Withings Body Cardio Review – The Balance for Your Heart

Review – Withings Body Cardio – The Balance for Your Heart (VOP)

We often talk about Withings for their quality products. Since 2009, the French brand markets a smart health connected scale, the Smart Body that we tested at the time. The Smart Health Balance which is now replaced by the Withings Body Cardio that we have already tested and very well judged. However, in January 2018 the pulse wave rate calculation was voluntarily removed to clarify the regulatory issues related to this feature. Since the Withings purchase by Withings in 2018 (read the article), the goal was to reintroduce this feature and it’s finally the case!Read this Withings Body Cardio Review.

But Withings is not just about smart health scales, it’s a whole health panel, including watches. The Withings Move was announced recently and is a very affordable little watch (70 €) and fully customizable, while being assembled in France!

And if you have more means we can advise you with Withings Steel HR, a smart health connected and sport watch. It has a small screen for your notifications and info and takes your pulse. Read our Review:

Withings Body Cardio Review

Until now, we have used the former high-end scale of the brand, the Smart Body, almost every day. A smart scale that dates, but that was complete and trusted. The Body Cardio is an improved version, finer, more precise, without batteries and with a brand new design shining beauty. The operation remains the same, we will not reinvent the balance. We climb on it, your weight is displayed followed by several other indications such as fat or heart rate.
The Body Cardio stands out for its design. Without feet the tempered glass surface rests on a flat aluminum base. A large bright screen and a bar separating the two feet, makes a scale that we will not seek to hide quite the contrary. A healthy and almost decorative object.

Withings Body Cardio Review

Smart Health monitoring

Withings has always sought to offer its users a way to monitor their health and especially their cardiovascular health simply by weighing them. During each weighing, the user will receive a complete summary of the composition of his body. Fatty, muscular, bony and water masses are presented on the screen just like a calculation of BMI. Rather precise measurements that allow a follow-up in time of your weight loss (or taking) and the transformation of your body.

Pulse Wave Speed

The scale also measures the heart rate and since April 18 last the Pulse Rate. The rate at which heartbeat vibrations propagate along the artery and the arterial tree. The lower , the better your heart is health. You can judge the impact of your lifestyle on your cardiovascular health.

To work properly, you must first perform 5 weighings in a row. Then the scale will be able to tell you correctly at each weighing your heart health. Knowing that the scale is capable of automatically recognizing 8 people, the monitoring will be done without any interaction other than to climb on it.

Tracking can be done just like any other data, from the Health Mate app. With indications on how to interpret these results.


The Withings Body Cardio is a versatile balance that will allow you to achieve your goals while monitoring your health and especially heart health. With its avant-garde design and its ease of use, Withings offers an object that is both pleasant to own and to use. No more excuses for not weighing yourself when your scale takes a significant place in your bathroom or bedroom. A reflex that becomes daily, we get up and weigh ourselves. If you forget, the application will remind you warmly and will be useful. Monitoring the evolution of your body and its composition will have its rewarding side and will motivate you to do more! An ideal health companion and at the limit of the indispensable.
You can acquire the Withings Body Cardio on Amazon on sale for $149.99 

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