Superior Training in Classical Acupuncture & Qigong: an essential return to basics.

There are many post-graduate training courses in acupuncture today. In front of the multitude of proposals and programs it is necessary to explain the objectives and the means of these trainings.

The objectives of the Superior Training in Classical Acupuncture & Qigong are:
> Acquire total therapeutic freedom
> Develop a simple, natural, effective and pragmatic approach to clinical practice
> Understand and master the real classic themes to perform treatments at three levels (Xing, Qi, Shen)
> Develop our higher latent capacities by practicing Nei Gong and Taoist Yoga in full awareness

I have followed countless courses in Chinese Medicine around the world for over 15 years. None has ever offered me the "sesame" towards the reconciliation of the different currents, styles, schools, which divide, even even sometimes oppose, the actors of our wonderful medicine. Going from dogma to dogma, I learned "religiously" the theories, formulas, tips and tricks of each other without ever arriving at a true synthesis, without ever seeing the coherence of the different systems.

We must first admit that the classics were written by scholars, mathematicians, astronomers, scholars whose desire was to transmit their science to future generations in the most precise and reliable way possible. Such transmission can only take place through symbols and numbers which alone retain their primary meaning, through time, cultures and civilizations.

If we want to understand acupuncture as it was originally thought and then appropriate it in a process of expansion of consciousness, we must study its fundamental bases: geometry and numbers, astrology and music . It is this immersion in classical thinking that will lead you to efficiency and total clinical freedom.

The classics are hermetic works: a literal reading inevitably leads to confusion and misinterpretation, even sometimes for experienced sinologists! The key to tradition is not found in words or exegesis, syntactic analyzes, historical commentaries etc … but in the universal laws contained in Huang Di Nei Jing. These laws reveal to us the perfect correspondence that exists between the microcosm and the macrocosm, between the embodied consciousness and the universe.

It is through the analysis of the most relevant contemporary and classical methods that we will illustrate our point. It will be a question of explaining all the mechanisms of classical acupuncture, of not letting any gray area persist in the minds of the practitioners and of obtaining Shen Ming, the clarity of the mind which leads to success: an open heart and a clear therapeutic intention are the keys to Yi and the magic of golden mean medicine.

The work of my mentor Dr. Robert Chu and other remarkable teachers like Dr. Wang Ju Yi, Mukaino Yoshito, Zhang Yun, Zhang Wenchun, Young Wei-Chieh, Wang Chuan-Min, Feng Nihan, Yong Qi, Richard Tan, Igor Simonov, etc., will illustrate our study of classical texts.

The therapeutic power of acupuncture often rests, at least in part, on the strength of your conviction during puncture; the more this conviction is based on consistent theories, the more solid it is.

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