Upright Go reviews – an innovative posture corrector connected backache

Upright Go reviews – an innovative posture corrector connected backache

In the IOT market, the Upright Go device is created to heal bad postures. The “evil of the century” that is back pain, is the main objective of this product. It is a small connected smart health device that can monitor and alert you to correct your posture throughout the day.Let’s read this Upright Go reviews.

Affixed to the top of the spine, it vibrates as soon as you bend. The principle is actually very simple, you must stay upright, well in the vertical otherwise you vibrate (discreetly) .It thus helps strengthen the muscles of the lower back, to train them to be more effective and better withstand fatigue . Above all, it also works when you move, to ensure that you are in the best position at all times. The application, allows you to have statistics on your bad habits to be able to change your bad habits.

Brand: Upright Go
Category: Back Adjuster
Connection: Bluetooth
Compatibility: iOS / Android Smartphone
Autonomy: 2 days
Price: $99.95
Availability: available
Tested with: Samsung Galaxy S7

Unboxing of the Upright Go

Like the product, the box containing the Upright Go is a fairly small format. Gray and green all made in a soft cardboard material. Just drag the media to reveal its contents. The use of it is very effective and the box can be reused to store the Upright Go. The latter fits perfectly the shape of the connected object to protect it at best.

Package upright go review smart health deviceWithin the packaging, several scattered elements are arranged. Firstly, a fabric cover in which the Upright Go rests. The shell is black in color and is sufficiently padded to provide sufficient protection in case of shocks. Also provided are a USB cable for charging the device and a user manual. The last accessory that can be found in the box of the object, these are replacement stickers that will be important when using.

Design and Ergonomics of the Upright Go

A simple and sober design, but especially a mini size that makes it easily transportable and no “embarrassment” particular to carry it on.

The Upright Go is discreetly placed on the top of your back and gives you a permanent and immediate feedback on your posture.

Phone-Package upright go review smart healthIn Training mode, the Go vibrates gently when you are standing still, to remind you to maintain a more upright posture. You can now choose from 3 training modes:

Stationnary (you sit in the office)
Active (moving)
Normal (mixed mode)

The vibration can be easily customized to best fit your lifestyle and your personal preferences (put it to the max).

In Tracking mode, the GO keeps track of your daily posture habits without vibrating. You can analyze your progress without being guided and alerted.

Application of The Upright Go

It is activated by Bluetooth connection. You must first register by entering email address and login before entering personal information. To refine the effectiveness of the back sensor, you need to enter your height, weight and age. Once this is done, you must gauge on a note from 1 to 10 your back pain and finally calibrate the device. To do this, you must place it in your back by pressing twice on it.

The application generates a personalized training plan adapted to your individual needs. The program includes a series of goals for daily exercises. Each goal represents the recommended time to train each day.

upright-go-app-smartphone smart health device

After all this, you can use the Upright Go in peace. On the home menu, you can first check the result of your last back fitness session. During a fitness session, you also have an interface that tells you the position of your body. If unconsciously you are a little too leaning, the application will inform you and you can correct yourself.

application upright go review smart health
In the Apple Watch application, you can view the status of your current posture, switch between the two modes Training (Training) or Tracking (tracking) for live information.

upright-go-alerte-posture-connecte-apple-watch smart health deviceFinally, through the application, you can change some parameters such as the intensity of the vibration as soon as the Upright Go On an intensity ranging from 1 to 10. You can even recalibrate the Upright Go in seconds. If you ever have questions to ask, be aware that the app allows you to ask the company about a way to use the product.

Getting started with the Upright Go

The use of the back sensor is very easy. To use the Upright Go, you have to press the famous button to activate the object. Once this is done and the application is ready to be worn, you have to stick the product between your shoulder blades so you can access it at any time. Once the installation is complete, it’s time to start a training session. These are organized according to the information you have entered.

You will be able to start correcting your posture. The app is well designed and will guide you in a progressive learning over a month. Initially the duration of the exercise will be 8 minutes to go up to one hour.
You will adjust the sensitivity of the vibrations, but a priori the maximum is the best option to not miss anything.

Once the training is complete, you do not need to remove the Upright Go. You can leave the sensor in place for tracking (Tracking mode).

helium-boitier upright-go smart health deviceConclusion

The Upright Go is in conclusion a product of good quality. Pretty small and simple to use the device is created to solve the back problems. To do this, you must calibrate the application in order to launch a training program. As soon as the device detects a bad position for your back, it vibrates so that you get back in good position. For 100 dollars the investment on the products is useful especially as you can use it at any time.

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  • The Upright Go backpacker has a pocket size that can be carried anywhere and does not interfere when placed in the back.
  • The application Upright Go is very functional, so few options are offered each of them are useful.
  • The Upright Go is able to set up a daily training program to discipline his back.
  • The grip of the device is very simple, you just put it in your back and activate the object.


  • The device is only able to detect a wrong back position, no more
  • It is necessary to push the vibration to the maximum so that the device is useful

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