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10 smart health innovations that will change your lives

Can you image what’s smart health innovations could improve your health states? Discover all the details below

10 Smart health innovations

Innovation n ° 1: robot surgeons and supercomputers

robots chirurgiens smart health 智慧医疗智慧健康外科机器人手术On the health side, the robots will also be present, whether to assist operations and accurately sew a wound, or for monitoring patients in the hospital. Supercomputers will also talk about how to cure diseases, just as Watson is doing right now. The invention of IBM tries to overcome cancer. For this, Watson compares the data of each patient on all cases already treated.

Innovation n ° 2: implants to restore sight

implants to restore sight smart health 智慧医疗智慧健康设备Solutions to enable people who are blind or visually impaired to see will also be democratized. Two implants (Alpha IMS and Argus II) have been created to help people with Age-Related Macular Degeneration and Pigment Retinitis.

Innovation n ° 3: activity trackers to monitor your health

track fitness smart health 智慧医疗智慧健康运动Smartwatches are coming to the market. In general, these smart watches will make our lives easier and gather at our wrists all the necessary applications to avoid taking out our smartphones.  They will sit near our activity trackers that promise to improve their skills. And eventually to be used in the medical field. This is in any case the project of Google, who would like to create a bracelet exclusively dedicated to health by collecting the data needed to monitor patients.

Innovation n ° 4: anticipate diseases by sharing all genetic codes

CRISPR anticipate diseases by sharing all genetic codes smart health 智慧医疗智慧健康设备Anticipate or even treat diseases whose origin is the genetic mutation? In any case, this is what an American computer scientist would like to do. David Haussler, director of the Center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering at the University of California, would like to encourage scientists to share all the genetic codes already referenced, as well as those to come. The bioinformatician and his company launched Beacon, a search engine whose database contains all the DNAs made public.

Innovation n ° 5: transforming skin cells into neurons!

transforming skin cells into neurons smart health 智慧健康智慧医疗设备

This technology already exists, and was developed by researchers at the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology in Vienna, and the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Skin cells taken from adult patients can then be transformed into neurons, making it possible to study the connections between human brain cells and their development.

Innovation n ° 6: detecting cancers before the first symptoms

smart medical detecting cancers before the first symptomsA few drops of blood are enough. This is in any case what needed Dennis Lo, a professor at the University of Hong Kong to be able to detect cancer, even before the first symptoms do not appear. After many years of research, the professor finally reached his goal with a few drops of blood, and using DNA sequencing.

Innovation n ° 7: change your mood thanks to the waves

change your mood thanks to the waves thync smart health 智慧医疗智慧健康穿戴设备thyncControl and change your mood through waves. The Thync headset connects to the smartphone of its user, so that it can decide the intensity of the waves that will produce the headphones and that will arrive at the brain. The device is currently intended to be used by people who have suffered head trauma causing memory loss.

Innovation n ° 8: when clothes connect too

vetements-connectes smart clothes connectedReloading your phone, transmitting emotions to a person who is not with us, protecting from the cold … The fabric that keeps us warm, and protected from an injury to decency, is no longer just a matter without life. Connected smart clothes can collect a lot of data, like the Tracky sports suit, which can determine the heart rate, body temperature, calories burned … of the user! Clothes can also protect our information, preventing the theft of data.  This is the case of the clothes proposed by Norton, able to block the waves.

Innovation n ° 9: drinking water for everyone

drinking water for everyone smart healthAnother invention that could solve a big problem in the world: access to drinking water. Thanks to the LifeStraw personal filter, it is possible to change dirty water into drinking water, all without the use of chemicals. Just place the tube in untreated water and aspirate. A carbon and iodine filter will take care of making it drinkable.

Innovation n ° 10: never without our exoskeletons

exoskeletons smart health 智慧医疗智慧健康设备Exoskeletons have long been a science fiction myth, as are many of the objects in this list. Remains that in a few years the progress has been simply stunning. The first prototypes arrive and excite all the technophiles. The latest discovery is a small robot remotely controlled directly from an exoskeleton. The functions remain for the moment quite limited, but we already picture the possibilities in the years to come. The industry but also the army could be very interested for this Smart health innovations.

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