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No more back pain with these connected smart health objects to correct your posture

Back pain can quickly become chronic. To avoid repetitive problems, there are connected objects that will help you smart correct your posture and improve your health.

If you spend hours sitting at your desk in front of your computer, it is important to adopt a good posture to avoid back pain and other health problems related to sedentary lifestyle. We have identified some connected objects that will help you to adopt a good position in all circumstances and at the same time improve your well-being.

The connected objects can smart correct your posture


After Darma the memory cushion, we introduce you to Alex. Alex is a tracker developed by a Korean start-up, who will monitor the position of the neck of his user. The Alex sensor is positioned on the neck of the user with hooks that pass behind the ears, on the same model as the headphones for sports.

The sensor will allow its user to constantly monitor the position of his head and neck. Like most of the products presented in this article, if the user adopts a bad posture, Alex will know him to know with a slight vibration. He will only have to rectify his posture. Alerts are configurable. The wearer will be able to view the data history via the dedicated application and measure his progress in terms of good posture.


Darma is the only posture-correcting connected object in this selection that is not wearable. No, Darma is a cushion that will be placed on the office chair. It will allow to analyze the posture of the one who will be sitting on it but also the habits of its user and its level of stress.

This memory cushion will analyze the sitting position of his user and give him advice according to the places of the body supposedly painful according to his results. The companion application of the intelligent cushion Darma will launch an alert when it is estimated that it is time for the user to go to stretch his legs a little and warn him in case of bad position on his seat.

In addition, the app gives tips on maintaining good posture and offers stretching exercises to feel better.

Jins Meme

There are a variety of connected glasses, such as “View” that work as an activity tracker. The Japanese company Jins, offers its connected glasses Jins Meme to detect when its wearer needs to relax.

It is true that after a few hours on a chair, the body tends to get tired and one adopts a position far from being ideal for our well-being. The Jins Meme glasses are equipped with sensors that will analyze the level of fatigue and the user’s position, focusing on eye movements, among others. The glasses are accompanied by an application that will provide the user with various instructions so that he can relax by focusing on his posture and breathing.

Lumo Lift

In the category of sensors to correct its posture, the Lumo Lift also holds a good place on the market. The Lumo Lift will particularly take care of the upper body position. It is a discreet object, the sensor, shaped like a square button, will be attached to a garment with a magnetic clip at the height of the clavicle. To be effective, however, it must be as close to the body as possible. It is therefore better to avoid loose clothing.

The Lumo Lift will vibrate when it detects a bad position maintained for a few minutes. The wearer having the opportunity to configure this parameter. The alert may be a simple vibration or a series of vibrations that will stop only when the wearer has corrected its position.

The Lumo Lift posture sensor will also act as an activity tracker, count the steps taken during the day and monitor in real time the level of achievement of your objectives. All collected data will be sent to the dedicated application installed in a smartphone.


Prana is not a bad posture detector, but he will still help his wearer to correct his position by analyzing the way he breathes. By correcting the user’s breathing, Prana will allow her to reduce her stress and adopt a better posture, effectively avoiding back pain and other health problems.

Prana will help you adopt diaphragmatic breathing instead of thoracic breathing, which is not recommended. Adopting this more natural form of breathing requires adapting one’s position. Prana takes the form of a small disc a few centimeters in diameter that will snap on the belt. Connected to its mobile application via Bluetooth, the object will warn its carrier if a wrong position is detected. The app also offers exercises and games to motivate the user.

smart correct your posture smart health posture trainer PranaUpRight

Back pain is the evil of the century. You know if you are one of the 80% of people who have had problems on this side. UpRight is one of the references with regard to sensors to correct your posture. This small object of about ten centimeters in length and 3.5 centimeters in width is in the form of a bar that the user will fix in the lower back.

It is equipped with an accelerometer to determine if you are standing, sitting, running or walking. Once the user’s position is calibrated, UpRight will vibrate when its position is no longer adequate. The object is accompanied by an application that will offer the wearer daily statistics on his posture or advice to strengthen his lumbar. UpRight is available in 3 colors.

Zikto Arki

The Zikto Arki activity sensor is designed to evaluate the posture adopted by the user when walking. It will help his wearer to become aware of the position he adopts when he walks. It will push him to change his habits to adopt a more balanced body position.

Zikto Arki is a rather discreet and elegant bracelet, equipped with a rectangular LED screen. Thanks to its various sensors, the bracelet will be able to analyze the posture of its wearer during the walk, in a very precise way. It will take into account various factors like the position of the hands of its user and will be able to deduce the origin of the imbalances of the body. The dedicated application, iOS and Android compatible, will collect all the data. After analysis of these, the user will receive advice to correct his posture while walking. Zikto Arki also acts as an activity tracker. Number of steps taken, calories burned but also quality of sleep are part of the data collected.

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