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Fitbit Alta HR: the specialist connected sleep bracelet will now better follow the sleep

Fitbit launches Smart Health Best Wellness bracelet Alta HR the smallest of the connected bracelets thanks to a miniaturization of its chip. Indeed, we find the same technology usual wearables, but in a more compact design that is not refusal to combine both a practical side and a discreet and elegant. But above all, this bracelet is oriented towards the monitoring of sleep.

Smart health bracelet Alta HR, a bracelet adapted to very varied profiles

Visually the Alta HR looks a lot like Charge 2. But from a technological point of view it is a small revolution that this time proposes Fitbit. Fine and compact, the target audience is clearly very broad. The display shows the time, the remaining battery life, the number of steps or even the distance traveled by the wearer. A simple touch on the screen starts the Alta HR. The real novelty is the integration of a heart sensor to measure the effort more precisely during our sports activities. The bracelet will also be able to recognize the physical activity that you practice. Its compatibility with your smartphone allows it to display notifications if you receive incoming calls, text messages or if you have appointments in your calendar.

The app gives you access to the history of your numbers, just as much calories burned as your heart rate. But the real highlight of Alta HR is its sleep monitoring. It detects its duration and its regularity. An update is in the pipes so that the Alta HR will soon be able to recognize the different phases of your sleep. Finally, you will be able to use the silent alarm thanks to the vibrations. You can count on about seven days of autonomy. Small detail but still useful, it resists without worry to sweat.

Smart Health Best Wellness bracelet Alta HR Fitbit the specialist connected sleep bracelet will now better follow the sleepSleep well, the beginning of health

With Alta HR, Fitbit relies heavily on the new sleep-tracking features it incorporates. Even if the previous models already incorporated this function and the data collected were interesting to note, it is true that we did not really know what to do with all this information afterwards. Fitbit intends to improve this, especially thanks to its PurePulse technology, which allows to better identify the different phases of sleep.

The smartphone partner application is also improved in this way, for holders of Charge 2 and Blaze. The app provides more information such as light, deep, paradoxical sleep and waking hours. And the good thing is that your results will be accompanied by references and personalized advice, which allows you to easily identify and improve his daily life. This has been endorsed by the sleep scientists and clinicians community of the 2017 SLEEP Global Forum.

A design effort

A design that can be personalized since the bracelets are interchangeable. There is something for almost any taste: black elastomer, slate blue, blackberry or coral and brown leather, indigo or lavender. Finally, there is also a stainless steel collection, a so-called Designer collection and special editions black / anthracite and light pink / rose gold.


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