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How to choose a Smart Health Best Wellness pedometer?

How to choose a smart pedometer adapted to its activity and what are the best models of Smart Health Best Wellness pedometers according to your budget. So many questions that we will answer in this complete article on these devices to guide you to the ideal pedometer for your activity.

What is a smart pedometer?

A pedometer, also commonly known as pedometer, hodometer, odometer or activity tracker, is a device frequently used in some connected objects such as smartphones, connected bracelets or connected watches and used to count the number of steps that you have completed and evaluated the distance traveled. It is also found in unconnected version. The pedometer is also and above all the ally of runners, hikers and walkers. Combined with a health or fitness application, it becomes a tool to evaluate performance over time and motivate.

Features that a connected pedometer can offer
According to the models and the applications used, the pedometers can propose more or less elaborate indications:

Number of steps made.
Distance traveled.
Number of calories burned.
Instant, average or peak speed.
Evolution in the time.
Goal management and training.
Evaluation of progress and follow-up of training.
Motivation to the exercise.
The different pedometer solutions
In the past, the pedometers were in the form of a clip-on device. In recent years, different forms have appeared with different uses.

The pedometer as an application using GPS

Smartphone Pedometer GPS ApplicationThis is the simplest and least expensive solution. It is an application (free or paid) that uses some sensors of a smartphone such as GPS and accelerometer. It is a good first approach to benefit from a free pedometer or at a competitive rate but which is however cruelly lacking in precision.

The pedometer to clip

This type of pedometer is cheap and easy to use. It is clipped on the belt and simply indicates the number of steps taken. Not being connected, this type of device gives only a very limited amount of information. Due to its use, it is rarely used daily but much more during a sports activity such as running or walking. It is a good indicator for a follow-up of the training in time but remains a little limited.

The shoe pedometer

Pedometer shoe connected smartphone appThis type of pedometer is primarily a sensor that clings directly to the shoe which has the advantage of being very accurate. It combines with apps that are installed on your smartphone. Depending on the application used, it allows to know the number of steps made and the distance traveled, the number of calories consumed or the instantaneous speed, average speed or peak speed achieved. It is the preferred solution for the best runners during training.

Smart health how to choose a smart pedometerThe pocket pedometer

Cheap and quite simple, the pocket pedometer is to slip into one of his clothes and can measure the number of steps and the distance traveled. The energy consumed is also indicated and depending on the model, additional information may be given. It is used more everyday, for walking and hiking than for a running activity. It remains less accurate than other types of sensors.

The connected bracelet format pedometer

Connected bracelet pedometerIt is in the form of a connected bracelet. Combined with an application, this type of bracelet provides much more information than a simple pedometer. These bracelets connected pedometers indicate the number of steps taken, the distance traveled, the number of calories burned but also allows to monitor the quality of sleep. Its bracelet format is very convenient and easy to use everyday.

The pedometer integrated into a watch

The smart pedometer watch can be connected or not. It also usually offers a GPS solution and other advanced features that a bracelet-sized pedometer does not offer. This is also an ideal solution for athletes but it is also the most expensive solution. The connected watch equipped with a pedometer is primarily reserved for seasoned athletes.

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