Transport of people with reduced mobility: advantages of the contracted taxi

Traveling alone can be a real problem for people dependent people as well as those who are at reduced mobility. Indeed, due to their morphologies or their state of health, they cannot move, either permanently or temporarily. To this end, the contracted taxi solution is the most suitable to resolve this difficulty. Discover through this text all the advantages of this mode of transport for people with reduced mobility. The different conditions necessary to take advantage of this service are also presented in the following text.

Reduced mobility: who are affected?

The concept of person with reduced mobility or PMR considers all individuals who are with disabilities or who are embarrassed to perform certain movements and their movements. For this, different solutions such as the case ofan approved taxi are accessible to them. It should be noted, however, that people with reduced mobility are not always necessarily disabled. Several parameters can actually prevent or hinder it in its movements. These are among others its weight, age, size or even certain devices.

For people with disabilities, this can be either physical disability, either sensory handicap. In the first case, the most frequent situations concern individuals who move with the help of a crutch, a cane, a wheelchair or another specific device or instrument. For the sensory handicapped, they are the visually impaired, the hearing impaired or the mentally handicapped. All need specific adjustments to move with ease.

In view of this, certain devices must be adapted in order to facilitate their daily life. The establishment of specific infrastructures as well as the provision of approved taxis are recommended. Some constructions are even required by law. Their objective is to allow people with mobility difficulties to easily access certain buildings, but also to means of transport.

Accessibility is therefore a key element allowing PRMs to take full advantage of a service, place, good or other activities within society. The aim is therefore to facilitate the movement of people with reduced mobility, but also to offer them a great autonomy. Thus, with regard to transport, the means used must meet these criteria.

The approved taxi as a means of transport for people with reduced mobility

People with reduced mobility, especially the elderly, cannot ensure their independence when using a means of transport. In this case, services specializing in the transport of people with reduced mobility are therefore appropriate. This is the case with contract taxis.

These means of transport are also advantageous for people with disabilities, as they are specially designed to meet the needs of these customers. Thus, it is quite possible to request them regularly for shopping or to go to appointment.

The contracted taxi, as a means of transporting people with reduced mobility, then offers the best conditions to allow these individuals to go to the places of their choice. Indeed, a lambda car does not have the necessary facilities and improvements to offer optimal comfort to PRMs. It should be noted that the contracted taxi has been particularly designed to suit all these people with reduced mobility.

Apart from these few advantages, requesting the services of an approved taxi is also the guarantee of enjoying a clean and well-maintained vehicle. This means of transport is accessible for emergency transport. This is the case for sick people or those who need to get to a medical appointment quickly.

Also considered as a medical taxi, the approved taxi is driven by a professional driver. He is therefore able to understand the needs of his client throughout the journey. This method is also recommended for transferring patients to hospitals or medical centers.

The driver of an approved taxi is generally first aid trained. Indeed, its main role also involves the assistance of its client in the event that the latter presents any discomfort during the journey. Apart from that, its professionalism also stands out in its driving speed. He must respect an appropriate pace in order to guarantee the comfort of his client.

Conventional taxi: accessible transport for people with reduced mobility

Available in Paris as well as in various regions of France, the approved taxi is accessible every day. It is possible to use this means of transport even until 2 am during the weekends. Thus, individuals needing this type of vehicle then have a large window to request the services of conventioned taxis. It should also be noted that this service is accessible as soon as possible. It is therefore recommended to travel to all parts of the city, but also to the outskirts.

In order to order their approved taxi, disabled now have access to online platforms. These facilitate the reservation of a vehicle, but also the choice of the means of transport. It is then possible to define your needs and thus benefit from a vehicle adapted to your expectations. The possibility of requesting a quote is also very practical to estimate the amount allocated to a specific trip.

However, the main advantage of the contracted taxi remains the coverage of travel costs. Indeed, travel for medical reasons is now covered. The amount varies between 65 and 100% depending on the contract agreed with the insurance company. However, the only criterion to benefit from it is to have been affiliated for at least one year with the same insurer.

Easier procedures for using an approved taxi

Conventional taxis do not necessarily differ from conventional taxis. However, for people with reduced mobility, these means of transport have various advantages. This vehicle approved by the CPAM is effectively a medical transport vehicle. It should be noted, however, that no complex medical assistance is provided in an approved taxi. It is designed only for the transport of people with travel difficulties.

As a result, access to this type of vehicle is quite simple. The person can either book directly on a dedicated site, or talk about it with your doctor. A up-to-date certificate social security may also be necessary. Certain medical examinations may indeed be requested in order to attest to the condition of the PMR. In this case, when the doctor confirms the need for an approved taxi, the following information must now be provided:

  • The date as well as the duration of the service;
  • The description of the route;
  • The frequency of the trip.

To request an approved taxi, you also have the option of contacting your CPAM directly. The latter will provide you with the contact details of an approved taxi operating in your area. In addition to that, you have access to different types of support.

It is therefore possible to be reimbursed up to 100% of the expenses paid for the race. In some cases you only pay 35%. Thus, the remaining 65% will then be taken care of by the CPAM. In most cases, however, you will be required to pay your shipping costs in full. It should be noted that the support relates in particular to journeys in back-and-forth between your home and the hospital or medical center.

The contracted taxi in brief

In addition to the professionalism of the driver and the quality of the vehicle, the approved taxi is the ideal solution for people with reduced mobility. It can be not only People with Disabilities, but also individuals with travel difficulties due to their age, their morphology and their state of health.

For people with a disability, the approved taxi is above all the recommended means of transport. Indeed, certain improvements have been studied in order to make the journey as comfortable as possible. Safety is also a real asset of this means of transport. All of this is in fact not achievable in private cars. The availability of approved taxis at any time of the day and every day is also a major advantage for people with reduced mobility.

Thus, it is always preferable for PRMs to request an approved taxi for the different types of trips, whether medical or not. In addition, vehicles intended for this type of transport are regularly revised and maintained in order to avoid the least risk of accident throughout the journey. It is therefore quite possible to request an approved taxi even late at night or during public holidays.

We hope that we have provided you with the information you need to know how to request an approved taxi. This is the perfect way to guarantee your safety!

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