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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: The best samsung smartwatch for elegant women

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: The best samsung smartwatch for elegant women

What are the best samsung watches for women?If you could just pick one smartwatch to give away for a woman based on design, you’d definitely take Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active 2. Obviously, we don’t want to fall into stereotypes, but the curves of this model make it a beautiful feminine object, especially in its rose gold finish.

Available in two sizes (40 and 44 mm), this smartwatch adapts perfectly to all wrists, even if you choose the larger version. Thanks to Samsung’s know-how in the field, it features a top quality AMOLED screen. Other than that, we get a waterproof design as well as Tizen. The OS becomes more and more complete with each version and it embeds all the features currently imaginable.

However, we will have to give up the extensive catalog of apps in the Google Store. But if you don’t download that many apps, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the perfect model for those with an Android smartphone. Indeed, the watch communicates without problem with the OS of Google. And on top of all this, we are entitled to a rotary tactile dial, a nice technical find that even Apple should copy.

Why choose the Samsung Galaxy Active 2?

Both light and thin, this Samsung smartwatch for women is comfortable to wear all day long. It will be the perfect partner for your sports sessions, and your working hours. Thanks to its adaptable design, you can modify it at will, according to your wishes. This model will be perfect for women looking for a high-performance and ergonomic connected watch for a budget of between $ 200 and $ 300.

This model has excellent sports and daily functions. It is thus waterproof to a depth of 50 meters. The GPS, the accelerometer and the heart rate monitor will accompany you in your physical activities, and will provide you with precise results. You will also be able to take advantage of a sleep analysis, and the Samsung Health app. A small negative point, however, sports monitoring is sometimes awkward: for example, it happens that a trip in the car is confused with a jogging session.

The big highlight of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is its fully digital rotating bezel. To navigate between the menus, you just need to touch the tactile borders. On a daily basis, you won’t have to worry about the screen brightness adjusted by the ambient light sensor.


FAQ Samsung smartwatch for women

How does a Samsung connected smartwatch work?

Samsung watches can be connected to compatible smartphones via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or using an integrated virtual SIM card.

Thus, they are able to send you alerts and allow you to consult your SMS, your calls, your applications or your social network notifications.

Some also have specific functions, such as a heart rate sensor, and offer sports, health, or multimedia options.

What is the best Samsung smartwatch?

The latest models to date perform extremely well, this is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 range. However, all Samsung smartwatches are of excellent quality. The best will actually be the one that meets your needs.

For sporty use at a low price, the Samsung Gear Sport line is ideal. The more expensive Galaxy Watch range will offer different options, and more urban designs.

Which Samsung smartwatch to choose?

The one that suits you! Indeed, not all users have the same needs. It is therefore important to consult the list of possibilities, and to note the options which seem essential to you.

A swimmer, for example, should opt for a waterproof model, while an older person will prefer a simple design with health features such as the alert in case of a heart problem or a fall. Do not hesitate to consult our top to discover the best models.

How to charge a Samsung connected watch?

All you need to do is use the wired charging station, supplied with your purchase, on which you must place your smartwatch. You can also buy a wireless charging cradle, which will allow you to charge your connected watch anywhere!

Samsung Galaxy S10 owners will also be able to use the Wireless PowerShare function and charge their watch by placing it directly on their smartphone.

What operating system for a connected watch for women?

Suitable operating systems for women’s smartwatches are Google’s Wear OS, Samsung’s WatchOS for Apple Watch, and Tizen.

What features for a Samsung connected watch for women?

For a woman, opt for a connected watch with menstrual cycle tracking and pregnancy tracking. Also choose a watch with an electrocardiogram to measure heart activity, an altimeter, built-in GPS, sleep quality monitoring and water resistance up to 50 meters.

What autonomy for a Samsung smartwatch for women?

Samsung smartwatches for women have an autonomy between 24 hours and 6 months. However, this autonomy varies according to use. However, for permanent monitoring of your health, opt for a connected watch with an autonomy of more than 4 days.

What design for a smartwatch for women?

Connected watches for women have a round or rectangular case with a rounded edge. If your wrist size is less than 15cm, it is best to avoid watches with a diameter of more than 40mm. Also opt for smartwatches with multiple dials.

Which brand for a connected smartwatch for women?

Among the various smartwatches for women available in the market, the best brands are: Fitbit, Apple Watch, Julianna, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Kate Spade Scallop.

Where to buy the best smartwatches for women ?

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