Vitality Corporate Fitness – The Best Solutions to Employee Health

Vitality Corporate Fitness – The Best Solutions to Employee Health

We all know that you can encourage employees to wear an Apple Watch or Fitbit Watch to manage their health and wellbeing and collect data on the go. But there is an unknown benefit for employers who are actively interested in the health of their employees. An attractive health and wellness program can appeal to potential employees looking for a job, but it is also necessary to stay in the race to be relevant to a desired employer. That’s Vitality Corporate Fitness.

Offering an employee wellness program means establishing a culture of well-being with benefits and activities that promote well-being. 

Most savvy companies know one thing these days: There is no proven way to increase productivity without caring about employee wellbeing. By recognizing the shift toward health and wellness and using the right tools to maintain employee health, you feel that you can reduce costs and improve quality of life.   

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The problem of Corporate Wellness

The people who work for a business have to take care of themselves as well as the business. This is a very demanding situation and many times, not enough time or space or money are given to achieving this goal. In addition, lack self-motivation may be a factor in the equation.

This leads to decreased productivity and less engaged employees which can have negative effects on the company’s bottom line. Just like any other wellness program, Corporate Wellness needs to be carefully planned and executed in order for it to be successful.They need help, support, accountability, but most importantly they need the right state of mind.

One of the most important aspects of Corporate Wellness is employee engagement. Engaged employees are more productive, they stay with the company longer, and they feel better about their work. This leads to decreased productivity and less engaged employees which can have negative effects on the company’s bottom line.

A solution to this problem would be for companies to provide fitness programs that are conducive with their employees’ schedules and provide them with enough time and space.

The DIFFERENT Solution to Employee Health

WOW… Imagine if you could get fit and healthy. Imagine if you could stay healthy. Imagine if your environment was designed to help you live a healthier and more thrilling life. Imagine if your corporate leaders accepted that your health is vital to their success. Imagine if your company rewarded and recognized you for living a healthier life. Imagine if you felt valued and recognized for being a productive, innovative, and healthy member of your company. Imagine if your company had the best employee health and wellness program in the world and had a dedicated culture that cared about the health of everyone in their company.

If gratitude is a critical value in your corporate culture, you are better positioned to provide employees with the kind of supportive and uplifting work environment they need to succeed. Employees “motivation is already better than ever, and they only need a small boost to reach their goals again.

What is Vitality Corporate Fitness?

Vitality Corporate Fitness is a complete wellness solution to improve the well-being of your entire company. It is an integrated wellness program designed to engage your employees in their personal pathways ™ to improve health. Health and wellness can be categorized as anything from your usual weight-loss program that encourages employees to track their diet using a fitness app to implementing a challenge to convince people to quit smoking.

Fitness has become an increasingly important issue for organizations, as it can improve productivity and lower healthcare costs. Studies show that employees who exercise regularly are more productive, less likely to take sick days, and less stressed than those who don’t exercise at all. To address the growing need for Corporate Wellness Programs, Vitality Corporate Fitness offers a wide range of fitness offerings including individual coaching, team training, ergonomic assessments and personal trainers.

They are not like other corporate Health and Fitness solutions. They believe that a physical transformation begins with a mental one.First, Vitality provides 100% of your employees with individualized motivation, accountability and mental wellness support through our patented communication system. Next, Vitality Corporate Fitness assign a certified coach to work with everyone to tailor a physical fitness plan that just right for them.The workout programs are FUN and can be done at home or the gym with no equipment required. 


Vitality is a virtual employee Health and Fitness solution that focus on accountability.Their workouts can be done ANYWHERE and supported by a certified fitness coach.Vitality is designed for EVERYONE!

• A dedicated coach/instructor
• Individualized programming
• 1 on 1 text communication
• Workout any where, any time

Each employee receives with THE VITALITY SOLUTION:

• Access to the 30-Day Fitness Challenges
• Access to Vitality Fitness App
• Personalized Workout Programs
• Nutritional Support
• Mental Wellness Support
• 1-on-1 Communication with their assigned Professional Fitness Coach.

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Who Does Vitality Work For?

• Corporates • SME’s • Companies with a number of employees (up to 1000) • Top brands • Large employers • FTSE 100 companies • Power players • Start-up entrepreneurs • Gen Y’s • Seniors • Baby Boomers • Junior Execs • The Wellness movement • The US military • Academia • The elderly • Personal trainers • Broadcaster’s • Fitness Instructors • Accountants • Yoga instructors • Nutritionists • Dentists • Financial Advisors • Doctors • Consultants • Actuaries • Physiotherapists • Fitness Psychologists • Fitness instructors • Doctors • Technicians • Housekeepers • Police Officers • Commercial Pilots • Fitness instructors 

How Vitality Works?

Wearable sensors are built into every exercise or activity to collect daily activity data. Every week, participants submit their activity logs. Vitality’s Fitness Coach creates customized programs that best suit their individual needs. Coaches will keep track of member progress and push users to meet their goal. What is Vitality Vitality is a virtual employee health and fitness solution that makes your daily work activities and health a priority. Vitality’s exercise and wellness programs are designed to meet specific goals for the majority of the US workforce. The programs are customizable, and results are calculated for both steps & fitness. Vitality is the first wellness platform to integrate with wearable sensors like step trackers, heart rate monitors, & sleep sensors.

Employees can connect Withings Health Mate devices and measure weight and resting heart rate stats from their Body Plus Scale, BPM+ and Steel HR devices.Fitbit Coach helps you understand how your body and mind works, using advanced motion analysis technology. It helps you reach your weight, fitness, energy, and sleep goals, and it lets you know how much activity you are actually doing. You can even wear your Fitbit to sleep.


Vitality Corporate Fitness is the Best Solution for Employee Health.Vitality is a new take on Corporate Wellness that focuses on Accountability and Personal accountability. With their software you can easily track your progress and watch your achievements as you progress.

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