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Are Temple Spa products any good? An affortable luxury health treatment with a Mediterranean heartbeat

When you are looking for luxury treatment, beauty and spa brand with a Mediterranean heartbeat.Temple spa products are for you.

Temple Spa is a brand representing a complete lifestyle, which seeks to combine beauty products, philosophy and spa. Inspired by the sweetness of life and Mediterranean ingredients, the Temple Spa brand combines the science of nature with the wisdom of traditions.

Founded by a couple, Mark and Liz Warom, Temple Spa was established in England but has strong Mediterranean influences. The development team is made up of doctors, herbalists and professors of biochemistry and dermatology from Switzerland, Italy and Great Britain, not to mention a renowned herbalist from Suffolk, England.

Temple Spa’s passion is professional-grade skin and body care, aromatherapy and spa treatments that redensify, invigorate and regenerate.

The Temple Spa hotel range transforms every space into a miniature spa. Textures as soft as cashmere, voluptuous aromas conducive to well-being, natural ingredients and exquisite aromatherapy blends leave skin, body and hair soft, clean and fragrant. There is no shortage of opportunities to take advantage of these benefits: gifts to put on the pillow, invigorating jet-lag treatments, well-being kits, surprises for the mini-bar, activities designed to relax the atmosphere in a meeting, wake-up rituals or even Temple Spa cocktail recipes to immediately create an atmosphere of spa well-being. For a luxurious spa service inspired by the sense of well-being of the Mediterranean basin, choose the Temple Spa range.

Feature Temple spa products

The Temple Spa brand, conveying a total lifestyle, is launching new in-room hotel services.

With customers increasingly emphasizing a great travel experience, many hotels across the UK are raising the bar when it comes to hospitality products. The Temple Spa brand, conveying a total lifestyle, is renowned for the care given to weary travelers and the importance it places on the relaxation, relaxation and rest of guests for a better tomorrow. Not to mention the creation of a spa atmosphere, wherever you are.

A true lifestyle, the Temple Spa brand adds new products to the Hotelier Collection range and launches two entirely new concepts – a leaflet containing two sleep products and a new Voyager Collection line.

The bedding portfolio features AAAHHH !, a soothing balm for sore limbs and REPOSE, an aromatherapy rest night cream. AAAHHH! is a light balm that soothes, calms and refreshes feet and legs. It contains a bouquet of essential oils to soothe pain and heaviness that will give you immediate refreshment. REPOSE is known as the ‘restful night’s sleep in a bottle’. Formulated for rest and relaxation, this cream helps people find restful sleep, allowing guests to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.

“These products were designed to make all the difference in a guest’s stay after a busy day. Their goal is to encourage guests to take care of their well-being by taking the time to decompress, relax and enjoy a “all their own” moment. It’s an unforgettable experience, ”said Liz Warom, Executive Director.

The new Voyager Collection range comes in 30ml tubes bearing the Temple Spa brand logo imprint, coated in bright colors and with humorous product names such as Good Hair Day Shampoo, In Good Condition Detangler, La La Lagoon aromatic bath and shower gel; and Peace Be Still soothing face and body balm.

“We are very pleased to bring these two new offerings to the forefront of hotel services,” adds Liz Warom, General Manager. “Temple Spa is a high-performance spa line that offers exceptional hair and body care therapies, and it promises to woo current and future partner hotels with its fun product names and touch of eccentricity. “

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