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Top 17 Perfect Gift Ideas of Smart Health Best Wellness objects between $50 and $150 for Spring 2023

Christmas Guide 2015 for Smart Health Best Wellness connected objects between 50 € and 150 €
 Best Smart Health Best Wellness innovation

It’s now the turn of gift ideas between $50 and $150 to illuminate you. A greater investment, but for better devices, we have selected the Smart Health Best Wellness gift ideas 2023 to make you health and happy at home.

Top 17 Smart Health Best Wellness gift ideas

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Universe2go glasses

Christmas Guide

The Universe2go are augmented reality glasses. Via a smartphone application you will be able to to observe the sky like never before. Delivering audio information (more than 3 hours of comments ) on the different stars, constellations, day and night satellites Universe2go will have something to embellish your end of the year.

Price: £49.90 

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Wind Gauge: Netatmo for athletes

Christmas Guide

Wind Gauge this is the object you need to have when practicing water sports. Weather resistant its purpose will be to define the intensity and direction of the wind. Capable of operating 2 years and Smart Health Best Wellness connected to your smartphone to provide you the necessary data Wind Gauge will be faithful to the position.

Price: £89.97 

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Whistle, the Smart Health Best Wellness connected dog collar

Christmas Guide

Made for measure your dog’s physical activity, this necklace transmits to the owner, the number of kilometers traveled by his faithful companion, the activity rate he had during the day, the number of hours of rest it has given itself. Clipped on the necklace, the item will send an alert on the smartphone in case of abnormal results.

Price: 80 dollars

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Slow Control 10SFork, the Smart Health Best Wellness connected fork

Christmas Guide

A range that regulates speed of our meals to avoid the risk of obesity and illness. This utensil advises us wait ten seconds between each bite, if you don’t wait, it will vibrate slightly. It also allows analysis and recording relating to chrono-nutrition and indicates the time and duration of our meals. A dashboard made available to us that we can share with our doctor or nutritionist. It is sold in five colors at a price of 99 euros.

Price: 99 euros, on sale here

Xee, the Smart Health Best Wellness connected box for your vehicle

This box connects the smartphone to the car for optimized and safe driving. Dedicated mobile applications support us on a daily basis and allow us to alert our loved ones in the event of a breakdown, to receive an alert if our vehicle is not locked, to find where we are parked, etc. A simple and less expensive way than buying an original Smart Health Best Wellness connected car since this box is sold at a price of 150 dollars.

Price: 150 dollars

Acer Leap Active

The Acer Liquid Leap Active is a Smart Health Best Wellness connected watch designed to track your physical activity, like so many other trackers, daily as well as receive notifications from your Smartphone. By day it helps you to monitoring your lifestyle : number of calories burned, kilometers traveled, heart sensor, etc. At night it will allow you to monitoring your sleep.

Acer Liquid Leap + Red

Price: from 69 €

The elegant Smart Health Leaf

Christmas Guide

For women and after Wear, Miragii or Xiaomi Leaf eis a smart pendant that will monitoring your health, sleep quality, stress level and your menstrual cycle. It offers different relaxation exercises and improved sleep. Leaf keeps our data for several days ( 14 ) and its autonomy is 6 months.

Price: $105 

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Lully for the little ones

Christmas Guide

Its goal ? Neutralize nightmares. A vibration at regular intervals has the effect of soothing children during a potential nightmare period, corresponding to 10 times the vibration of a smartphone. Used for a period of 2 to 4 weeks Lully will make the nights of your little one less restless.

Price: 121 €

The Izzy speaker

Christmas Guide

Designed by Philips Izzy differs a bit from its competitors ( Jawbone, Sonos…). Indeed its system is very simple, Izzy works via Bluetooth just launch your music (from any music application) and Izzy will take care of spreading it on all Smart Health Best Wellness connected speakers on your network.

Price: 129 €

Parrot AirBorne Cargo

Parrot renewed its range of mini-drones intended for (older) children a few months ago. About a hundred euros according to the stores for a frankly fun toy. However, we recommend the AirBorne Cargo more than the AirBorne Night, the latter having some problems stabilizing at night (a height, you might say). For the rest, go for it with your eyes closed!

Price: $110 

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Cayla, the Smart Health Best Wellness connected doll


A 46 cm articulated doll that will search the internet for the answer to the questions you ask. She is also able to play games on tablet or phone such as tic-tac-toe or to tell stories away from any smartphone. Offline, it is still possible to play with it like any doll, it is sold for this purpose with a mirror and a brush. Sold at around 70 euros, it is the ideal gift for little girls

Price: 70 euros

Sifteo, the Smart Health Best Wellness connected cube game

A fun and interactive game unique in its kind. The goal is to make the cubes interact with each other to play games such as lego, dominoes, building games, etc. Sold in sets of three at a price of 103 euros, they can be used by children and adults. The possibilities are endless and does not stop there since the site offers for sale other games that may require up to twelve cubes.

Price: 103 euros, on sale here

Sphero Ollie, the Smart Health Best Wellness connected ball

sphero ollie

Remote controlled by smartphone, it offers multiple features. She changes color, jumps, swims, allows her dog to play or fight with her friends, to play skittles or to be followed when we jog. It is also possible to use it via its tablet in which case, the ball moves in your environment to kill the bad guys on your tablet. Available with two accessories for a hundred euros, it will delight young and old.


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Syma X5SW

Christmas Guide

An alternative to Parrot’s mini-drones, this 4-way quadricopter with 6 axes ensures it great stability in flightwhich is very important for a beginner pilot. The drone can fly through winds from 15 to 20 km / h and you will be able to perform various figures in flight such as loopings. With its HD camera the images will be transmitted to your smartphone via an application on iOS or Android. It is equipped with the latest innovation, the CF mode which allows it to be piloted without worrying about the direction in which it is. Quand CF mode is engaged (by pressing a button on the remote control when the drone is on the ground) just push the stick so that it leaves and pull the stick so that it returns, even if it is in the opposite direction.

Price: from $70 

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Thingz, to make your electronic toys

Christmas Guide

Create your objects by plugging bricks like LEGOs,take programming to become the inventor of its electronic objects is now possible. Using it is simple, just plug the Thingz card into the computer and download the program. You can now plug in your bricks and leave free course to your imagination.

Price: between 55 € and 129 €

Prizm, the smart music player

Christmas Guide

This smart music player could revolutionize your daily life. When you first meet Prizm will get to know you by saving your playlist but it does not stop there. As the days go by he will learn in what context you like to listen to this music and with whom. Soft music in the morning, a bit of head to head jazz, electro music with friends, Prizm will be able to anticipate your expectations.

Price: from 100 €

Prynt case, from polaroid to digital

Christmas Guide

Patically compatible with all smartphones, here is Prynt case. You take a picture and get it in a minute, Prynt is a kind of polaroid revisited and modernized. Capable ofan autonomy of 30 photos you will of course be able to reload.

Price: $81 

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