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Aviitam, a Smart Health Best Wellness book dedicated to lifestyles

The digital platform was designed by two doctors from the University Hospital of Montpellier to optimize the care pathways of patients and improve their care.Understand the lifestyles of patients to better support them. To achieve this, Professor Antoine Avignon and Dr. Vincent Attalin of Montpellier University Hospital have created a Smart Health Best Wellness book.

Experts in the management of lifestyle-related chronic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, cholesterol and sleep disorders, both doctors found it difficult to access all the essential data about their patients.

They then devised a digital and secure platform on which people can provide their antecedents, their vaccines, prescribed medications or their test results. “Our artificial intelligence will ask them questions adapted and scientifically validated to prepare consultations,” says Vincent Attalin.

 This digital health booklet allows any patient to prepare his consultation or stay in a health facility by integrating his care path.

1,300 doctors connected to the platform Smart Health Best Wellness book

Relying on 11 employees, their start-up Aviitam, specialized in the development of e-health solutions, has launched a first online care course dedicated to overweight and obesity, which echoes the European day of obesity this May 18th. The platform will then specialize on diabetes and sleep disorders.

About 1,300 doctors are connected to it. The young girl, who is already working with the University Hospital of Montpellier, is in the process of forming partnerships with other health institutions.

Aviitam’s business model, created in 2014? The platform has an e-learning section dedicated to doctors and offers packages to healthcare professionals so they can connect to patients’ health records. The young shoot will soon launch in remote monitoring of diabetes.

Aviitam- Smart Health Best Wellness book -智慧医疗智慧健康手册“When I was a doctor, I did not feel like I was taking care of people and taking the time they deserved,” confesses Vincent Attalin, the founder of Aviitam. Hence the idea of ​​creating a smart and secure health book. It allows the patient to prepare his consultation or stay in a health facility by integrating his path of care (disease, medication, lifestyle …).

If this digital Smart Health Best Wellness book is currently free, they offer a fee-based service to health facilities that wish to benefit from it. Aviitam will also offer a remote monitoring service to individuals and doctors. At the beginning of 2018, 1300 doctors use Aviitam in France. “Our client of tomorrow is social security,” adds Vincent Attalin.

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