White mulberry leaves well being advantages

White mulberry leaves

White mulberry leaves

The white mulberry leaves has the Chinese title Sang Ye, it has a refreshing motion and clarification of the lung and liver. It’s typically used to deal with signs similar to headache, fever, cough resulting from exterior warmth, wind or drought lung, crimson and swollen eyes.

Chinese title Sang Ye (blood Yè; 桑叶)

Pharmaceutical Identify Folium Mori Albae

Botanical title Morus alba L.

Different names Dong Sang Ye (冬 桑叶), Lao Sang Ye (老 桑叶), Sang Ye Xin (新 桑叶)

Plant Half Leaf

Chilly Nature

Candy taste, bitter

Tropism (in between the meridians:) Lung, liver

temporary description Disperse wind-heat, clears the lungs and liver


1) Disperse wind and clarifies the warmth

In assault the exterior heat-generating wind fever, headache, sore throat and cough. Advise towards the widespread chilly or flu.

2) Quiet liver and clarifies eyes

When troubles affecting the eyes resulting from extreme warmth or wind-heat within the liver, or due to liver Yin empty.

However when dizziness resulting from an increase of Yang liver, inflicting signs similar to crimson eyes, sore eyes, dry eyes, or black spots earlier than his eyes.

3) Make clear and moistens the lungs drought

When drought lung with cough, dry mouth, or lung warmth with thick yellow sputum.

4) Refreshes the blood and stops bleeding

Throughout gentle case of vomiting of blood resulting from warmth within the blood.


Folks typically have a chilly abdomen sensation, poor digestion with unfastened stools, Sang Ye shall eat with warning.

Pharmacological results



Strengthens the immune system

Lower Diabetes


4.5 to 9 g


When coughing, crimson eyes, swollen and painful, the sheet of white mulberry might be mixed with:

Ju Hua – 菊花 (Flos Chrysanthemi Morifolii)

Towards an exterior heat-wind assault:

Ju Hua – 菊花 (Flos Chrysanthemi Morifolii)

Bo He – 薄荷 (Menthae Haplocalycis)

Jing Jie – 荆芥 (Herba seu flos schizonepetae tenuifoliae)

When fever and cough:

Ju Hua – 菊花 (Flos Chrysanthemi Morifolii)

Bo He – 薄荷 (Menthae Haplocalycis)

Lian Qiao – 连翘 (Fructus Forsythiae Suspensae)

Towards dizziness, vertigo resulting from warmth empty Yin liver and kidney:

Hei Zhi Ma – 黑 芝麻 (Semen Sesami Indici) -> black sesame

being pregnant:

The leaf of the white mulberry might be consumed throughout being pregnant.


– Sang Ye (sheet of white mulberry) can be utilized externally as eye washing and pores and skin issues.

– When the leaves are discounted and the juice drunk as tea, they assist sluggish the absorption of monosaccharide within the abdomen and decrease the extent of sugar within the blood after meals.

– Relying on the time of harvesting the impact of mulberry leaf will probably be kind of pronounced on sure actions. For instance, the previous leaves picked after the primary frost (known as: the winter mulberry leaf – 冬 桑叶) are thought of extra highly effective to dispel wind and clear warmth.

Though some favor the tender younger leaves of spring as a result of they embody the Qi spring and due to this fact enters the liver meridian, refreshes it and cleared his eyes, the perfect time to choose them nonetheless stays the interval between autumn and winter.

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