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Review of the R-PUR Nano Sport Mask dedicated to Athletes

Review of the R-PUR Nano Sport Mask dedicated to Athletes

After the Nano Light dedicated to outdoor sports and in particular to cycling as well as the Nano One dedicated to motorcycles, the French company is launching in June 2021 its mask suitable for all sports activities. The spirit remains the same, R-PUR offers a product that is certainly expensive, but with great promises and designed to last. Lighter and more breathable, the R-PUR Nano Sport Mask also complies with the AFNOR standard for indoor sports.

The newcomer comes with its filter already grafted on it and its carrying bag. Just like with the Nano Light there is also a small card that acts as a certificate of authenticity for the filter. As for the little manual entitled “How to wear your mask? », It is strictly identical to that of the Nano Light. His instructions for installing the mask do not correspond to the Nano Sport. Regarding its QR Code, it always leads to the tutorial page of the R-PUR site, but it does not seem to have been updated despite this new product. In addition, the company provides the “stop-valve” useful for wearing the mask indoors. Note that the black cardboard wedge that accommodates the mask before opening comes off so that the box is fully reusable.

Unboxing of the r-pur nano sport sports mask

The design of the R-PUR Nano Sport mask

If the mask still covers the nose as much as the Nano Light, it extends less in width and reveals a little more the cheeks. More versatile, it retains the characteristic shape of R-PUR products with a significant hollow between the mouth and the inside of the filter. As for the choice of colors, it is between almost full black and white with a touch of blue and black. The fabric of the mask is clearly thinner and less dense you can even see through it. However, it does not give up the water-repellent coating which limits the penetration of moisture into the fabric. Although thin, the latter seems quite robust and should withstand the intensity of your workouts for a long time. Finally, the aluminum ring at the end of the mask has the same diameter as that of the Nano Light. The only difference is that the valve protrudes more on the Nano Sport.

The implementation of Nano sport

The filter is fixed in the mask thanks to four small velcro patches, nothing could be simpler! In this regard, we observe that the memory foam of the Nano S filter remains narrower than in the Nano version.. Apart from this detail, their sizes and appearance are identical. You guessed it, the Nano Sport and the Nano Light can benefit from both filters. Both ensure good hold of the mask and maintain its initial shape. To attach it, connect the two strips provided with scratch at the ends of the Nano Sport to those of another zero-shaped strip. Once adapted to your face, you can put it on by placing this assembly above the ears. This system is rather practical since it does not require you to adjust the mask attachment each time you want to put it on.

r-pur nano sport mask separated from its filter with its two-part clip

Filtration of R-PUR Nano Sport

What does this new filter contain? We find the same layers as the classic Nano version with the exception of the activated carbon one. There are therefore four layers:

  • A water repellent that locks in moisture
  • Two to filter particles up to 50 nanometers
  • Moisture-wicking, shape-memory internal

The filtration retains its 99.57% efficiency and the hermeticity of the mask also exceeds 99% thanks to the filter foam. It sticks and adapts to your face to isolate it from the outside. These numbers come from tests carried out by the Apave group laboratory at the request of R-PUR. Results which put Nano sport ahead of FFP3 certified masks! In order to improve the breathability of the filter, the company abandoned the activated carbon part. You will therefore be less protected from pollution, because this layer absorbs gases and odors. In other words, the Nano Sport is less suitable for use by bicycle, immersed in traffic, than the Nano Light.

The different filter layers of the r-pur nano sport mask

Breathe with the R-PUR Nano Sport

Once on the nose, the attachment device is really effective. Indeed, the mask remains firmly attached and does not exert unpleasant pressure on the head. Its rather medium size avoids wrapping the face too much and causing a feeling of suffocation or pronounced discomfort. Breath level, a difference is felt compared to the Nano Light thanks to the finer fabric and the less layer in the filter. This lightness also keeps warmer than its predecessor, which is appreciable. At rest, we breathe easily and without additional effort. The valve always evacuates the air just as well and is very effective when the breathing becomes more intense.

For what uses?

Nano Sport targets most athletes regardless of their activities and disciplines. Outdoors, the mask is very suitable for running or cycling due to its excellent breathability. Note, however, that the absence of the activated carbon filter can attack your sense of smell if you find yourself in the middle of road traffic. For more efficiency in this context, choose the Nano Light. For indoor sports with other people, first place the Stop-valve cap on the inside of it. This evacuation does not pass the expiration through the filter, which poses a problem during a pandemic. This is why it must be blocked beforehand. We can expect a much more difficult breathing in these conditions, but nay! There is of course an additional effort to be made, but it remains more than acceptable.

For example, your performance during a pull-up session should not suffer significantly. You may find it difficult to achieve the maximum number of reps on your last sets.

three runners with an R-PUR nano sport mask

The R-PUR app for Nano Sport

At this level, the functionalities are identical in every way to those offered for the Nano Light. The QR Code on the filter’s certificate of authenticity is used to start monitoring its wear. To do this, you must authorize your geolocation and enter your activity routine: duration of walking, cycling or even running for each day of the week. These activities appear in the history which allows you to modify them if necessary. With this information and the data on the pollution of your location, the application will determine the level of wear of your filter. It then displays a percentage of health and its age in days. It is therefore not a smart health smart health connected object, what allows this monitoring is the information that you have given at the cost of a little effort.

How awful is my air?

This is an optimistic question that the R-PUR app can answer. Indeed, it shows a score for three painful elements: dust, gas and microparticles. The higher these scores, the greater their concentration in the air. In the case of gas, a score above 70 is considered medium and above 200 it is dangerous. These three scores merge to give the air quality index or AQUI. If it is over 50, what you breathe is still average. A beautiful day in June in Montreuil came close with 45 to score. Finally, the app sends a daily notification about it all in addition to notifying you of any pollution peaks.

screenshots of the R-PUR application for the nano sport mask

R-PUR accessories for Nano Sport

Nano Sport stamped filters are obviously available individually on the firm’s store. Just like the classic Nano version, count 29 dollars to get one Furthermore. All the rest of the accessories remain common to the three R-PUR models:

  • A hard case good quality at 29 $
  • A washing bag at $ 4.90 (machine at 30 ° C without the filter)
  • A disinfectant spray to $ 8.90
  • A valve cap filter at $ 4.90 (now supplied with the mask)
accessories for the r-pur nano sport mask

Why choose the R-PUR Nano Sport?

As an athlete, it all depends on your activities. If you go to the gym, but never outdoors, this is frankly not the right choice. Although it complies with it, paying $ 99 for a mask with anti-pollution filtration that will not be used in this context is not very interesting. Furthermore, you will not benefit from all its breathability. On the other hand, if you mix running in the city and weight training indoors, for example, it becomes much more so!

How much does the R-PUR Nano Sport mask cost?

This has been available since June 2, 2021 for $ 99 with only one filter. Note that you can take it in a pack with an additional filter to 20 $ more instead of buying 29 dollars each. The two prices also benefit from a reduction of ten dollars for a limited time.

Do not hesitate to consult our comparison on reusable masks or our top of the best masks for sport.

A versatile mask with excellent breathability

[wpsm_reviewbox title=”Nano Sport” description=”The Nano Sport combines the efficient filtration of its predecessors with increased breathability to minimize the discomfort that a mask can provide. Thinner and lighter, it is suitable for more sports than its elders, both outdoors and indoors. As for the “smart health connected” aspect, the user experience has not changed and offers personalized monitoring of your filter wear. To conclude, we appreciate seeing a price that does not exceed one hundred dollars for a more versatile mask. What the Nano One and the Nano Light do not have while being more expensive.” criterias=”Design:9;Price:9;Protection:8;Breathing 9.5;Comfort :9;” pros=”Comfortable;Excellent breathability;Efficient filtration;Application to monitoring filter wear;Suitable for most sports activities;;” cons=”Still rather expensive;Does not protect against exhaust fumes and odors;” score=”8.9” ]

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