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WineBasket Review – Best Selling Wine Baskets Gifts , Register & Receive 5% Off Your Order

WineBasket is a family-owned and run company that handles hundreds of unique wine basket gift at a time, but still finds the power and passion to customize each one with gourmet wine, spirits and beer gifts in an elegant way.

Their range is inspired by alcohol from all over the globe and it is very interesting to see how their concierge-style service meets their clients-Regardless of the number of baskets you order or the amount you choose to spend.

These beautifully presented special occasion treats are innovative, from cheeses and other gourmet foods to chocolate and flavor-rich wines, and offer the business a unique advantage in this overly saturated industry.


Wine Basket Gifts Products

If you are interested and intrigued by variety, you will be shocked by the sheer number of baskets at that you can choose from. There is plenty to satisfy the needs and desires of all, including opulent champagnes and other styles of liquors, offering everything from treats, wine gifts, to thoughtful wedding baskets.

Grape delights come from all over the world, including France, the United States, Chile, Italy and others, when it comes to wine baskets. There are also themes to choose from – ranging from birthday cake baskets to baby showers and other sweets and delicacies – if you’re looking for fun and special.


The basket will depend on customization. Some allow you to add sentiment-based ribbons. They don’t let you exchange things online, but to do so, you should call customer service. In the “Special Instructions” section of online ordering, you may also choose an item swap, but your price can vary depending on the type of swap you need. You can also create your own basket on their Custom Gifts section. The baskets are put together by a private team and can even include personalized or engraved items. You will have to call the Custom Gifts team to order a customized basket.

Themes and Sentiments

At, there are several themes and sentiment-ready baskets offered. They also have various baskets for each occasion. Holidays, birthday, thank you, anniversary, congratulations, getting well, housewarming, new baby, presents for him and her, romance, wedding, etc. are just some emotions they contain. They also have baskets themed with wine, champagne, beer, and spirits.

Corporate and Business Gifts

Via Wine Basket, corporate gifts are available. For enterprises, they sell custom-designed baskets, providing opportunities for branding and personalization. Depending on the time of the year the items are purchased and the overall merchandise, they also give corporate discounts ranging from 10 to 15 percent.

They still have a dedicated team for corporate and company gifts only, and business members will build an account in the future to encourage ordering. They have a departmental corporate line that can be used to set up an account and position orders, but one-time orders can also be made online.

Plans for Cost and Price

With free shipping on all wine baskets, anything you buy offers a lot of value for money. Accepting Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, or even checks, it’s safe to know that you can order your favorite basket free of trouble. Bear in mind, however, that your order will not be delivered for 2-3 weeks as checks are allowed – until it is absolutely clear.

Depending on the treats you want, prices vary, but you may want some exclusive or seasonal offers-you would never have to go through another special occasion without a good bottle of wine.


Wine Basket gifts baskets are made expertly and they aim for uniqueness. None of their baskets look “vanilla” and in their baskets they deliver a different twist, improved packaging quality and even better items. As most businesses offer smaller sizes and use the was-there-done-that style, this is certainly something to remember.

Shipping and Delivery

With their goods, is one of the few to provide free shipping. They actually have a huge range that is free and ships on the same day. Besides their discount rates for registered users, they also offer free delivery to their registered customers.

Return & Customer Service

Be mindful that takes great pride in your happiness when talking about customer service. For instance, you only need to contact the Customer Service Department at (800) 691-0059 within 14 days of receiving your gift if a product has been damaged or you are not completely smiling with pride at the thought of your basket. Then, either wait for an appropriate replacement or refund.’s customer support is excellent. They really care for their clients and want to deliver the personalized gift baskets that customers deserve. Their concierge-like service makes you feel like it always matters to your company. Their customer service team is really helpful and helps you to find the right basket or even create your own. They offer email and phone as well as FAQs online to give you information. They do not have a live chat at this time.

WineBasket Pricing

Free shipping on most baskets – especially if you are registered.

Under $50 – There are quite a few baskets in this price range that typically include smaller sized products, but range from five to 10 items. They are simpler, but still feature free shipping.

$50 to $100 – Most baskets are in this price range and can include meats, cheeses, wines, spirits, beer and not champagne.

$100 to $’s best baskets are under this price range. Up to 12 or more items, hearty helpings of each item in the basket, different bottles of wine, spirits, etc. may be included.

$200 and up – There are baskets that go as high as $800, but none of these contain champagne. Usually, these baskets contain high-quality, gourmet pieces, fine champagne and wines and much larger in size.

Who Should Shop Here?

For corporate and private customers, is perfect. They have a great range, free shipping, and the opportunity to customize a gift so that it is really made for the person you wish to receive.

What We Like About WineBasket

With, we really enjoy the “custom” feeling you get. They deliver a service in a concierge format, which we have yet to see anyone else do. They’ll make it the way you like it, whether you want something modified, custom baskets made or you just want to add even more,they will make it the way you want it. The free shipping makes their prices comparable to the rest of the merchants out there – if not a little more affordable than others. We also love that they give discounts to private buyers instead of just offering corporate discounts.

What We Don’t Like About WineBasket

We wish they had a few things that were non-edible. Given that they sell so much wine and champagne, they could easily make a basket or something else with spa pieces and add a fine bottle to go with it.

[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]

  • Free shipping on some baskets
  • Good Wine and champagne
  • Concierge-style customer service
  • Same day shipping

[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]

  • Cannot ship internationally



For those who want to think beyond the box, Winebasket is an excellent choice, offering a variety of beautifully presented gifts, including a wooden treasure chest, a tower of gourmet and tasty treats and several other imaginative arrangements.

Their unique approach to customer satisfaction gives them a competitive edge, especially because many businesses are focused solely on standardized choices these days rather than custom and emotion-provoking gifts.

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