Vegidair the new generation smart kitchen garden

The Vegidair is a connected smart health kitchen garden. To grow 20kg of salad a year in your kitchen and without effort: it is the promise of Vegidair, a kitchen garden 2.0.

Grow your vegetables, yes … But when you’re in town and without a garden, it’s not always easy. The founder of the french startup Vegidair intends to change the situation. His project: to make the garden a home appliance like the others.

Vegidair smart health kitchen garden connected

Compact, the kitchen garden is designed to fit into any standard kitchen cabinet.

But the magic can not stop there: the Vegidair can grow its salads in just one month: just fill the tank with water every three weeks. For the heads in the air, do not panic:

Here, the tray is able to measure the light necessary for the good health of the plants, which makes it possible to realize that this one is always too weak. No matter the exposure of your window, it will always be necessary to bring about 95% of the light necessary for the plants to develop optimally. LEDs are perfect in this case because they mimic natural sunlight.

The blue and red lights have the best light spectrum for plants. However, to avoid a “spaceship” effect, the creators have preferred to turn to white light, which offers 95% useful spectrum for plants.

The formats

The Vegidair comes in two formats: the first will offer the basics to run the garden: that is to say, the tray, the water pump and LED lights; for a price of 250 €.

The second will be connected through a WiFi card. It will have an application that will allow you to monitor closely the evolution of your plants and measure the pH and fertilizer rate present in the plateau, all for 290 €.

The application will send the data recorded by the probes present in the tray to your smartphone. You will also have access to maintenance tips to make the best use of the device.

It is already the eighth version of the product, which has been updated many times over time. And it’s not over yet, as Vegidair is already working on a new, smaller version of the product for small apartments.

One of the main attractions of this product is to produce its own vegetables and thus avoid pesticides that are unfortunately difficult to avoid nowadays with fruits and vegetables available in mass consumption.

In addition, we must not neglect the satisfaction of being able to cook with your own vegetables. This is a very good way to eat more independently and healthier.

The results are visible: the plants are good. When the product was discovered, we could see a three-month-old basil that was still in good shape. It is possible to grow all kinds of plants, flowers and even some vegetables like cherry tomatoes for example.

The company participated in experiments of the scientific basis that simulates life on Mars in the heart of the Utah desert: the vegetable garden uses the principle of hydroponics, that is to say that the seeds are planted in capsules and take their minerals from the water.

vegidair-kitchen-herb-garden-smart health connected garden

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