The Withings Health Institute launches an offer dedicated to medical research

French Withings Health Institute announces the launch of a set of services dedicated to researchers and doctors to accelerate the smart health revolution.

French specialist in smart health connected health Withings announces, through its division Withings Health Institute, the launch of an offer dedicated to medical research professionals.

A “kit research Withings “Will enable large-scale studies to be carried out with users of the brand’s smart health connected objects (with their consent) in a reduced time and at lower cost. The data collected in real time allows the advent of preventive, predictive and personalized medicine.

according to Eric Carreel, President of Withings and Sculpteo, the mission of the Withings Health Institute is to:

“Contribute to the dissemination of smart health connected health and the establishment of medical research. The analysis of data from smart health connected objects must make it possible to optimize the management of the care system and the care of patients every day. “

Like the Apple’s ResearchKit offering in the United States, the Withings Health Department (WHI) also wants to advance research through studies on the impact of smart health connected objects on health.

The Withings Health Institute currently employs around 20 people, including engineers, statisticians, pharmacists or health analysts. They will now work in close collaboration with doctors and research institutes to provide the public with relevant analyzes developed using rigorous scientific methodologies.

The Withings Health Institute, which regularly reports on user behavior –whose data are made anonymous-, includes 3 poles: a first dedicated toanalysis of Big data to improve and personalize user services, a pole dedicated to the creation of partnerships with researchers and developers of health solutions, and a center dedicated to carrying out observational studies using smart health connected objects.

World renowned institutions already trust Withings smart health connected objects to conduct studies, such as the University of Manchester, Pennsylvania, the University Hospital of Leiden in the Netherlands, the European Society of Hypertension, the University Hospitals of the University of Kansas, Duke and Alberta, in Finland, the University of Tampere, or in France with the George Pompidou European Hospital.

The “ Withings research kit “Is a real data processing tool for professionals in the context of concrete applications to advance smart health connected health: these studies aim, for example, to better management of diabetes by the patients themselves, heart failure, hypertension, the treatment of obesity or to use physical activity measures as a recovery marker after an operation.

The Withings Health Institute will also work with academics and doctors to publication of scientific studies on the impact of smart health connected objects. The growing importance of these scientific partnerships also testifies to the growing interest in smart health connected objects among professionals in the medical world.


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