a diagnostic problem around sleep apnea

While it is difficult to have very precise figures, the latest studies suggest that the really important data for Withings and its Sleep solution, it is estimated that almost 80% of adults who suffer from sleep apnea would not have it. consciousness.


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