Amabrush brush your teeth automatically in 10 seconds

It is often said that it is to brush your teeth for three minutes for a healthy mouth. a board that dentists may soon provide the revolutionary smart healthy toothbrush Amabrush, brush clean teeth in 10 seconds.

It must be acknowledged, brushing your teeth is not the most fun in the world, we often tend to shorten the activity of waking and sleep. a lot of people forget to brush your teeth before going to bed, because they are too tired, not to mention the children would be well in this mandatory phase of the toilet.

The connected objects make life easier. we recently tested an anti snoring, intelligent system which had caused a great stir on the internet, but this time it’s the turn of your teeth.

For those who have the courage to make a detour to the bath, brushing teeth would only last 60 seconds instead of 180 seconds. 90% of oral and dental problems are also linked to a bad tooth brushing.

Only 10 seconds to clean completely the teeth

Amabrush promises to clean up all the mouth in ten seconds to three minutes with a conventional toothbrush.The gain of time proposed by the new toothbrush is considerable. although the oral health professionals recommend brushing teeth in three minutes, the amabrush proposes to achieve the same outcome in just ten seconds. in order to achieve this feat, vibrations are generated by the brush. the classic act of brushing up and down all dentists should not be with this device. the problem of traditional ritual over three minutes to clean the teeth, the future of the toothbrush is here.

Amabrush brush your teeth automatically in 10 secondsAmabrush A smart healthy toothbrush in the form of teeth

How does the risk of having brush closet in our old toothbrushes and surpass the electric toothbrushes.

If the amabrush is so effective is because it breaks all the codes of the conventional toothbrush. the teeth in the mouth, that we have is simply to replace the vibration which is a conventional toothbrush and can clean teeth at the same time for 10 seconds. the amabrush also includes a distributor for toothpaste and recharges via usb socket.

The packet of the amabrush and its accessories is eur 79, a price similar to electric toothbrushes. the teeth are replaced every 3 to 6 months for eur 6 and the supply of toothpaste every month for 3 euros.

We found most troubling, 108 days of our lives to brush your teeth, days, according to the creators of the amabrush, we dedicate to more rewarding.


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