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Smart Health Home in 10 examples every day

Smart Health Home in 10 examples every day

Home automation seems to you reserved for the most tech-savvy? We reassure you, it is not only for the most geeky among us! In the past 5 years, you’ve had the opportunity to see connected objects pass by, but you’re not sure how it works. What if we give you good reasons to fall for smart health home? How to use it to improve your daily life? Saving energy is also possible! Here are our 10 smart health home examples !

N ° 1: The 2.0 fridge at the cutting edge of technology

First example of home automation: the fridge (yes, because it is the central element of the house right?) During CES 2019, the Asian firm Samsung presented its latest innovation to date: the connected family board. Thank you AI (artificial intelligence)! The Korean giant draws its strength from it to surprise us.


The connected family board in the Samsung Family Hub replaces our old sticky notes with text messages that appear live on the fridge screen. And now, when you get a “Mommy don’t forget to think about milk”, you can respond just by calling Bixby, Samsung’s voice assistant. He will call your cherub directly to suggest that he buy his milk himself (long live autonomy!).



Far beyond displaying your family photos, the weather or allowing you to watch videos, the Samsung Family Hub gives you access to the interior of your fridge – remotely – with the “View Inside” functionality. Handy when you’re at the supermarket and forgot your shopping list at home.


N ° 2: Washing your windows becomes child’s play

Something new to make you dizzy … For this second example of home automation, here is the Spiderman of window cleaning robots. The Chinese company Ecovacs Robotics presented Winbot X at the last CES.


Little brother of the wireless vacuum robot, the device fits on your window with 4 pressure points. Worried that it might fall on you? We reassure you, the connected robot is based on an adhesion system at the cutting edge of technology (Yes, yes!). The air pressure is measured in its suction cups, and if it is no longer enough to keep it vertical, the robot will trigger an alarm!


The window cleaning robot works with a simple switch and also a remote control to activate it remotely. Do you need to go from light to full-bodied? Use the “Deep Clean” cleaning mode, which is reserved for the most stubborn tasks.


N ° 3: Mirror, my beautiful mirror, tell me who is the most beautiful?

The French company Legrand – in association with the start-up CareOS – offers a connected mirror whose principle is based on controlling the lighting in its bathroom.


Using your finger or your voice (using Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant), control the lighting of the sacred place in your home sweet home. Then, run a hairstyle tutorial to find the cut that goes well with your look of the day. Some madness is allowed, rest assured, your data is protected (each has their own family account). Take 360 ​​° photos to see the result.


And, if you are more the type to hang out in the bathroom, take the opportunity to check your moles with health monitoring. No need to save this data on your smartphone, it stays in the mirror. Not bad, this 3rd example of home automation?


N ° 4: Back to the future with smart television

There’s an air of Back to the Future with LG’s OLED TV, the world’s first roll-up television. Tired of this big screen that still sits in the middle of the living room? Abracadabra, make it disappear in one click. This high-end television is stored in its smart cabinet.


Colors, brightness, contrast with a depth of black to lose (almost) the head … One more reason to chain the episodes on Netflix with this image quality. For sound, the OLED TV has 100 Watts speakers … You don’t understand everything? Basically, the sound will be much more immersive, much like 3D movies.


On the other hand, this advanced techno has a cost: price displayed at 8000 euros. But if this 4th example of home automation seems inaccessible to you, start by adopting a connected TV (not rollable, certainly, but already very practical to have everything – TV and internet – on a single device!).


N ° 5: Stay connected to your connected washing machine

Connected, the Whirlpool W Collection washing machine is managed via an app ’. Control the choice of washing mode, launch the program remotely … Via your smartphone, you can also manage the quantity of your laundry and save money.


In other words, the machine is able to measure the exact volume of detergent needed to wash your clothes. Remotely, follow your consumption of elec and end of cycle.


Imagine that soon your connected light bulbs will flash to warn you of the end of your laundry machine cycle. Not impossible at the rate at which the connected house is progressing.


N ° 6: Peaceful spirit & cozy atmosphere with intelligent lighting

You find yourself far from home, at the office, or on the weekend (for the luckiest of you), and your mind begins to work. You wonder if you have turned off the lights …


To switch them off remotely, Philips had the ingenious idea of ​​inventing the “Hue”, an innovative wireless lighting system. The Dutch brand offers a range of bulbs that will make your life easier.


To be configured according to your routine, the lighting is controlled by tablet or smartphone. For this 6th example of home automation, we love the atmosphere so cine to create in his Home Sweet Home, ideal for Sunday evenings.



N ° 7: Secure your home with smart alarms

Leaving home can be a scary experience for the most stressed among us, especially when going on vacation thousands of miles away.


To secure your home, smart wireless alarms will find your way. Exit the hassle of installation, Arlo offers a docking station that plugs into your Internet box, the sector and … that’s it.


Then, you can play the James Bond by viewing the images transcribed on Arlo’s app. No more anxiety with this 7th example of home automation.


N ° 8: Watering chore is over

For lack of time, energy (see envy), watering your garden can be a real chore. To end it, the Gardena gardening assistant will replace you and fill your role wonderfully.


To do this, you have to place the “Smart Gateway” box inside your house, establish a simple Wi-Fi connection and… hop it is functional! With Gardena’s programming, you will be able to define areas of your garden, hours and duration of watering. And, if you want to go further, it is also possible to control the mowing of your lawn remotely.


Specific note for geekophobes: you will need to create an account to take full advantage of its connected assistant. This step is worth the detour, because Gardena’s intelligent system allows you to adjust to the real needs of your plants to save water. But above all, to fully automate its watering!


N ° 9: Simple maintenance with the connected swimming pool


It’s no secret that a swimming pool requires a lot of maintenance and can quickly become a trap for owners. Save your efforts with the Flipr connected object, which analyzes the temperature and quality of the water before taking a dip.


Good point: no internet installation is required, just download the app and let the magic happen. It is possible to monitor water quality, temperature, weather and also pH.


Pool maintenance becomes so simple with this example of home automation. No more bad algae ever!


N ° 10: Say goodbye to the cold with the heating connected!

With a connected heater, you can program a heating schedule according to the times of the day and the week, according to your habits. No more touching your heater to find out if it’s hot!


Depending on your type of heating, you connect your boiler for gas or your radiators for gas.


Raising the temperature with the app from your sofa is a breeze. And at Sowee, you can even control your voice heating because the connected Station includes the Amazon Alexa voice assistant. Convenient !

So you only heat when necessary, always at the right temperature. It’s good for your wallet and for the planet!

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Apple Watch Series 5

Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)

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Greater Goods Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff, Smartphone Connected

G20 OLED ECG+PPG Blood Pressure Health Monitor Smart Bracelet

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Original Xiaomi AMAZFIT Bip Pace Youth GPS Bluetooth

Withings Body Cardio (Nokia), White – Wi-Fi Smart Scale 

Withings Thermo (Nokia) – Smart Temporal Thermometer

BroadLink A1 White WiFi Intelligent Smart Home Air Detector Sensor Purifier

Smart Home for Senior Living

The Philips Hue starter kit, for cool, connected lighting

Philips HeartStart Home Defibrillator

Sunny Health & Fitness Fully Assembled Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical

Ring 8VR1S7-0EN0 V2 Advanced Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

iRobot Roomba i7+ Robot Vacuum

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 Electric Treadmill

Philips HeartStart OnSite AED Defibrillator with Ready-Pack, (Model: M5066A-RO1)

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