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Where and how to find the best used camera for sale?

You should know that the second-hand market is real today! It is even very important. In the digital age, everything is sold, everything is bought! As a result, it is indeed possible to sell your used camera equipment. This can allow you to buy new equipment, get rid of lenses that you don’t need and that may make another photographer happy!Where and how to find good used camera for sale?

For example, a photography enthusiast saved up for months to buy a brand new, new SLR camera. Large purchase, there is especially not enough money to acquire a new lens (or poor quality …). Buying your used camera equipment is a solution that allows you to find good deals! That on the buyer’s and seller’s side, all you have to do is find the right addresses (stores? Ad sites? Auction?), Make the right arrangements (method of payment, delivery, fixed price, check photo equipment, etc.) and to be patient!

The opportunity is to find used photo equipment that is much cheaper and of very good quality! Be careful, however, to take good precautions. So here are our tips on how to properly resell your used photo equipment without getting ripped off.

Why buy used cameras?

You just bought a new SLR camera after a few months of savings and you don’t necessarily have a lot of money left. You can fall back on a shoddy new lens. But for the same price, second-hand, you can surely find a much better lens. However, you will need a little patience, some good addresses, and some precautions to avoid losing your money. The occasion is a very good way to find less expensive equipment, on condition that you follow a few small rules to avoid scams or unusable equipment: precautions to be taken, checking the equipment, current prices, delivery methods, and the right ones. addresses obviously.

How to know the right price

By buying used, you are bound to expect a lower price. To do this, you have to know its new price.
Check the prices in stores, in particular on-line stores which have the most attractive prices. Don’t forget to add the shipping costs.
Look at the prices in China as well, to get an idea of ​​the lowest prices, without using that price as a bargaining chip.

So base yourself on the price of on-line stores, it’s up to you to decide your maximum budget: according to the date of purchase, the condition of the equipment, the current warranty, and the location of the seller.

Why UsedPhotoPro & Roberts is the best place to find used camera for sale?

We highly recommend you to buy or sell  used cameras at Roberts Camera and UsedPhotoPro, a premiere source for photo, video, audio and electronics equipment. They work with everyone from the top pros in the business to the very beginner who just wants to learn more about taking great pictures. They have a group of professionals; many of them have been here for fifteen plus years, that are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about our industry and our customers. Whether you purchase from their website or in one of their great stores, the top priority is making sure you are buying the right equipment for you, that you understand what you are buying and that you know how to use it.

  • There is a HUGE selection of quality used camera equipment at UsedPhotoPro! Purchasing used camera gear is a great way to save money or if you have old gear that you want to trade in toward the purchase of your new camera equipment, it can be done in one easy transaction! They also offer a 180 day warranty and free shipping on our used camera gear.
  • A hassle-free 14 day return policy! Their web support staff is top notch and if there are any issues with your order or your product UsedPhotoPro will get you taken care of quickly and painlessly.
  • Their prices are competitive with all the big guys out there! If you find a lower price from another AUTHORIZED dealer, they will always do what we can to meet this price.
  • Started since 1957, they have been family owned and operated locally in Indianapolis!

Bellow are Some popular best-selling used cameras for sale  at Roberts Camera and UsedPhotoPro


Other places to buy used cameras

Some stores carry used camera equipment in very good condition. The advantage is that a store allows you to have a guarantee (from 1 to 6 months depending on the brands), and to have equipment verified by professionals. This option has a downside, however, and that is the price: a store has charges, so it is normal that the price is a little higher.
Auction sites: the prices displayed are attractive, we start from a low price which will increase gradually. Set a limit for yourself, but don’t reveal it right away, especially if you want to buy at the lowest price.
Advertising sites: lots of interesting items, sometimes underestimated or on the contrary completely disproportionate prices.
Forums: surely the best place to buy second-hand, provided that the site is rigorous in the management of its ads: price always announced, tags in the titles, etc. The advantage is to be able to discuss publicly, to negotiate, and to know where the sale is without risking the price to increase without reason.

Points to check

The points to check mainly concern the condition of the equipment, it is also necessary to know the date of purchase, the warranty, and the frequency of use.
For a camera: wear of the camera, state of the viewfinder, rate of shooting, test with one or more lenses at different exposure times, and check the battery life (even if it is difficult to test during the purchase).
For a lens: condition of the lenses, especially the one on the front, presence of fungus inside (looking through), operation of the autofocus, condition of the diaphragm (taking a photo at each opening), and general condition of the lens barrel.
For a compact, bridge: repeat all the tests seen previously.

Precautions to be taken

  • Prefer to buy in person. This is the best technique to avoid the scam. You can view and check out the gear, meet the vendor, and even chat over a drink.
  • Pay attention to the price: a price that is too low is often synonymous with a scam. This is not always true, it happens to come across very good deals, but a few exchanges with the seller and some information can verify the authenticity of the ad.
  • Payment by Western Union or by money order, seller in Africa or sometimes in England, this is perhaps a scam that is common these days: low prices without being inconsistent on good photo equipment. To quickly recognize a fraudulent ad, do a search with the seller’s nickname, email, or phone number. If it appears that it sells a large amount of high-tech equipment on a number of sites, then it is most likely a scam.
  • Payment by Paypal: certainly very practical, but full of fraudulent sellers. There are many scams with this type of payment.
  • If you are obliged to deal remotely, by way of the post for example, check several information that will allow you to cover yourself in the event of a dispute: identity of the seller (with photocopy of identity document if possible), address of the seller, landline and / or mobile phone number, listing history. You can also ask for some photos of the material to prove that the seller has it in their possession.
  • Ask the seller to draw up a letter of assignment, listing the various points of the sale: date, identities of the two protagonists (buyer and seller), material sold and various comments. You can download a sample assignment letter here.
  • If you are a seller, take precautions on the payment: avoid Paypal. If you are selling remotely, wait a few days for the amount to be visible in your bank account (between 4 and 6 days) before sending the package.

For sellers-How to make a successful ad to sell your used photo equipment well?

If you bought a Nikon D800 camera when it first came out, you probably paid $ 2,800 for it. If you want to sell it today, and even if you haven’t used it a lot, remember that it can be found new today for less than 2,200 euros. There is therefore no point in offering it at $2,100 , you will not find any customers!

So, how do you have a successful ad to best sell?

To sell quickly and well, put a photo of your material. The photo must be crisp and clean for the ad to appeal to the buyer.

Give a good detail of your equipment, its date of purchase, the current warranty, the general condition and the defects, traces, which may appear.

Regarding the price, it is always difficult to estimate the value of your equipment: check the price of new, observe the different prices offered by other sellers. One technique is to slightly overstate its price and agree to the negotiation: you should arrive at the rate at which you thought you would sell your equipment. However, don’t cut the prices, just so that the market will hold up and everyone doesn’t lose too much money.

Finally, if you plan to sell soon, do not wait for the release of a new model of the brand. Yours would then be devalued. smartwatch out for future releases and plan your sale to happen well in advance.

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