Circadia – The connected object that helps you sleep better

Ever wondered why we feel happy on a sunny day and in a bad mood when it’s raining outside? The answer is light. It is against this fact that Circadia was created-A connected object about smart health helps sleep.


Circadia, a newcomer to the market intends to find a place in the sun with technologies inspired by NASA.This is the only solution dedicated to the re-synchronization of your internal body clock with the day-night cycle using light.If your internal clock is out of sync, you will have trouble sleeping and waking up in the morning.

This is a device duo that works in synchronization. The first is a sleep tracker that analyzes our circadian rhythm. This corresponds to a biological cycle of about 24 hours. These data are compared to what your pace should be. Then the second camera comes in. It’s a connected lamp. A light cycle is designed by the device to adjust your sleep pattern at best. Not surprisingly, the goal of the device is to allow you to be more rested, in a good mood and sleep better.

The Circadia system consists of a non-contact sleep monitor, a light therapy lamp and an application. Thanks to her, you will be able to create your personalized program of light therapy according to your sleep. This technology will allow you to synchronize and find an ideal pace for your well being.

The world’s most advanced sleep tracking system 

This connected object will help you fall asleep faster, wake up more easily and improve your energy, mood and productivity throughout the day.

But back on the Circadia Contactless Sleep Tracker. Considered the most advanced sleep tracking system in the world, it uses a novel technology that can collect clinical sleep data. These data allow the Circadia system to analyze your sleep with unparalleled precision and detail. It is able to monitor your heart rate, your respiratory rate and the movement of your body. He then uses this information to predict sleep stages using learning algorithms.

smart health helps sleepOther function about smart health helps sleep

In addition to this, this tracker analyzes your sleep environment, studying the correlation between your sleep quality and the environment of your room. It analyzes the ambient temperature to find the one that will help you fall asleep and the one that will help you get up. To determine your optimal wake up time, the built-in alarm traces your sleep cycle and correlates it with the desired wake-up time.

Note that it also includes a specific option against the jetlag and seems to be a product particularly suitable for people who travel a lot and have trouble recovering from jet lag. According to the company, the object begins to have a noticeable effect on the quality of your sleep after 3 to 5 days. It also provides tips for everyday life.

This is saying that the connected sleep market is in full swing. Pillows, connected objects to fight against apnea or even smart mattresses, nothing seems to have been forgotten. It is probably on the market of sleep trackers that the competition is the fiercest. While we would have thought that the wearables would be sufficient, we have witnessed in recent months a surge of products. Beddit, Withings or Sleep Cycle are all competitors for the newcomer.

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