Maybe the best connected smart health insoles

We talk a lot about connected shoes, especially for athletes. But these are limited to one use, difficult to use sports shoes permanently. And if the solution was inside, in an interchangeable accessory? Discover our selection of connected smart health insoles insoles combining health and sports activity.

Smart health insoles

Lechal, connected insoles for the visually impaired

In recent years, the Indian group Ducere Technologies has launched its connected footwear brand “Lechal”. There are shoes but also connected soles. The people concerned by this audience are the visually impaired. Indeed, they use haptic technology to function as a GPS. Want to get to a destination easily? You enter it in the application. Then, the soles will guide you through a vibration system transmitted to your arch. The closer you are to your destination, the more intense the vibration.

The connected soles are sold at a price of € 160 and come in two different sizes. They are connected to your smartphone in bluetooth 4.0 (compatible with Android and iOS). The battery life is estimated at 15 days per charge.

GPS SmartSoles, to know all the time where your loved ones are

The concept may surprise. Why follow his relatives? It’s simple, it’s about connected soles designed for people suffering from cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s, autism, brain injuries … In short, all people who can forget who they are, where they are and where they live.

These people can disappear and not know where to go, a very worrying situation for loved ones.

GPS SmartSoles brings to their loved ones a simple and non-intrusive solution. Just integrate it into the shoe and then connect this smart sole to the dedicated application. You can then have real time at any time the carrier is.

DigitSole, connected heating insoles

When one is in winter sports or it is cold outside, our feet are often the first affected. Glazed inside our feet, we only dream about putting them on a heater. Thanks to the Digitsole heating insoles, this problem disappears. Indeed, thanks to your smartphone, you can select the temperature you want for the inside of your shoes. The system is very similar to the one used in a house to adjust the heating temperature. Each sole consists of a resistor (the heating element), a battery and a thermostat. Once the desired temperature is reached, the thermostat turns off the heat to prevent burns. If it goes down, the internal heating will start again. The sole is waterproof and promises an autonomy of 8 hours. A small bonus, an activity sensor measuring steps, distance traveled and calories consumed.

Side tariff, count 200 € for the model of insoles connected heated. If you only want those for sports, the price is a little more affordable. They are indeed sold for € 100. At CES 2016, the company also introduced Smart Shoes. Smart shoes with most of the technology found in the soles. They can be heated and serve as activity tracker. However, they also go further. Smart Shoes incorporate an automatic lacing technology and a shock absorbing system. Announced for over a year, they have not yet arrived on the market but the price should be around 450 €.

Smart health insolesFeetme, connected insoles for diabetics

As the name implies, FeetMe is connected smart health insoles dedicated to an enlarged target. They are among others dedicated to the elderly, to diabetics suffering from neuropathy, to sportsmen as well as specialists in orthopedic insoles.

With age, seniors are often victims of falls due to their loss of balance. To prevent their fall, FeetMe offers among its range of connected soles. Models whose role is to detect the fall in order to immediately warn the relatives of the victim by voice call or SMS. This type of insoles has 90 pressure sensors, able to analyze the main cause of loss of balance. These sensors then send the necessary data to the specialist who is in charge of analyzing the victim’s state of health, including its quality of operation.

People with diabetes and the elderly often have problems with their plantar pressure. Thanks to connected insoles, these people can now control their walking and have more stable plantar pressure. Resembling the classic soles, they are to be introduced in the shoes.

Unlike the Apple Watch electrocardiograph, they are connected via Bluetooth to the smartphone, computer or tablet via the FeetMe application. The information received from the connection is used to evaluate the pressure and temperature of the patient’s foot.


Enjoy these smart health insoles? Discover more smart health innovation objects. 

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