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Withings Health Mate: your best fitness and health coach

Withings Health Mate: your best fitness and health coach

Withings Health Mate is the best way to track your activity, sleep, weight, and more. See your trends, your progress, and benefit from personalized advice to help you improve in the long term.

Whatever your health goal, you’ll find a source of motivation and support on Health Mate.

Move more

Activity monitoring

Knowing exactly where you are can motivate you to move more. Activate the step account built into the Health Mate app on your smartphone, or simply measure your activity with a Withings watch. You can even connect your favorite partner apps to Health Mate, and import data from Apple Health, S-Health, and more.


You can set your daily goal, and set weekly activity goals to stay on track. A dance session once a week, and at least two games of tennis? No problem. Set the frequency of your activities and get rewarded when you reach your goals.

Ranking & badges

Connect with your friends and family to rediscover the meaning of the words “healthy competition”. You will get excited about the weekly leaderboard and the rewards for your progress. Even more so, our data shows that people who challenge one or more friends on the Health Mate app leaderboard end up walking 25% more!

Training report

After a workout, get a full report on your activity: heart rate zones, duration, calories burned, cardio fitness index via VO2 max and GPS tracking. * Note: Some training functions only work with Steel HR or Steel HR Sport.

Manage your weight

Create the trend

Just stepping on the scale can be a powerful motivator: our data shows that people who weigh themselves daily lose an average of 4 times more weight than those who don’t.

Track your child’s growth

Whether it’s making sure the baby is getting enough nutrition while breastfeeding, or tracking weight gain between doctor visits, Baby Mode helps parents and caregivers monitor baby’s weight by simply stepping on the chair. balance, with him in his arms.

Dedicated follow-up for pregnant women

Pregnant women can activate Pregnancy mode. In addition to allowing them to easily monitor their weight gain, this program provides them with articles reviewed by an obstetrician at each stage of pregnancy.

Track your sleep

Night movements

Shed light on what happens when you sleep, with in-depth analysis of your light and deep sleep cycles, as well as sleep interruptions, to feel rested and help improve your long-term health.

Sleep score

Receive your daily sleep score in the Health Mate app, and learn about parameters that affect the quality of your sleep.

Smart Wake-Up

Wake up at the best time in your sleep cycle to feel alert and fit to face the day. Works with a compatible Withings watch.

Analyze your health

Blood pressure

Get an overview of your overall cardiovascular health or watch for hypertension. Color-coded results and a full history will let you know where you stand. And with the app, easily share your measurements with your doctor.


Our connected temporal thermometer, Thermo, has an app that allows you to track temperature history for up to 8 users. You can also write down symptoms, medications used, get advice, add reminders, and share the results with your doctor.

Free your mind

Meditate where and when you want

Petit BamBou is the number one meditation application in France. Introduce yourself to relaxation and mindfulness with the new free program included in the Health Mate app.

In better shape

Meditation has been shown to have many health benefits, such as reduced anxiety, improved quality of sleep, and increased self-awareness.

The Withings Healthmate app is now connected to the iOS 8 Health app

With iOS 8 and after a false start, the Health app and Healthkit connectivity are now operational. The
More and more applications connected to the hub set up by Apple. We have inventoried many here, an update of this file is planned
This is done, the update is out and allows you to import the various measurements made with the Pulse sensor, balances and other many brand measurement accessories. In addition, the app now supports password protection and the use of the Touch Id fingerprint sensor for equipped machines.
HealthMate is available here on the App Store for free
The principle is similar to other applications, you only need to authorize the transfer of data from the Withings Health Mate app to the health app from the “Profile” section in the Health Mate app.
So that is the theory, because in practice, if the data is transferred well, in my case, the steps collected by the Pulse have apparently accumulated with those collected by the sensor of the iPhone
Result, it is doubled … However, the parameters of
the health app does indeed offer a hierarchy of data sources. For now, the solution seems to cut the import and keep only one source. If you have encountered the problem and found a solution to clean up past data, please feel free to share in the comments!
For the sleep data transfer, it went well. This should be the same for the weight, pressure and other data offered by the other accessories.
For each product, here are the transferable measures:
Smart Body Analyzer: Weight and Body Mass Index, Body Fat Rate
Wireless blood pressure monitor: systolic value, diastolic value and
cardiac frequency
Withings Pulse O2: Number of steps, distance covered, calories, sleep, altitude, oxygen level, heart rate
Withings Aura: Sleep analysis
Withings Health Mate app: Number of steps, heart rate
There are therefore still things to be perfected on the Apple or Withings side or settings, but the fact remains that the grouping of data in a homogeneous form in an app, even less sophisticated than that of
the editor, is practical and allows quick, centralized and easy reading. We can therefore only congratulate Withings for having updated the app and enabled what all the accessories should do: sharing our own data.
The Health app will eventually become the equivalent of the RSS feed reader for accessing articles on websites, a
essential for any health app and connected accessory,
necessary, mandatory but of course advantageously supplemented by a native app.

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