Ford creates smart cap to combat drowsy driving

Ford decides to launch a smart health object dedicated to safety by unveiling a smart cap that will help the motorist who wears it so that he does not fall asleep while driving. An initiative for the less interesting and that arouses curiosity it must be admitted. Let’s have a look at what exactly it is about this famous connected cap.

SafeCap is part of a safety promotion campaign launched by Ford with heavy truck drivers in Brazil. The idea is really interesting. After the glasses that prevent falling asleep at the wheel, it is the turn of the cap to carry out this fight. This warns the driver when the first symptoms of fatigue are felt. Equipped with an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a processor, the cap then analyzes the movements of the head associated with the signs of drowsiness, then warns the driver with different vibrations, warning sounds and other flashing lights. The SafeCap is especially intended for truck drivers, who can drive more than ten hours a day and therefore more prone to temporary drowsiness or drowsiness.

The fight against drowsy driving is growing

Developed with sleep experts, this prototype will not be marketed. Contacted by Le Figaro, Ford who wants to be “very involved in prevention and in road safety”, launched a call through this prototype, reminding all the same that it is not in their field to market this kind of innovation. This cap is not the first creation of Ford. Last April, the American giant had developed a connected cradle that perfectly reproduced the movements of the car. The idea is to simulate a car ride, making it easier for newborns to fall asleep.

Originally conceived for all professionals who have to spend long hours driving, SafeCap carries a whole series of intelligent sensors that will monitor the head movements of the driver. Permanently measurements and gyroscope will detect the warning signs of a drowsy state.

This cap detects the signals of a drowsy driving, then it will alert the driver. Several levels of warning are programmed: Vibrations, sounds and light.

Signals strong enough to alert the driver and tell him that it is high time to stop to rest.

smart health ford safe smart cap ehealthFord SafeCap: a connected smart cap that fights against sleep while driving

We imagine that it is mainly road professionals who sometimes spend long hours behind the wheel who will be mainly interested in this connected cap. Ford’s accessory is based on a gyroscope, an accelerometer and a processor. It continuously detects the movements of the head and analyzes the behavior of the driver. If it detects signs of drowsiness, a warning is given to the driver to ask him to pause . Dr. Lia Bittencourt, of the Institute of Sleep, who participated in the development of the accessory gives some details.

The SafeCap initiative is part of Brazil as part of a marketing campaign. Nevertheless, Ford communicates on its device around the world. If the prototype had some success, there is no doubt that the latter will find quickly on the market.

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