You can use smart collar N2 to regulate body temperature

The smart collar N2 is a wearable that attaches around the neck to warm or cool the wearer depending on the temperature. This ingenious device contributes to the comfort, the well-being and the health of its user.

When we are indoors, at the office or at home, we all tend to turn on the air conditioning or light the fireplace to create a comfortable and optimized space of comfort. However, once outside, we are often subject to weather conditions.

Thus, excessive heat can cause hypotension, extreme sweating, migraine or even anxiety. On the contrary, cold can trigger chills, hypothermia, and even hallucinations. Fortunately, the connected neck N2 can remedy this problem.

 The smart collar N2, a device to regulate body temperature

This connected accessory of a new kind allows to regulate the temperature of the body. At the touch of a button, the device can increase the temperature up to 43.9 °, or decrease it to 22.7 °. So, you will never get too hot or too cold.

In addition, the accessory provides significant savings by stopping the use of air conditioning or radiators. Rather than regulating the temperature of your home, you can directly regulate the temperature of your body.

Elegant and all-purpose design

Ergonomic and elegant, the N2 is available in different colors. Light bars indicate the temperature, while the temperature sensor automatically prevents overheating to ensure the safety of the user. The device perfectly matches the shape of the neck and ensures an optimal experience in all circumstances.

The N2 is intended for example for people who do a lot of outdoor sports, in extreme conditions, and seek to maintain optimal temperature. It is also for people who are struggling to fall asleep, by offering them a cooler temperature. Similarly, its effects allow you to relax after a long day of work.

smart health You can use smart collar N2 to regulate body temperature

Control the music streaming of your smartphone

Fully connected to an iOS or Android smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0, the accessory can receive calls, or access GPS directions during bike rides. It is also possible to use it to broadcast music. N2 is compatible with YouTube, and with Spotify music streaming services, Google Play Music, iTunes, Pandora, NPR and AccuRadio.

The device also helps to keep the hearing and eardrums of the user in place by automatically adjusting the volume. It is not only a connected object dedicated to comfort, but also and especially to the well-being and health of the user.

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