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The Organic Connection between Menopause & Metabolic Well being

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To mark Menopause Consciousness Month, we teamed up with Elektra Health—a girls’s well being firm serving to girls navigate the hormonal transition of menopause with training, group, and care—to debate the connection between perimenopause, menopause, and metabolic well being. 

In the event you missed our webinar, hold studying additional to be taught extra about how girls’s metabolic well being could shift as they transition into and thru menopause.

Final week, we polled our group on Instagram to ask in the event that they’ve skilled weight achieve as a symptom of perimenopause or menopause. Nearly all of respondents—74%—instructed us they’d, which instantly signalled to us this matter was price going deeper on with our members. To kick off the occasion, we polled attendees to be taught a bit extra about their experiences with the stage of menopause. Right here’s what we realized from the night’s attendees:

  • 95% didn’t really feel ready in understanding what to anticipate throughout perimenopause and menopause. 
  • 73% talk about menopausal signs with their household and buddies. 
  • 67% are  planning to hunt a type of therapy to reduce menopause signs. 

The dialog—led by Calibrate physician, Kristin Baier, MD, and Elektra Well being’s, Elizabeth Poynor, MD, PhD—that adopted was empowering and informative, fueled by questions submitted by our group on Instagram, in addition to attendees of the occasion. Learn extra to find out about metabolic well being and weight achieve throughout menopause.


Why does weight achieve occur throughout perimenopause and menopause?

Answered by Dr. Poynor, Elektra Well being 

Fluctuating estrogen ranges throughout perimenopause and menopause influence our metabolic system which results in insulin resistance, a rise in fats storage, and decreased muscle mass. Moreover, throughout these life levels girls are additionally experiencing quite a lot of life stressors that elevate cortisol ranges. Excessive ranges of cortisol or stress hormones can influence our sleep and urge for food by affecting the steadiness of leptin and ghrelin (the starvation hormone), selling cravings for fast-digesting carbs and sugary meals.

Is there any option to put together for perimenopause or menopause?

Answered by Dr. Poynor, Elektra Well being 

Training, training, training! Ladies ought to be anticipatory and proactive in relation to care, not reactive.

Why will we achieve weight across the stomach throughout menopause? 

Answered by Dr. Baier, Calibrate 

As a result of the physique is changing into extra insulin resistant throughout perimenopause and menopause, girls could start to expertise weight achieve. Even girls who don’t achieve weight start to note that fats shifts away from the thighs and hips, redistributing to the stomach within the type of visceral fats. This leads girls to have an elevated danger of cardiovascular and metabolic illness post-menopause.

Why does visceral fats pose the largest danger to our metabolic well being?

Answered by Dr. Baier, Calibrate 

Visceral fat is saved inside the belly cavity and might improve the danger of heart problems and have an effect on cells delicate to insulin. Persistently excessive insulin ranges could cause our our bodies to develop a tolerance, making us much less delicate to the hormone over time. Being delicate to insulin is essential to our physique’s general perform and our metabolic well being as a result of it helps glucose in our blood enter cells in our muscle, fats, and liver, the place it’s transformed and used for power. 

Estrogen and insulin work intently collectively. Estrogen helps us preserve insulin sensitivity. As our estrogen ranges begin to decline, we start to lose a few of that insulin sensitivity. This causes our pancreas to begin pumping out extra insulin to regulate our blood sugar even when our food plan and exercise degree are the very same. When we’ve increased insulin ranges resulting from a lower in estrogen (or a food plan made up of extremely processed carbohydrates or sugar), our physique receives a sign to retailer visceral fats.

Are there any meals that may assist with any signs or weight achieve for menopause? 

Answered by Dr. Baier, Calibrate 

Concentrate on nutrient-dense meals to optimize hormonal responses. Sometimes when insulin sensitivity begins to say no, girls ought to take into account meals decrease in fast-digesting carbs. The American food plan has roughly 300 grams of carbs a day, and a majority of that comes from processed meals and sugars. This could trigger a spike in glucose—after which a subsequent spike in insulin—selling the expansion of visceral fats cells. To assist diminish that insulin response and management glucose ranges, give attention to incorporating wholesome fat, protein, fiber, and sluggish launch carbs. Take a look at Calibrate’s recipes for wholesome and balanced meal choices.

Disrupted sleep is a typical symptom throughout menopause. How does that influence our weight? 

Answered by Dr. Baier, Calibrate 

Because of a decline in estrogen ranges, sleep is commonly impaired throughout menopause. Throughout deep sleep—when high quality, restorative sleep happens—hormones have the chance to reset. With out high quality sleep, ghrelin will increase, making us hungrier the subsequent day. Ladies may also expertise a spike in cortisol, inflicting the physique to dump extra glucose or sugar into the bloodstream, producing extra insulin.

The strategies I’ve used to shed pounds previously are now not working. Why? 

Answered by Dr. Baier, Calibrate 

Because the metabolic system shifts, and fluctuating estrogen ranges makes us delicate to insulin resistance, we’re unable to course of vitamins the identical manner. After the age of 30, we additionally begin to lose muscle mass. Muscle is a metabolically energetic tissue that helps with the administration of glucose ranges and insulin sensitivity. Our metabolic charge is reducing as properly, so train, particularly resistance coaching, turns into extraordinarily essential to take care of muscle mass. 

Weight fluctuations all through the course of our lives have an effect on our metabolic charge. Calibrate’s One-12 months Metabolic Reset may also help get all of those hormonal modifications and diversifications in place to reset the physique’s metabolic charge and assist decrease its set level—the burden our physique fights to take care of.

Are there any dietary or life-style modifications that girls in perimenopause or menopause can do to reduce the severity of scorching flashes?

Answered by Dr. Poynor, Elektra Well being 

An general wholesome life-style that features wholesome vitamin, train, and good sleep will reduce the severity of scorching flashes. Earlier than coming into these life levels, you may as well depend on companies like Elektra Health that present group and training to place these interventions in an effort to reduce the severity of those signs. 

Would hormone alternative remedy or estrogen supplementation assist with weight reduction?

Answered by Dr. Baier, Calibrate 

Like plenty of different subjects in girls’s well being, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), extra particularly for weight reduction, must be studied extra. The advice can be to defer to a gynecologist for extra info.

Answered by Dr. Poynor, Elektra Well being

Medical proof reveals that HRT is protected and efficient for most ladies experiencing signs of menopause, together with scorching flashes, evening sweats, and vaginal signs. Nevertheless, as with all therapies, the choice to make use of HRT or not ought to be individualized to an individual’s particular medical historical past and wishes. We advocate speaking with a board-certified medical provider, like Elektra’s clinicians, who’re skilled in menopause medication.

What about girls who’re in chemically induced menopause because of most cancers therapies for hormone-positive breast most cancers?

Answered by Dr. Poynor, Elektra Well being 

Weight achieve can even happen because of chemically induced menopause resulting from most cancers therapies for hormone-positive breast most cancers. Tamoxifen, an estrogen modulator that may deal with or forestall breast most cancers, is utilized in younger girls who haven’t but gone by way of menopause, whereas aromatase inhibitors (AIs) are used to deal with post-menopausal girls, have had their ovaries eliminated, or have chemically induced menopause by way of Leuprorelin. Weight achieve has been related to using Tamoxifen, however not with AIs. 

The webinar was hosted by Calibrate physician Kristin Baier, MD, and Elektra Well being’s Elizabeth Poynor, MD, PhD. Dr. Baier is a double board-certified doctor specializing in weight problems medication and household medication. Her focus is on weight reduction and metabolic well being by way of a mixture of life-style interventions and medicine. Dr. Poynor is a gynecologic oncologist and superior pelvic surgeon with over 20 years of expertise in menopause, sexual well being, and most cancers.

For extra evidence-based menopause experience and care, take a look at Elektra Well being’s free 21st Century Guide to Menopause  and all Calibrate members are invited to hitch Meno-morphosis, a brand new first-of-its-kind digital menopause wellness group that features evidence-based options from prime menopause specialists and direct 1:1 textual content assist for life-style modifications and every part menopause throws at you. Use code* CALIBRATE20 to unlock early entry and 20% off. 

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The Organic Connection between Menopause & Metabolic Well being

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