The smart cigarette is the future of the electronic cigarette?

Quitting smoking is a health challenge for many people. The electronic cigarette, although still surrounded by mystery, has helped many smokers. Remains to find solutions to make it more reliable and understandable for the consumer, and the solution could come from a connected smart cigarette that would make the e-cigarette smart.

Vapoter: problem or solution?

Solutions to help smokers quit are numerous, but their effectiveness is very difficult to prove. In this environment again, technology has brought the most credible answer. Despite some dark points about the components of the liquids used to make them work, the results are there: there are now 3 million vapers. 82% of smokers using e-cigarettes reduced their consumption of more than eight cigarettes a day.

We also learn that 57.8% of smokers tried the e-cigarette. This is not surprising because they can find many benefits. First, the monthly savings are not negligible given the price of the pack of cigarettes today. In addition, some habits allow the vapers to better live the cessation of the cigarette: gesture, burning sensation in the throat, etc. The cut is less harsh than with a patch or lozenge.

In addition, although it is not yet clear what the hazards of the products used in liquids might be, the absence of tar allows vapers to breathe better and regain their taste, which gives them a feeling of better health. . The vapotage also offers a wide choice of different tastes, as here, which makes the experience much more enjoyable.

Smart cigarette connected: the best way to vapote?

Before being connected, some electronic cigarettes are called “smart”. That is, they are able to count the number of puffs taken on the cigarette during the day. This keeps an eye on its consumption, but it lacks the main information: how much nicotine does the user absorb?

Unlike other antitobacco solutions, it is very difficult to track your nicotine consumption with the e-cigarette. Many vapers, assuming that the electronic cigarette is less dangerous than the conventional cigarette for health (until proven otherwise), smoke a lot more. Some may spend hours vaping without thinking. This could, paradoxically, explode the rate of nicotine they ingest each day.

But there are real connected cigarettes that match your smartphone or computer. This makes it possible to compile the data of each vaping session in order to create curves to which the user can refer and thus better understand his consumption. It is neither more nor less a new adaptation of the quantified self: to receive data concerning his body and his health in order to adapt his behavior. The connected cigarette would work like a fitness bracelet that would allow you to see live how many calories you lost after exercise, but adapted to reduce your nicotine consumption.

The smart cigarette is the future of the electronic cigaretteClick here to discover more about smart health innovations  

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