Water purifier that overshadows Brita

Water filters eliminate limestone, chlorine and impurities that our tap water may contain. Today, more and more people decide to filter their water. These filters can be placed in the extension of the tap or in a suitable carafe. The Brita brand, with its On Tap faucet filter, has made it its spearhead: eliminating limescale and softening too “hard” water. Facing her, a product from Xiaomi for purifying water has recently appeared on the water filter market and positions itself as a major competitor. But what is it really? Mijia, the new water filter from the Chinese brand, has it successfully entered the market?

Mijia water filter price

Xiaomi Mijia Water Purifier is available on Aliexpress at a bargain price. For 27€ – 24% promotion at the moment -, the faucet filter comes with 4 filters. Compared to Brita’s On Tap, it couldn’t be more profitable! Indeed, this German product costs around 75€ with only a spare filter cartridge. An additional cartridge is worth 30€ more! When you know that a filter lasts an average of 3 months, the Mijia is by far the most economical solution.

The Mijia kit (+ 4 filters) costs 35€ on aliexpress. The equivalent at Brita is 155€!

Introduction and function of the Xiaomi Mijia

By receiving the product, to your translations: whether it is the packaging, the instructions or the indications on the product, everything is in Chinese! But don’t worry, we’ll explain everything to you: how to assemble the product – nothing too complex – or how to use it.

Installation of Mijia Water Purifier

In the box, the product comes with many accessories. In addition to the 4 filters, there are five tap adapters with seals, three sealing rings, a tightening ring and instructions. Depending on your type of tap, the attachment system is different. After removing the original gasket on the faucet, look at the adapter that most closely resembles it. Then refer to following steps :

  • Insert a sealing ring into the faucet adapter
  • Screw the adapter to your faucet using the clamping ring
  • Hook the base of the purifier to this installation
  • Then clip a filter to the base
  • All that remains is to run the water for 10 seconds and the water filter is operational

Design of the Xiaomi Mijia

Once installed, the product is discreet, it can blend into any decor. Also, even in plastic, the Xiaomi Mijia gives the impression of a product that lasts. And even if the components come to loose, they can be replaced at low cost. Product wear is no longer a problem. Conversely, the Brita On Tap is a filtration system that, by integrating a “durability” screen, is less easy to change – and much more expensive –. Note, only one adapter per type of faucet is offered, an additional purchase to be expected over time if it has to be changed! Apart from that, at the design level, the two “go anywhere” products are equal.

Using the Xiaomi Mijia

The Mijia water purifier has three modes of water outlets. I’purified water – lower flow, but water filtered to the maximum -, thetreated water which simply removes the impurities and finally thewater “for fruits and vegetables” with a more powerful jet. To change mode, simply move the knob located to the right of the purifier. The water is purified when the wheel is up and the powerful jet mode works when the wheel is down.

Finally, we find on the product a wheel numbered from 1 to 12. It is a manual setting that allows you to remember when to change the filter – i.e. after 3 months -. A rather gimmicky feature. It is better to note the date on which it is necessary to put a new filter or to look at the wear of the filter through its window.

three water outlet modes of the Mijia Xiaomi

Efficiency of Mijia Water Purifier

Corn what is this Xiaomi water purifier worth? The brand, which is not a specialist in the field, can ask questions. However, the filter seems complete and effective. With a woven filter, a layer of activated carbon and a hollow fiber filtration membrane, the whole suggests good efficiency in filtering water.

During the hardness Reviewwe notice that the limestone level decreases between unfiltered water and water passed through the Mijia filter. By calculating the hydrometric title (TH), we go from hard water – over 21°F – to soft water – 14°F TH –. Thus, the limestone is perfectly filtered.

The carbonate hardness makes it possible to know in particular the level of limestone present in the water. Softening the hardness gives a longer life to our electronic machines by limiting traces of tartar. The dishes will keep whiteness and transparency. Corn be careful, drinking hard water is good for your health, because it provides nutrients such as calcium, magnesium or mineral salts.

The Xiaomi water purifier also has with its “clear water” mode less limescale filtration. This mode is interesting when you want to drink tap water. Good to know, the hardness rate of water bottles is quite low. The water is considered soft, therefore low in limestone.

Mijia water purifier filter composition

Conclusion: our opinion on Xiaomi Mijia vs Brita On Tap

When comparing the Xiaomi Mijia to the Brita On Tap, a difference is obvious, the price. Does the On Tap product justify paying almost 5 times more? We are still quite skeptical. The two products are almost similar, both in effectiveness and in their use. Only a screen and more noble materials are to be credited to the Brita, which does not explain, in our opinion, the price difference. We will therefore lean towards the Mijia purifier which strikes a blow on the water filter market!

Xiaomi Mijia vs Brita On Tap faucet water filter

8.6 An effective water filter at a good price

The Mijia on-tap water purifier is a perfect companion for purer water. Effective in filtering unwanted elements and discreet, the product from Xiaomi surprises with its price. With these numerous accessories provided and the 4 additional filters, one wonders how the cost can be so low. Well, no worries, our conclusive tests prove that the performance is there. Brita better watch out!

  • Design and ergonomics 8

  • Installation 7

  • Filtration 10

  • Durability 8

  • Price 10

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