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The Complete Guide to Build Your Smart Health Home :Zero to Mastery

A complete manual to learn how to transforms your home into a smart health center


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Don’t you think health is the first condition for well-being? And since prevention is better than cure, You need something to help you take care of your health from home.

How it works ?

Good news, the operation is not very complicated

If the term “smart home scenario” suggests a technical, even complex operation, rest assured, this is only a prejudice;Smart Health Home is no longer just for geeks, now it’s 100% general public!

Thanks WHO, with simple smart health home systems and their hyper educational intuitive apps,thanks to their different programming possibilities, it is no longer necessary to have obtained an engineering degree to create a home automation scenario at home. You simply have to generate a scenario via your smartphone or any other connected object that can act as a centralized remote control!

However, do you have any idea of what to eat if you need to reduce diarrhea, control your blood pressure, encourage good heart function, strengthen your bones or help a cough?  Yeah, that’s what we thought.

What you will learn

.What is smart health home?
.How smart health home can take care of you and improve your health?
.The main objectives of smart health home
.Evolution of the perimeter of smart health home
.Automation status of the site
.State of the art technologies of smart health home
.Smart health home support,instruction for use
.ICT in the service of home support:state of the art in projects
.Methodology for generating a guideline specifications home care
.ICT and the provision of smart health care at home
.How to smart get quality of health information for general public?
.What is Quantified Self?The Beginner’s Guide to Quantified Self for Smart Health
.What is ehealth & smart health home trends?
.An integrated care offer to manage the health journey
.How the expertise of the citizen and the patient enhanced
.What’s the evolution of the insurer profession
.How change of scale and research tools
.Which health system in the future?
.How your smart home could takes care of your health?
.Smart Health Home in 10 examples every day
.How to choose the best smart health objects guide for your home
.How to DIY your own smart health home for cheap

Don’t be afraid the high technologies particularly related to your home living.It certainly isn’t going to help your health by a long shot if you continue to do what you did yesterday. You CAN change your intake of “The Complete Guide to Build Your Smart Health Home :Zero to Mastery”. And while you are doing that, you can get an overview and understand how smart health home can take care of your health and improve your home living.

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The Complete Guide to Build Your Smart Health Home Zero to Mastery

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