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Robbie the Reindeer in the Great Polar Race

7 years old

Robbie the Reindeer in the Great Polar Race is a 1999 stop motion short film. The characters have a plasticine appearance, in a visually offbeat version (Santa Claus and the elves look like bikers). Lots of humor in the text.



We discover the Rennes team, Santa’s family, the elves in a rather offbeat version.


Robbie the reindeer arrives at his new workplace, his father sent him there to build his character. Family taxation. The reindeer’s son Rudolph will have to follow in his father’s footsteps, and it’s not easy. Lazy. Difficult to work when you are a lazy person and you just rely on your natural abilities. Coaching. To be successful, you have to train and eat well.

Character sexualization

We are shown Reindeer women with female forms (and since they are animals, there are no clothes). Interest in the opposite sex. Robbie falls in love with Vixen, who is doing her sexy thing on the sofa, when next to him is the nice Donner (whom he considers a friend, much to the lady’s sadness). Love. We have to fall in love with the nice girl who helps us, not the one who is just sexy and full of herself.


The sleigh captain does not want to integrate Robbie, because he is jealous of his father (Rudolph the name that should not be mentioned in front of him). He will end up being appreciated by everyone, because he has saved people and he is efficient.

Robbie the Reindeer in the Great Polar Race


A jealous person can become aggressive (and even resent the child for the one he does not like).


The leader of the herd, Blitzen, who considers himself the best, is criticized. We criticize Vixen, a reindeer who will do anything to leave this place (ready for anything, that means using his charm).

Self esteem

Importance of living experiences that can show us that we are worth something. Help others. And it is by being attentive, by helping others, that we end up being appreciated.


We are shown the way to decide between workers, make sure to take only the best (and test them by doing a competition). Cheating. Blitzen, the captain of the Rennes, cheats by putting a drop of something in his drink (then he even kicks him, and moves an obstacle so that he rushes against) (we will see that he gets rejected when the we understand that he cheated).

anthropomorphic animals

We are shown Reindeer characters who live like humans.

Robbie the Reindeer in the Great Polar Race

Robbie the Reindeer in the Great Polar Race



Robbie gets caught in a blizzard, ends up frozen, and goblins start cooking her. Robbie is mistaken for a toy that will end up being packaged in Santa’s factory. One of the walrus singers is going to bump into Santa’s baby.


Robbie arrives at his new job, he does not realize that the leader of the reindeer gang does not want him and that behind his back he is turning people against him. We see him writing a Machiavellian plan. The Reindeer is obliged to train, to build muscle with others even if he is only a navigator. Blitzen lets Robbie do nothing, he gives him Burgers and allows him to do nothing. Robbie talks about his crush on Vixen to his caretaker, Donner. Santa Claus has a family that looks like him, with beards, it’s a bit strange (and a bit mocking). Vixen comes over to talk sexy to Robbie, then throws back that her bouquet of flowers sucks (she was just coming to talk him down). Blitzen offered automatic guidance on the sled, there’s going to be strength-based animal selection, and we know he allowed Robbie not to train. Robbie thinks he could be one of the elves, but he can’t make toys and ends up with a broom in his hands (but even then he’s going to get fired, and end up being used as a a forklift). Robbie considers himself trash. When Donner motivates Robbie to step up and dare to believe he’ll be reinstated on the team, he can’t think of a better way to say he wants to do this to impress Vixen. Robbie realizes that Blitzen is training to throw darts or a knife at his photo (he who thought it was his boyfriend). There is a house balanced on the peak of a mountain. Vixen asks Robbie not to enter the contest. Robbie goes to help the old trainer trapped under his house rather than participate in the contest, it is feared that he is dying in the arms of the young reindeer (in fact he is only falling asleep). We are waiting for the photo that will show who is the winner, and it is the bad guy Blitzen who is in front.


Santa Claus is quirky, we see him show off with his new trendy sleigh (which has an incorporated ashtray). The elves have the appearance of biker bums. The old trainer is shown as senile (and we laugh to see him crushed under his house).


Robbie feels desperate, he wants to leave and Blitzen makes him feel guilty by telling him that he will certainly be chosen because he is appreciated by Santa Claus.

sexualized humor

Vixen reminds Blitzen that someone needs to come and stoke his fire (and the man runs up thinking that Christmas is early this year). The old trainer accepts a leprechaun’s marriage proposal.


Alcohol. Party at Santa Claus where you can see drinking alcohol.



A Christmas short film that takes famous characters, but makes them a little more offbeat (it will appeal to adults who want to have sexual allusions and a little rocker effects). There is no contraindication for a child to see this short film, there is little chance that he will grasp the various allusions, he will only remember the importance of doing his job well, of not being too lazy and to choose his companion well. Afterwards it is better to be at least seven years old (or 15 for the story of the companion). For parents who want their child to stay with a nice vision of the Santa Claus myth, this is not necessarily the short film to see, it is rather for those who like to laugh at these myths.

In the vein of films from AARDMAN studios (the director had been part of the Chicken Run team).

Not recommended for children under:Four yearsFormat:Short filmYear:1999Duration:29 minutesStudio:BBCCountry:UKCreators:Richard GoleszowskiUniverse:Comedy, Christmas, RomanceTechnical:stop motionThemes:Helping others, Love, Anthropomorphic animals, Competition, Self-esteem, Family imposition, Integration, Interest in the opposite sex, Jealousy, Sexualization of characters, Work, Cheating, Boasting

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