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Withings Body review Vs Withings body Cardio: Smart scales with a heart for your health

Nothing is permanent in the digital age. Least of all the functionality of smart hardware, which changes again and again due to software updates. This also applies to the popular model of smart scales called Body Cardio. Last year, the interim brand owner Nokia removed an important health function from a distance. After buying back the smart healthcare business, manufacturer Withings has now added them back. Reason enough to update my experience report of the smart health scales from the beginning of 2020 as well. That’s how much I like the current software version of the Withings Body Review.& Withings body cardio.

The Withings Body incorporates all the technological advances developed within Withings in recent years. What improvements have been made since Withings’ pioneering connected scales, the WS-30 and Smart Body Analyzer?

The Withings Body: for whom and at what price?

Withings Body, a connected scale for all ages

Whether you are attentive to your weight, athletic or simply curious about your health, the Withings Body is aimed at all audiences.

Thanks to the many sensors it has, the Withings Body offers you a tailor-made experience and weight monitoring to always keep in shape.

Available in two colors, the classic white and black, the connected scale is offered at the affordable price of  $59.95.

The seven key features of the Withings Body

.Withings Body gives you your body mass index (BMI).
.It provides you with the trend of your weight over the past eight days.
.You can follow this weight gain or loss curve directly on your smartphone through the Health Mate app.
.The smart scale recognizes up to eight different users, including babies.
.Pregnancy mode allows pregnant women to benefit from personalized advice on their weight gain.
.Integrate weight goals into the Health Mate application and you can follow your progress automatically, via your wifi or Bluetooth, on your Withings Body scale.
.Finally, the Withings Body gives you the weather for the day, which will allow you to choose your clothes well to start the day.

Again with pulse wave speed: This is what the Withings Body Cardio Review

Externally, the Withings Body Cardio is an adornment in the bathroom of every design lover in the Review. With its slim aluminum base without feet, the striped surface and the slightly milky cover glass, my white Review copy makes a noble impression.

Four sensors inside the scale measure weight, body composition and heart data. Then she sends the data to your iPhone or Android smartphone. There you can compare the information about your health over a longer period of time and draw conclusions. In the course of the measurements, the software calculates your body mass index (BMI) as well as the percentage of body fat and water, muscle and bone mass.

In addition to the heart rate, the scale, which has been available since 2016, also records the so-called pulse wave speed again. This value is an indicator of how well the blood flows through the body and to what extent the blood vessels could be pathologically narrowed. From January 2018 to April 2019, the manufacturer removed this measurement function in Europe because there were doubts as to whether all official approvals were available. These doubts now seem to have been dispelled.

“Nice to have”: If you need help in choosing your clothes, you can also have the local weather forecast displayed on the scale. Apart from the weather, these values ​​should give you a better understanding of your own fitness and health. That’s why the scales not only show them on the easy-to-read monochrome display, but also send them to the manufacturer’s app via WiFi or Bluetooth. On your iPhone or Android smartphone, the software supports you with a helpful classification of the normal range in which your fitness and health level is. This is not the only reason why the app is an essential part of the entire product.

Withings Health Mate: An app makes the scale smart

Strictly speaking, the scale can also be used without an app. The personalization of the measurement data is free of charge for iOS and Android Available Withings Health Mate app is urgently needed.

For example, you need the stylish and clear app to adapt the display content and to link it to a personal profile in the Withings Health web portal. There you store your age and height so that the app can calculate the BMI and classify your constitution. After each weighing, the scale synchronizes the new data with your profile.

If you don’t live alone, roommates can also use the smart scales. To do this, you can create up to seven additional profiles – without these users having to have a Withings account themselves.

Very practical: the app automatically assigns the measurement data to the correct data set as closely as possible and is based on the weight. I weigh a lot more than my wife. Therefore, the differentiation for the Withings Body Cardio in the Review is not a challenge. However, if two users weigh similarly – which applies to my wife and mother-in-law – the app asks for a manual selection of the profile.

Withings Health Mate App
The app called Withings Health Mate is a central part of the product. It illustrates the health data in a clear and understandable way. 

The app also offers coaching programs, some of which are of high quality and useful. Recently, for example, an otherwise chargeable meditation podcast was part of the free offer. The coachings are by no means interactive or smart, because they do not relate to the course of personal fitness data. Furthermore, the included reminder function fulfills the same purpose as an entry in any to-do app.

The body cardio in the Withings ecosystem and in the smart health home

For the most complete picture possible, you can network the data from the scales with other information sources. Health Mate not only works with the Body Cardio, but is the collection point for all current Withings and former Nokia health products. These include fitness trackers such as the Withings Move, Steel HR Sport or Activité Pop as well as smart blood pressure monitors and thermometers. You can also connect the app to Apple Health on iOS or Google Fit on Android. In this way, I can also see the steps taken with the Apple Watch in the profile of the Withings app.

With the IFTTT and Conrad Connect services, you can also integrate the Withings Body Cardio into your smart health home. How about, for example, if your Philips Hue lights flash in alarm red as soon as you open the candy drawer even though you have not reached your target weight?

Withings Body Cardio in black and white

Long-term experience with the Withings Body Cardio in the Review

After almost two years of use, the smart scales and health app have become an integral part of my everyday life. I can’t check how exactly the Withings Body Cardio measures in the Review. But the values ​​can be reproduced and appear plausible.

The synchronization of the measurement data with the software works smoothly within a few seconds. There is nothing wrong with the stability of the scale and the app. While there were still problems with firmware updates after switching from Withings to Nokia, the return to Withings’ hands was smooth. The firmware of the scale and the app are stable and smooth.

With the energy of the built-in rechargeable battery, the Withings Body Cardio was delighted to be able to operate economically in the Review. Since commissioning in May 2017, I’ve only recharged the Review device twice using a micro-USB cable. Therefore, I consider the twelve-month battery life that the manufacturer claims to be realistic.

Free Shipping on orders over £99 at!

Free Shipping on orders over £99 at!
Ends: December 31, 2020

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Conclusion: We recommend buying the Withings Body Cardio 

Both the hardware and the software of the Withings Body Cardio proved to be functional, stable and useful. The scale measures reliably and smoothly synchronizes the data with the tested iOS and Android version of the app. The manufacturer app works just as well with Apple Health.

The preparation and classification of the measurement data in the Health Mate app is useful support for anyone who wants to keep an eye on their weight and health. I am very motivated by a daily look at the graphically appealing health data. In contrast, the app’s coaching function is hardly worth mentioning. Overcoming your inner weaker self is something that nobody can do for you anyway.

The Withings Body Cardio smart scale is available in black and white. Image by Withings

The bottom line is that the Withings Body Cardio, available in white or black for $150, is a high-priced but also high-quality representative among the smart scales that I can recommend buying. Withings justifies the high surcharge compared to comparable devices by measuring heart rate and pulse wave speed. Before the latter function disappeared in the meantime, the scale cost 180 euros. For the time being, Withings is not returning to the old price. Some of the smart scales are available online for around $100.

Why prefer the Body Cardio to Withings body?

In comparison with previous versions, the Withings Body Cardio targets the high end while remaining easy to access. How should you choose a scale with so many features? If you are following a diet and want to benefit from personalized follow-up with precise feedback on your health, the Withings Body Cardio is for you. It is the only connected scale available on the market to offer such extensive services. Body Cardio, without being a medical device, will give you a complete health check.

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