Stop Mosquitoes, a natural and healthy repellent!

Do you will have a really sturdy ecological conscience however are additionally fed up with mosquito bites? Do not panic, we give you a pure answer that repels mosquitoes, composed of 100% plant lively components. Right here is the MOSQUITO STOP!

It’s to permit everybody to take full benefit of the summer season interval that E2 ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS developed the method for the brand new STOP MOSQUITOES, a focus of lively components with confirmed anti-mosquito properties and 20 100% pure important oils that repel bugs.

A 100% pure plant synergy

For the STOP MOSQUITO method, E2 ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS has sought the very best pure allies for repel mosquitoes. The effectiveness of STOP MOUSTIQUES is predicated on the synergy of those 5 superior pure lively components (supplemented by 20 important oils):

Vegetable pyrethrum (Tanacetum cinerariifolium): it’s a perennial plant of the asteraceae household. A powder is obtained from its flowers which acts as a pure insecticide. Pyrethrum additionally has a repellent impact in opposition to bugs. Pyrethrum was already advisable by the well-known Hildegard of Bingen within the Center Ages.

Annual mugwort important oil (Artemisia annua): this Chinese wormwood (or annual mugwort) belongs to the asteraceae household. It comprises artemisinin, an lively ingredient on the base of the pharmacopoeia to struggle in opposition to malaria (malaria).

Catnip important oil (Nepeta cataria): its main lively ingredient, nepetalactone is extraordinarily efficient in opposition to mosquitoes, ten occasions extra highly effective than deet (diethyltoluamide, an lively broadly used as an anti-mosquito repellent however not pure) and never having the undesirable results of the latter .

Citriodol : this lively substance is derived from an extract of important oil of eucalyptus citriodora. It’s a well-known insect repellent, with acknowledged effectiveness. Citriodol could be very nicely tolerated on the pores and skin, therefore its use on this method.

Neem vegetable oil (Azadirachta indica): neem is native to india. Its oil, extracted from almonds, has historically been used for a really very long time each in agriculture and as a beauty. It fights successfully in opposition to parasites, undesirable bugs together with mosquitoes because of a really lively substance: Azadirachtin A which acts as a really efficient repellent


Appropriate for adults and kids from 3 years outdated – pure mango papaya scent – 100 mL bottle – retail worth € 12.80

Do you know ?

Why are some folks preferentially the goal of mosquitoes? The reason for particular odors that mosquitoes are capable of detect at 50 m! Thus, pores and skin with excessive concentrations of steroids or ldl cholesterol are extra simply bitten, similar to these with excessive ranges of uric acid, or a sweat wealthy in butyric or lactic acids. Mosquitoes are additionally drawn to carbon dioxide, which is produced in higher portions in adults than in kids.

The naturopath’s recommendation

Take a superb cleansing treatment and rebalance your floor by caring for your eating regimen and your life-style now! Uric acid and ldl cholesterol come from a consumption that’s too loaded with proteins and animal fat … It’s enough to extend the proportion of crops and restrict notably acidifying meals of animal origin, to actually have a brand new pores and skin ! Thus, together with your well-maintained land and STOP MOSQUITOES, mosquitoes will go their approach!

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