CES 2019 – Withings wants to detect your heart anomalies with its BPM Core

CES 2019 – Withings wants to detect your heart anomalies with its BPM Core


Notably known for its smartwatch, the French start-up Withings was illustrated through a new Withings BPM Smart health connected medical tool dubbed BPM Core, during the CES 2019. Purpose: to detect potential cardiac abnormalities.

Present at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019, the young shoot Withings is part of the French contingent that made the trip to Las Vegas, for this grand mass essential to the world of technology. And the least we can say is that the firm of Issy-les-Moulineaux (Hauts-com-Seine) has had its effect in the aisles of the show, its smart health smart health connected object BPM Core having largely attracted the eye of the curious.

ECG medical grade

In concrete terms, BPM Core aims to follow the good health of your heart and to detect potential cardiac abnormalities with three instruments installed on the cuff: a wireless blood pressure monitor, dedicated to monitoring blood pressure and heart rate, a medical grade ECG to identify atrial fibrillation ( irregular heartbeat) and an electronic stethoscope, which identifies the risk of valvulopathy (dysfunction of heart valves).

These three measures are carried out 90 seconds only and allow you to have an overall idea of ​​the state of health of your heart. Everything is obviously synced to an application available for free on iOS and Android, Health Matewhich provides results to a doctor. The patient can then deliver a diagnosis, according to which medication can be prescribed.

Price and release date

Withings stands out here as a major player in smart health connected medical solutions and comes somewhat to overshadow a certain Apple, whose last smartwatch also embarks an electrocardiogram. With the difference that the two products are opposed in their end uses: one offers a lot of features on one watch, the other is invited on your arm for purely medical purposes.

The Withings BPM Core is availabled at the price of 249 € , in the United States and in Europe.You can buy from Amazon.


You can also buy from Withings official site with price 199.96€.



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