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6 years old

Sherlock Holmes is an animated series from 1984. The introduction often shows us the problem to be solved.


Solve a problem

Spirit of deduction. Manage to understand things with the sense of observation and intelligence. The detective manages to grasp things by analyzing well.


Find different stratagems to achieve his ends. Ingenuity. Children will appreciate the ideas of Moriarty or Holmes, it is not always realistic, but rather dynamic.


Holmes and Watson help each other, work well together.

help the other

Holmes and Watson make themselves available to people who have problems (we (almost) never talk about salary here, we can have the impression that they work for free). Selflessness. Kind people are willing to put themselves in danger to protect the other. A woman is ready to give her precious emerald to be with her prince.

good versus evil

Good example of one who helps and is kind, compared to the wicked one who is thief and exploiter. Identification with the hero. Sherlock Holmes is so smooth and without real personality that he will be able to allow the child to identify with him. Righteousness.


The bad guys lose. Those who try to steal, those who only think about amassing wealth or seek power lose at the end of the episode.

need to own

The bad guy always wants to get things, to steal. We don’t need that to be happy. Gold Bait Review. Bad guys are often interested in money.


Some episodes will show characters loving each other (a lady who loved a prince must marry the son of her father’s business partner, a critique of arranged marriage. Lovers taking a boat ride. A lady who hires Holmes to clear her lover, Watson who is not insensitive to his friend’s governess.

Need for upgrading

Moriarty needs to be upgraded, to be recognized or famous. A frustrated person can do bad things.

anthropomorphic animals

The characters have animal traits, but they have human functions.

Poor attendance

We are shown Moriarty’s minions who always have a dominated position, better not be the sidekick of a villain. Exploitation at work.

England in 1900

It’s not always very realistic, but it gives us a little idea of ​​the time.


Fictional character created by Arthur Conan Doyle.

sherlock holmes



A series where you can see characters threatened by weapons. A pirate ship shoots at a steamer, then at Holmes’ small boat (they have to flee, are chased, the villains’ ship manages to pass despite the obstacles, the heroes are thrown into the air and land on an island, risk falling from falling down the cliff). Different chases. Mummy standing up in the middle of the museum, all the visitors flee. Having to climb dizzying stairs and risk falling down a tower. Two lovers are on a boat, a ship that was next to them is attacked by something underwater, their boat capsizes, the waves separate them, the young man seems to have been sucked into a whirlpool. Walk through an underground hallway and risk being pierced by numerous spears that fire off, then risk being crushed by a large rock that smashes into them, collapsing stairs, or water that may drown them when the cave is completely filled, we see Watson sink, the walls close and risk crushing the heroes (different traps). Risk of falling out of a window. Risk of slipping down a cliff. The inspector clinging to a barrel hanging from a hot air balloon gets shot. Risk of being struck by lightning, explosion. Carriage in danger of falling into a precipice, one of the horses has slipped into the cliff. A plane is in danger of exploding, the heroes must flee. Holmes and Watson are knocked out, we realize that Moriarty has the night to tamper with a device, there is the risk that it will explode, Holmes will try to remedy it and risk various accidents in mid-flight.


Many moments of mystery where we don’t really know what will happen (why a pirate ship fires cannonballs at a steamboat, why a bride has disappeared. At night, a boat is sunk by large claws out of the water, the crew has to jump, the captain seems swallowed up by a whirlpool). Moriarty pressures a prince to give him the promised emerald or he won’t help save his love. The Rosetta Stone that seems to fly on its own, certainly stolen by a mummy. Kidnapping in the middle of the night of three people. Fear of being discovered.


Characters are in complicated situations and need the help of Holmes (a man who robbed his old pirate friends is threatened with death. A “national” treasure is stolen. A son accused of a theft, he s run away, we know however that it is not him). Moments of aggression (a brusque man with a child, he pushes him violently. ). A little girl feels like the bad guys are after her doll. We learn the past of Mrs. Hudson, just after her marriage the plane where she was with her husband exploded, she found herself a widow. A villain who escapes. If Moriarty fails his plans each time, he still manages to always save himself.

scary visual

A swarm of bats move through a dark passage.


To smoke. We see Holmes still with a pipe in his mouth. Alcohol. We can see characters drinking alcohol.


Moriarty’s henchmen are often pathetic, we make fun of them. Police criticism. The Scotland Yard inspector is shown as stupid, he never solves anything (always arrives late) and is rather aggressive.

Normalization of violence

Eventually Moriarty’s wrongdoings are ridiculed. The characters suffer dangers that would normally cause them to die, and we can laugh about it.



The beginning of tensions with a villain (but Moriarty is rather pathetic, he does not succeed in his shots, the French dubbing makes him rather laughable), he is not likely to scare children too much. The stories are rather complex, with different twists, but the characters are unsurprising. The fact that these are animals will appeal to the youngest, but some episodes are a little more stressful than others (the magicians’ sword or aerospace, for example), at six years old, at the start, it is better to be accompanied to grasp that the wicked never manage to do evil.

Not recommended for children under:6 yearsFormat:SeriesYear:1984Duration:26 minutes per episodeStudio:Tokyo Movie ShinshaCountry:Italy, JapanCreators:Hayao Miyazaki, Kyosuke MikuriyaUniverse:HistoricalTechnical:CartoonThemes:Helping Others, England, Anthropomorphic Animals, Greed, Exploitation, Literature, Problem Solving, Revalorization, Theft

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