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Withings BPM Core review -ECG,blood pressure and stethoscope 3-in-1 for your health monitoring

Withings BPM Core review -ECG,blood pressure and stethoscope 3-in-1 for your health monitoring

Withings, the French company, spent a while under the bosom of Nokia, has just launched its blood pressure monitor-electrocardiogram-stethoscope intelligent Withings BPM Core after its presentation at CES in January 2019. It is the most advanced version currently in the connected smart health armband category.
This release is completed by BPM Connect, a more economical version which is the update of the Withings BPM model.

Withings BPM Core will help you reduce your doctor visits.Why use the BPM Core rather than another blood pressure monitor?

The device has received the compulsory authorizations from the EU thanks to its development in collaboration with the cardiologists of the major hospitals Georges-Pompidou and Antoine-Béclère.
The BPM Core connected armband will help you to follow precisely at home or when traveling. Thus, it makes it possible to detect three most frequent cardiovascular diseases:
1.Hypertension which affects more than 40% of people over 25
2.Atrial fibrillation causing 1/3 of stroke
3. Valvular heart disease which concerns 5% of people over 65
An effective way to detect masked hypertension and help control nocturnal hypertension. As well as preventing heart and stroke risks thanks to the medical precision of the results displayed.
If in doubt, you can quickly send your readings to your doctor, including your blood pressure history and ECG records.

Design and use

The BPM Core is a connected fabric cuff that embeds several technologies:
.A blood pressure sensor
.3 stainless steel electrodes for the stethoscope
.Sensor with digital microphone with silicone membrane and stainless steel base
.A touch screen LED
.Battery rechargeable battery with USB C to USB cable which provides autonomy up to 6 months.
An overall weight of 430 g. The size of the cuff is suitable for an arm with a circumference between 17 and 22 cm.
You can use the cuff alone or better combined with the free Withings Health Mate app on your smartphone or tablet.

How to take measurements with the BPM Core?

You place the cuff on your biceps and make sure the stethoscope is in contact with your chest (even with a light garment on you)
You press the measurement button.
At the prompt of the LCD screen, you put your fingers of the opposite hand on the stainless steel sensor.
After 90 seconds you get the three measurements which are synchronized directly on your mobile. Then a color code for each measurement tells you if all is well. You can read the simple results on the LED screen or detailed on your smartphone or tablet.

Withings BPM Core features

Blood pressure and heart rate, in accordance with European standards for medical devices.
Systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
. Accurate at +/- 3 mmHg or 2% of the heart rate measurement.
The BPM Core has a cuff that measures your blood pressure to a level of clinical quality. The blood pressure readings are displayed on the device itself with a color code indicating whether the blood pressure is normal, moderate or too high.
.Electrocardiogram records ECG and detects atrial fibrillation.
In addition to blood pressure, he will now take ECG (electrocardiogram) readings and can be used to identify serious heart conditions such as atrial fibrillation.
.Electronic stethoscope listens to your heartbeat and detects heart valve disease.
Another novelty is the digital stethoscope which can help in the early detection of valvular heart disease. It is an injury to one of the four heart valves, which may require surgery.

BPM Core a connected blood pressure monitor

The BPM Core works with iOS and Android smartphones and has a rechargeable battery which is good enough for hundreds of measurements on a single charge. All Withings BPM Core data, including audio recordings from the heart, can be shared with your doctor or health care professional.
The free app is compatible with devices running iOS 10+ or ​​Android 6. +
Automatic Wi-Fi synchronization of results which are immediately available via the Withings Health Mate
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection
.Up to 8 registered users for personalized follow-up
The data is compatible with the Apple Health app
Automatic reminders of your measurements.
Listen to the beating of your heart.
.Send your ECG reading to your doctor
As the data is stored in the cloud, you can also consult your data on the Withings website.

Price and availability of BPM Core and BPM Connect

The Withings BPM Core is guaranteed for 2 years, available now on the Withings website for $ 249.95.
This time for customers in North America, it will have to wait until it has received FDA approval. If all goes well, it should arrive later this year.

The more affordable version with BPM Connect

BPM Connect joins Core, which is an updated version of Withings BPM. It now has an LED display, so you no longer need your phone nearby to view the data. Information can now be synchronized with the Withings Health Mate via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which was not possible with its predecessor.
It has been approved by the FDA and complies with the EU to offer precise measurements of heart rate and blood pressure. BPM Connect is sold at $99.95.

Withings BPM core competitors

The renowned Omron blood pressure monitors  which offer compatibility with Amazon Alexa. The high-end Omron Evolv is comparatively “only” at $109 .
The Withings BPM first generation also at $109 .
There are many cheap blood pressure monitors online (from $20 ), the reliability of the results is however much less reliable.

Conclusion BPM Core

Certainly to date the most complete connected cuff for individuals. The device is very simple to use. The data is easy to read and understand and convenient to transport, wireless and with a battery life of 6 months.
An ideal device for preventive health. Its price significantly higher than its competitors (certainly less complete) causes hesitation. In this case the BPM Connect version is there.
There is also the confidentiality of your health data, which is stored unlimited in the Withings cloud. From my point of view local storage would have been preferable.
Withings Body vs Withings Body Cardio: Which Withings scale is better?

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