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Which Fitbit smart health watch is best for 2023 ?Which is right for you?

Which Fitbit smart health watch is best for 2020?Which is right for you?

To find the Fitbit smartwatch you need, you should first ask yourself what features you really care about.Which is the best fitbit for 2020?Which is right for you?
After Apple, Fitbit is probably the second best known brand of smartwatch or activity tracker. But unlike the apple firm, the manufacturer has a wide range of products, perfect for a first purchase. Depending on your needs, here is a small list of watches to consider.

Which is the best fitbit smart watch in 2023 ?

Fitbit Charge 4

Its reputation precedes the Fitbit Charge. A new cult bracelet from the series has just been released. The Fitbit Charge 4 should appeal to outdoor athletes because it has a GPS sensor. COMPUTER BILD has already tested it.
With the Charge 4, the GPS sensor makes its way into the popular fitness tracker. The group therefore does not need a mobile phone to record the route while jogging or cycling. The external dimensions remain the same as the previous Charge 3, only the metal case gives way to a plastic case, which is less resistant to scratches and does not look as precious. The black and white OLED screen with a slightly smaller font remains the same. Outdoor athletes who want to keep a good eye on their fitness with a bracelet get a solid companion with the Fitbit Charge 4!

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Fitbit Versa 2: For those looking for a complete smartwatch

If the Ionic is the most expensive Fitbit connected watch, the prize for the best smartwatch of the brand undeniably goes to the Versa 2. Apart from its neat design with rounded edges, the device offers guided exercises and an autonomy of one week.
In addition, there is Fitbit Pay, a monitoring of the oxygen level in the blood as well as a waterproof shell. To complete this rich array of features, the Versa 2 has a sleep tracker and allows you to respond to your SMS. In addition, the screen is OLED compared to the LCD of the Ionic, producing more vivid colors and better brightness.
The only reason to opt for the Ionic would be to need the built-in GPS for cycling or running. Otherwise, the Fitbit Versa 2 is the smart watch you need.
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Fitbit Charge 3 Special Edition: The best quality / price ratio

The Fitbit 3 Special Edition is surely the best connected watch if you want the convenience of a connected watch in the format of a bracelet. Indeed, you can count on Fitbit Pay, replies to SMS or even air tightness.
In addition, there are advanced health functions such as monitoring the heart rate and sleep. All for a relatively affordable price.
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Fitbit Inspire: For those who don’t want a conventional Fitbit smartwatch

In fact, the Fitbit Inspire sets itself apart from the brand’s other connected watches by the incredible level of personalization it offers. Thus, one can choose between an infinity of straps, including one made of metal. All of this makes it practically a fashion item that you can proudly display instead of an accessory you only wear in a gym. In addition, as it is smaller than a smartwatch or a classic Fitbit bracelet, it will be perfectly suitable for people of small size or thin wrist.
In addition, you will have a well-equipped fitness tracker, in particular with its heart rate sensor, its autonomy of 5 days and its water resistance. In absolute terms, it will be more suitable for beginners than experienced athletes. Those who find the more advanced features superfluous can also turn to this model.
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Fitbit Ace 2: For kids

If you need a bracelet or smartwatch for your kids, the Fitbit Ace 2 is the best option. Among other things, a small character will encourage them to move frequently. In fact, it is an Inspire whose software has been provided with a visual overlay designed for the youngest. Best of all, when the kids get older, you can update the OS to make the device work like an Inspire. Thus, they can benefit from a real fitness tracker with a heart rate sensor. All for half the price of a regular Fitbit device.
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