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The best samsung watch fit

Connected watches are much more than just a design accessory: they have become real everyday assistants, many of whom can no longer do without. The models of the giant Samsung watch fit are among the most efficient on the market.

Our recommendation the best samsung watch fit

Samsung Galaxy Active 3

With these 120 integrated training programs, a personalized coach and an automatic exercise counter, you can stay in shape no matter what. Thanks to the heart rate monitor, accelerometer and GPS, you will get precise tracking of your results. The Samsung Health app will allow you to monitor your body condition by giving you information about your diet, your sports activity, or by analyzing your sleep cycle.

Cheap Samsung Galaxy Active 3

It is also waterproof up to 50 meters, and has a fall detection function.

The rotating bezel makes it easy to navigate between apps. Another strong point: the brightness is automatically managed by an ambient light detector. Finally, if you have a smartphone with a compatible camera, you can use your smartwatch as a trigger. The built-in GPS will make your life easier on the go, but be careful, it uses a lot of energy. The battery is the only fault of this model, since it is barely 330 mAh, or 3 days of maximum autonomy, or even 1.5 days in intense operation.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is only 11.1mm thick and weighs 25 grams. It is therefore very comfortable to wear even for small wrists. Its colorful touch screen will delight lovers of modern aesthetics. However, you can easily change its appearance thanks to the thousands of downloadable dials. Many aftermarket bracelets are also available for purchase if you want to alternate styles.

Why choose the Samsung Galaxy Active 3?

This model is a real gem of technology, which will delight all demanding users! Both efficient and stylish, it will suit both professionals (multimedia, office systems, etc.) and athletes, who will appreciate the multiple dedicated options. You can get the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Bluetooth 45mm for around $ 450, in its simplest configuration. For models equipped with 4G, count instead $500 .

[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]

  • An elegant and ergonomic design
  • Its bright screen
  • An efficient and practical rotating bezel
  • Efficient sensors
  • A smooth interface
  • Integrated GPS

[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]

  • A fair bit of autonomy for the price
  • The obligation to use two different applications for health monitoring and parameter management


Samsung Galaxy Fit

Obviously, sport takes the lion’s share of functionality. Thus, the Samsung Galaxy Fit automatically detects the type of exercise you are performing. With this in mind, it has no less than 90 different activities in its database. In addition to this, the device is also waterproof to a depth of 50 m. So you can take it with you in the pool without any worries. To complete the whole, a heart rate sensor allows to follow the beating of his heart.

But the Samsung Galaxy Fit also sees itself as a little companion that improves your life. Therefore, it analyzes the quality of sleep and the level of stress. In addition, it also allows you to monitor your diet or daily routine through widgets. Of course, remotely viewing your smartphone’s notifications remains possible.

Careful design really sets this model apart from the mountains of other connected bracelets that are similarly priced. Whether it’s the software or the bracelet itself, Samsung has thought about its Galaxy Fit.

In fact, Tizen, Samsung’s home OS, is easy to use, even for those who are not very familiar with new technologies. For example, you just have to scroll vertically to access additional information on each page. To start a workout, all you need to do is long press the only button on the machine. Best of all, everything is smooth and fast.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro is without a doubt one of the best connected bracelets on the market. Very complete and above all precise, it is a considerable ally for all those who wish to control their day-to-day activity.

There is still more aesthetic research on this tracker, with a very elegant geometric effect on the red and black strap, or a striped strap on the entirely black model.

Features dedicated to sport, Comfort is really very good, perfect for sport, and the fastening system of a classic watch is quite resistant. There have been lots of different attachment systems tested on this type of connected bracelet, and ultimately the traditional buckle provides the best security.

Samsung galaxy watch

It is a hybrid watch with a very classy and sober design. Its steel gray dial is sober and masculine. You can easily change the original strap for more modern and colorful models.

The Exynos 9110 Dual-Core 1.15 GHz processor does wonders! The Super AMOLED 1.3 ”touchscreen is equipped with an“ Always On Display ”function that allows your smartwatch to display the time at all times, just like on a classic model. The brightness is adjusted automatically using a sensor. A 4 GB memory completes a powerful system, but relatively heavy: 65 grams. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Watch has a quite remarkable autonomy of 7 days.

Athletes can enjoy around 40 exercises, as well as water resistance up to 50 meters. The Samsung Health app will act as a monitor of your health, analyzing your sleep cycle and using the built-in heart rate monitor. The GPS will accompany you on all your travels, punctuated by the audio player capable of storing nearly 500 tracks. With the Home IoT function, you can even control other compatible devices (TV, vacuum cleaners, lights, etc.).

Samsung Gear Sport

The most affordable Samsung smartwatch is the Samsung Galaxy Gear Sport. It is a simple model, equipped with all the elements necessary to ensure a sporting follow-up. There are about 60 exercises available, and regular updates will allow you to add more. Its 1.2 ”super AMOLED display features Gorilla Glass 3, which is shock and scratch resistant.

You can therefore take your connected watch everywhere, even when hiking, without fear of breaking it. Swimmers who have the “Speedo On” app can pair it with their Gear Sport, which is waterproof up to 50 meters.

Using its activity detection function, the Samsung Gear Sport will be able to suggest exercises according to your environment. For example, if you are traveling by plane, she can provide you with a list of stretches you can perform from your seat. A personalized coach will help you achieve your nutritional and athletic goals. All of these measurements can be performed using the combination of the heart rate monitor, GPS and accelerometer.

The rotating bezel makes navigation easier. The light sensor takes care of the screen brightness entirely. Its design is simple, with a very “sport” aspect, available in blue or dark gray. You will have the classic applications: Samsung Pay, social networks, SMS … On the other hand, we deplore the lack of functions dedicated to multimedia or everyday. However, the reduction in the number of options allows for much easier control of the watch.

The Gear Sport is an excellent “sport” smartwatch from Samsung and is available at a low price! Admittedly, this model is less “high-tech” in design and in operation than the last generations of Galaxy Watch. However, it has all the basic options necessary for sports tracking! It will therefore be perfect for sports enthusiasts looking for an unpretentious connected watch.

The criteria for choosing the right Samsung watch fit

To save money, it is important to choose a model that suits you perfectly. For that, you must know how to sort between the essential options for you, useful, or simply “gadget”. Follow the Ma Reduc guide to better understand the possibilities and determine your needs!

Watch type

To choose the Samsung connected watch that will suit your needs, you should base yourself on two main points: use and design.

Thus, certain models are adapted for particular sports practices. For example, they can operate underwater up to 50 meters deep. Others will offer more ergonomic screens, with multimedia applications.

Beyond the classic distinction between male and female models, aesthetics must also be a criterion of choice. Not all models have the same color, the same material and the same visual appearance. If you plan to wear your watch on all occasions, choose a neutral design that is both elegant and understated.

Some models will also allow you to change the style of the dial at will!

Also think about your comfort! Do not take a watch that is too heavy or too large if you have a small wrist. For information, models that are called connected bracelets will tend to be much thinner.


The size and appearance of the screen is entirely dependent on your comfort and use. Some people will prefer a larger touch screen, which offers better readability and avoids having to constantly take out their smartphone. Others will favor a hybrid (or mixed) model, taking the form of analog watches (with hands).

The important thing is that you don’t have the feeling that you have to strain your eyes to use your smartwatch.

While color screens make it easier to see certain applications, they don’t have to be. On the technology side, you will have the choice between Oled or LCD screens, of better quality, but more energy-intensive, or monochrome electronic ink screens, which increase battery life.

When it comes to readability, the ambient light sensor is a real plus that will greatly simplify your life by automatically controlling the brightness of the screen.

Operating system

At Samsung, connected watches work with the OS of the manufacturer: Tizen. The latter is just as powerful as its competitor, Android Wear OS, which it has nothing to envy since it is itself compatible with Android applications. It’s a fast and user-friendly operating system, and you won’t have any trouble getting to grips with it.

Integrated GPS or not

On a connected watch, GPS is useful for navigation, but also during your sports sessions. If you plan to go for a run outdoors, for example, it can record your journey, and give you information on the distance traveled. However, this system has a flaw: it is very energy intensive. For daily use, mainly office automation (SMS, email, internet, etc.), GPS is not essential, but it can occasionally be useful.


All models can be connected via Bluetooth or wi-fi to compatible smartphones. While there are other brands that offer Samsung-compatible smartwatches, choosing a model made by the same manufacturer as your cell phone will ensure you can connect them worry-free. So at Samsung, you will easily find many models of connected watches for Samsung S8 or even connected watches for Samsung S9.

Some models can also be connected directly to the 4G network, using a virtual SIM card.

You can therefore make calls if your dial is equipped with a microphone, a speaker, or a hands-free kit. You will also receive SMS and app notifications, even if your smartphone is out of range or has run out of battery. However, make sure that your operator offers an option (often paid), compatible with this operating mode.


Not all Samsung Watch models have the same options. Depending on your use, remember to check that the ones you absolutely need are present on the device.


The models are fully adapted to sports practice. They will favor dedicated functions such as jogging, trail or running mode. You will also be able to program sessions, and obtain information on your performance (calories burned, heart rate, etc.), thanks to the step counter and the integrated heart rate monitor.


The heart rate monitor can be used for medical reasons. In night mode, your watch can give you a precise analysis.

Some models are equipped with an SOS button that sends an alert if a heart problem occurs.

These connected watches not only have a “gadget” function, they are real health tools, which can be very useful for sick people and the elderly.


There are many other useful or entertainment functions that can make your Samsung smartwatch a daily essential. Thus, on most models, you will find Paylib, which will allow you to pay for your purchases “contactless”. You can also listen to the music on your smartphone, or from a streaming application like Spotify or Deezer. You will also be able to remotely control the camera of your smartphone.

Storage capacity

It is not an essential criterion in the choice of the model, and it depends on your use! Indeed, if you think you only need a few functions, a basic memory of 2 GB will be sufficient.

For daily use, sports and multimedia, plan at least 4 GB.

Watertightness and resistance

For regular sports use, consider choosing a suitable model, resistant to perspiration. People who wear the watch daily will also appreciate the water protection, which can be helpful so you don’t have to remove your watch every time you wash your hands.

If you are swimming, or diving, pay attention to the waterproofness.

In general, at Samsung connected watches work up to 50 meters deep!


It can vary, depending on the model, between 1 day and up to 2 weeks. Please note, however, that the battery life indicated on the product sheet does not reflect your actual use (application, GPS, etc.). If you want to anticipate the battery capacity, consider consulting the reviews, or revise the duration given downwards according to your needs.

Charging system

You have two options. You can choose the wired charging cradle provided with purchase and on which you can simply place your watch. There are also wireless mounts, which work like portable batteries. These can be particularly useful when traveling, as they are often more compact.

With some smartphone models, like the Samsung Galaxy S10, you can take advantage of Wireless PowerShare charging, simply by placing your watch on the back of your phone.


You will find many accessories for your Samsung connected watch on Amazon, but also on the manufacturer’s website, or from independent sellers. For example, there are protective screens to stick on the glass, as for smartphones.

In the event of a problem, you can easily obtain spare parts (batteries, charger, hull, etc.).

If you get bored or just want to alternate designs, you will always be able to buy Samsung smartwatch straps, whether or not created by the manufacturer!


It depends entirely on your needs, and your possibilities. At Samsung, the budget varies between 180 $ and 500 $. In the mid-range, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm carbon black connected watch offers good performance, and a 4G version is available for a few dozen $ more. Finally, the Galaxy Watch 3 (in 4G) are among the brand’s most expensive watches. If your envelope is between 50 $ and 100 $, you can fall back on Samsung connected bracelets.

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