Sunjoy Outdoor Fireplace Reviews for 2023 – How To Choose the best for you

Sunjoy Outdoor Fireplace Reviews  for 2023   – How To Choose the best for you

At least five different Sunjoy outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are offered with prices ranging from $500 for the AmberCove fire pit to $2000 for the Copper Outdoor Wood Burner.Any outdoor fireplace, regardless of cost, can be excellent for setting the mood, providing warmth, and lighting up a space.


A fire burning outside will give your gathering a distinctive touch, or it will just make it easier for you to unwind and enjoy it by yourself.

Sunjoy Outdoor Fireplace Reviews

Sunjoy Steel Wood Burning Fireplace

Sunjoy Outdoor Fireplace

Sunjoy Outdoor Fireplace

The largest and most feature-rich outdoor fire from Sunjoy is the Atticus Wood Burning Fireplace, but it also costs the most.

Compare prices across Sunjoy’s website and Amazon to find the best deal. You might also be able to get an additional 10% off by joining Sunjoy’s email list.

The Atticus Fireplace has the following features:

  • Manufactured stone surround
  • Chimney made of copper, black steel, with bronze accents.
  • 81.5 inches long, 24.02 inches broad, and 48.03 inches high
  • The doors have a screen on them to prevent sparks.
  • Has an adjustable grate
  • Easy access to tend to the fire
  • Weighs 385 pounds
  • Fireplace tool included

The fact that the smoke is directed upwards makes this form of fire superior to fire pits in many ways. It can’t just go where it wants to (which is frequently in your face)!

For storing firewood and other ornamental things, use the storage spaces on the sides.

I adore the huge space for creating a fire; unlike some other units, you are not restricted to a small, pointless fire with this one. You can create a large fire that will create a dramatic atmosphere.

You won’t need to instal this fire with its back against a wall or anything similar because it looks excellent from all sides.

Here are some reviews on Sunjoy outdoor fireplaces.

“I was a little apprehensive about ordering the Sunjoy Atticus Wood Burning Fireplace from Amazon without first seeing it, but I couldn’t be happier with my choice. In person, it actually appears better than in the photos. It has a lot of style. This device appears like a fair value when comparing it to outdoor fireplaces at landscaping supply stores, which cost at least two times as much. The product is really nicely built, therefore it should last for many years. I mean seriously wonderfully wrapped, everything arrived very safe and secure! Because there are so few real pieces in this product, assembling is quite simple. If you can spin a screwdriver, you can put this together because there are only 6 steps.”

“Great results. simple to construct nice and reliable Given the size of the item, delivery took longer than anticipated.They label each piece with a sticker before construction. I wish the stickers could be removed more easily (some were on the front of pieces and visible after assembly – until we scratched them off). However, it’s actually not a big deal, and we still adore the fireplace.”

“Love it!  Despite the fact that it claims to be weatherproof, I bought an outdoor furniture cover for when it rains because it can’t hurt.
On the recent cold evenings, it has provided good heat. arrived in excellent condition. simple to construct used a hand truck to move the stone piece to the backyard, and the husband and son hoisted it.”

“It’s a wonderful addition to my backyard and a beautiful outdoor fireplace. It took less than an hour to set up because the directions are really simple to comprehend and follow. It is enormous, gorgeous, and really hot! I am ecstatic about this fireplace.”

This Sunjoy Fireplace is definitely worth learning more about – see more Amazon reviews here.

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Sunjoy Outdoor Fireplace Heirloom Slate Copper

Sunjoy Outdoor Fireplace

Another excellent choice from Sunjoy is the so-called “Heirloom Slate Copper Outdoor Fireplace.”

This Sunjoy Fireplace has the following features:

  • Ceramic tile designed to resemble natural stone
  • As before, also has a rust-resistant powder-coated steel chimney
  • Dimensions: 35.43″ by 23.62″ by 56.69″
  • Weighs 113.54 pounds
  • Two doors with screens to prevent sparks
  • Removable grate for easy cleaning

Nothing compares to spending the evening by a fire outside. With this outdoor wood-burning fireplace from Sunjoy, the top manufacturer of ready-to-assemble outdoor structures in the world, make every night at home seem special. This timeless design, which is made of ceramic tile and rust-resistant powder-coated steel, will go well with any conventional outdoor environment. A mesh screen protects from embers and sparks, and unlike open firepits, the smoke from this campfire is directed up and away via the working chimney. Ash cleanup is simple thanks to the detachable grate. Spend a nice evening outside while roasting marshmallows with friends and family. This fireplace will provide years of enjoyment for you.

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AmberCove  Gray Steel Propane Fire Pit Table

Sunjoy Outdoor Fireplace

This rectangular fire pit table, created to complement a modern and contemporary aesthetic, adds architectural interest to any outdoor space. Despite appearing to be heavy, this statement piece is made of lightweight fibre concrete, making moving it when necessary easy. Lava rocks and a safety lid are included with the fire pit. With most patio furniture, its neutral grey tone pairs well. Use the lid to transform it into a table if the temperature is too high for a fire. To complete your backyard hideaway, pair the fire pit with a complementary gas tank cover (not included).

You’ll spend hours unwinding next to your new firepit from AmberCove, the top manufacturer of ready-to-assemble outdoor structures, whether you’re having a glass of wine with family and friends or a cup of tea on a quiet evening at home.

The AmberCove  Gray Steel Propane Fire Pit Table has the following features:

  • Fiber concrete-like structure made of enduring, rust-resistant steel with a grey finish
  • Durable steel construction with the concrete appearance
  • Two integrated side handles are there for simple moving.
  • The unit is simple to use thanks to the electronic ignition start mechanism.
  • Adjustment knob to accommodate various heating needs
  • Lava rocks and protective lid included
  • Item dimensions: 41.73″ L x 20″ W x 17.72″ H
  • Item weight: 66.14 lbs
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Sunjoy  Light Brown Electric Fireplace TV Console

Sunjoy Outdoor Fireplace

This chic design combines a sturdy metal base with a warm, light brown mocha wood tone. The set includes a hutch and two cabinets, each with two movable shelves, slow-closing hinges, and gun-metal-finished knobs. The electric fireplace console has room for up to 60 flat-panel TVs. Comforting warmth is provided by the electric heating insert’s energy-efficient fan mechanism. A thermostat, a remote control, dancing LED flames, a complete log set, and shimmering embers are additional features. Enjoy flames all year round, whether or not they are heated.

Here are the features:

  • 3-D paper laminate wood
  • Soft-close hinge wood door
  • Tempered glass front
  • Variable heat settings
  • Able to be placed anywhere indoors
  • Simple plug-in unit to power up fireplace
  • Easy cable management as everything is stored behind the TV console
  • Heat and fireplace display can be operated/turned on individually
  • Insert size: 27.2 in W x 8.7 in D x 20.1 in H
  • Product size: 60 in. W x 18 in. D x 36 in. H
  • Product weight: 184.8 lbs
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Sunjoy Wood Burning Stone Fire Pit

Sunjoy Outdoor Fireplace

The firepit lets you create a sizable, toasty fire because it is made of manufactured stone and steel that has been powder coated to resist rust. A manufactured stone fire pit surrounds it, giving it the appearance of being custom-built but making it light enough to move around. Included are a fire poker and a mesh screen to capture sparks and embers. With this campfire from Sunjoy, the top manufacturer of ready-to-assemble outdoor structures in the world, you can gather your friends and family and enjoy time outdoors even more.

What exactly is manufactured stone, you  might ask?

It is made of moulded concrete that has been colored and fashioned to resemble genuine stone.

It’s normally quite hefty (as concrete is), and moving this fire pit may necessitate the assistance of two individuals.

Here are the features:

  • Brown and gray manufactured stone
  • Black mesh screen for safety
  • Dimensions: 26.18″ diameter x 18.11″ high
  • Weighs: 28.66 pounds
  • Fireplace tool included
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How To Take Care Of Your Outdoor Fire Pits And Fireplaces

Taking care of your fire pits and fireplaces is important to prevent any accidents from happening. It is also important to clean them regularly to prevent any build-up of soot or debris.

Outdoor Fireplaces

If you have a fireplace, you know how important it is to take care of it. Here are some tips on how to take care of your Outdoor fireplace:

1. Make sure you have a good fireproof screen or door that covers the opening of your fireplace. This will help keep sparks and embers from flying out and starting a fire.

2. Clean your fireplace regularly. A build-up of soot and ash can be dangerous and cause a fire.

3. Inspect your fireplace for any cracks or damage. If you see any, get them repaired as soon as possible.

4. Be careful when using flammable liquids near your fireplace. Make sure they are extinguished before you leave the area.

5. Never leave a fire unattended. Make sure it is completely out before you go to bed or leave the house.

Outdoor Fire Pits

If you have a fire pit, you know how enjoyable they can be. But did you also know that taking care of your fire pit is important to ensure that it lasts for years to come? Here are a few tips on how to take care of your fire pit:

-Inspect your fire pit regularly for cracks or damage. If you notice any damage, repair it immediately to prevent further damage.

-Be sure to clean out your fire pit after each use. Remove all ashes and debris so that they don’t build up and cause problems.

-If you live in an area with a lot of rain, you may want to invest in a cover for your fire pit. This will help protect it from the elements and keep it looking like new.

Taking care of your fire pit is important to prolong its life and keep it looking great. By following these simple tips, you can enjoy your fire pit for many years to come.

Outdoor fireplaces are a great way to extend the amount of time you can spend outdoors in your backyard or patio. But with all the different options available, how do you choose the right one for your home? This article will help guide you through the process of choosing an outdoor fireplace that fits both your budget and your style.

Give your backyard a new look this year with Sunjoy!

Type of Fireplace

There are many different types of outdoor fireplaces available on the market, so it is important to choose the one that best suits your needs. If you are looking for a traditional fireplace that uses wood as a fuel source, then a wood burning fireplace is the way to go. These fireplaces can be either freestanding or built-in, and they offer a warm and inviting ambiance that is perfect for any outdoor space.

If you are looking for something that is a bit more modern, then a gas fireplace might be the right choice for you. Gas fireplaces are very convenient because they do not require any wood to be burned, and they can be turned on and off with the push of a button. There are also many different styles of gas fireplaces available, so you can find one that fits the look of your outdoor space perfectly.

whichever type of fireplace you choose, make sure that it is the right size for your needs and that it is installed properly by a professional. With a little bit of research, you will be able to find the perfect fireplace for your home.

How to get started with using an outdoor fireplace

An outdoor fireplace can offer a unique and lovely addition to any home. They are perfect for entertaining guests or simply enjoying a quiet night under the stars. But before you can start using your new fireplace, there are a few things you need to do first. Here’s a quick guide on how to get started with using an outdoor fireplace.

1. Choose the right location for your fireplace. You’ll want to pick a spot that’s away from any trees or other structures that could catch fire. You’ll also want to make sure the ground is level so your fireplace doesn’t tip over.

2. Prep the area around your fireplace. Once you’ve chosen the perfect location, clear out any debris or dead leaves that may be in the area. You should also dig a small trench around the perimeter of your fireplace to help contain any stray sparks.

3. Build your fire. Start by placing some larger logs at the bottom of your outdoor fireplace. Then add some smaller pieces of wood on top of those. Use newspaper or kindling to help get the fire going, and then light it with a match or lighter.

3 Ways To Winterize Your Outdoor Space

As long as you have the proper tools, there is always a flexible alternative for you to convert your terrace, patio, or courtyard into a comfortable outdoor living area, regardless of the time of year. To assist you in doing this, Sunjoy provides you with a variety of outdoor furniture alternatives to select from. Here are three strategies for creating the ideal atmosphere for the upcoming wintry days for you, your family, and your friends.

Sunjoy Cedar Frame Hardtop Gazebo


If you want to use your outside space during a cold spell, keeping yourself warm and cosy is one of the things to think about. Investing in a high-quality Archwood gazebo, like the Sunjoy Cedar Frame Hardtop Gazebo, will help you turn your area into a welcoming place to hang out at any time of year. Enjoy a covered outdoor space beneath the Cedar wood frame with a strong, long-lasting powder-coated aluminium roof throughout the four seasons. The two-tiered roof offers the ideal amount of ventilation while shielding the building from sporadic bad weather.

For decorative lighting and great style, hang a chandelier on the built-in ceiling hook to set the scene. You’ll be unwinding with your favourite beverage in your favourite new outdoor living place for years to come thanks to simple, clear assembly instructions.


Accessorize With LED Lantern

This traditional outdoor battery-operated decorative lantern’s timeless style will add atmosphere to your upcoming outdoor celebration. 3 built-in LED pillar candles that simulate flickering light are flameless and pillar-shaped. The lantern can survive the elements and is made of a synthetic material that is intended to resemble antique bronze. It also features glass panes. Use a number of them to illuminate a walkway or to hang in a gazebo, on a patio, or on a deck. This space-saving design blends seamlessly with your decor.

Utilizing a Wood-Burning Fireplace to Stay Warm

The most common outdoor decoration currently is a fireplace, which allows you to rapidly enhance the appearance of your space without exerting too much effort. The challenge is choosing the perfect style that will naturally blend into your backyard. Having a fire pit not only adds beauty to your property, but it also fulfils its primary function of keeping you and everyone else warm and comfortable while you enjoy drinks and discussions outside.

With this Sunjoy outdoor fireplace system, you can turn your patio into the ideal location to unwind. This timeless style would go well in any traditional outdoor setting and is made of manufactured stone and rust-resistant powder-coated steel. A mesh screen protects from embers and sparks, and unlike open firepits, the smoke from this campfire is directed up and away via the working chimney. Ash is simple to clean because to the detachable grate. Every function you might want is included in this bundle. The storage underneath and the built-in shelves on either side are the ideal places to store wood while showcasing your favourite outdoor décor. Instead of dealing with the hassle and hefty cost of constructing a permanent structure, start enjoying your beautiful garden right away.

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