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Prolon reviews -Assisted fasting to regenerate the body

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ProLon is the first diet that simulates and enhances the beneficial effects of exclusively water-based fasting, mitigating risks and providing adequate nutrition for the body.Read ProLon reviews to discover more.

ProLon gives you reset in just 5 days by providing the benefits of fasting without having to skip a meal!

The diet that mimics the fast

Before sharing my experience I must explain to you what Prolon is.

The ProLon Dietary Protocol is developed over five consecutive days, with plant-based foods, clinically formulated in the laboratory to promote effects that protect against aging damage, systematic regeneration and improved metabolic parameters.

ProLon® is the first 100% natural and vegetable assisted fasting program (Fast Mimicking Diet ™).

Created by Professor Valter Longo and his team of researchers, it has been scientifically developed and clinically tested at the Longevity Institute and the University of Southern California (USC).

Specialized in cell biology and genetics and recognized for his work on therapeutic fasting, he is the author of the book “The Longevity Diet” which explains in detail the 5 essential pillars for living longer and in better health.

Scientists have developed a lactose- and gluten-free nutritional program that simulates fasting and provides all of its benefits without its drawbacks (hunger, lack of energy, difficulty falling asleep, etc.) in complete safety and without deficiency.

How does Prolon work?

This 5-day ProLon® program is the result of 25 years of long and complex research

A hypocaloric and hypoprotein protocol whose unique composition stimulates cell regeneration and rejuvenation, with positive effects on a wide spectrum of biochemical markers relating to inflammation, metabolic pathologies and systemic aging.

We speak of imitation of fasting, because the body placed in a state of controlled calorie restriction, behaves as if it were fasting and then triggers a process of cell renewal which allows it to eliminate the superfluous and replace it with new ones. healthy cells.

The ProLon® program will indeed activate the phenomenon of autophagy in cells. The damaged and aging cells will be eliminated and replaced with new healthy and functional cells.

The benefits of ProLon

Simple and easy to use, ProLon is delivered in a box containing 5 kits for the duration of the program. Each contains all the food preparations to take for the whole day: soups, Quinoa minestrone, fruity drinks, Teas, Crackers, energy bars, etc.

This is a low-calorie, low-protein protocol, as it was developed to provide the body with approximately 1150 kcal on the first day and approximately 750 kcal on the second through fifth day.

The ProLon Day 1 nutritional program consists of 11% protein, 46% fat, mainly unsaturated acids, and 43% carbohydrates. From Day 2 to Day 5, the nutritional formulation varies according to protein, 47% carbohydrate and 44% fat, mainly unsaturated fatty acids. Each day of ProLon contains <10% simple carbohydrates.

This periodic diet which mimics fasting promotes cell regeneration, increases energy levels, improves cognitive performance and improves life expectancy. On the beauty side, ProLon improves the appearance and quality of the skin.

Regarding weight loss, there is a reduction in fat mass located in the abdomen-flank area. ProLon helps protect and maintain lean body mass, 60% of lost weight is maintained 3 months after taking a normal diet.

All the foods in the ProLon® box are 100% VEGETABLE, 100% GLUTEN FREE, 100% LACTOSE FREE.

The ProLon® Program in Five Days

Day 1 / Fasting state

Transition of the body in a state similar to fasting, but with the essential micro and macro nutrients. Beginning of cell optimization by the body.

Day 2 / Burn fat

The body goes on to burn fat. Beginning of cellular cleansing.

Day 3 / Cellular recycling

Recycling of cellular waste and regeneration of new cells through the process of ketosis. Ketosis is a natural metabolic process in which the liver converts fat into ketone bodies so that they can be used instead of sugars as an energy source for vital functions

Day 4 / Cellular recycling

Autophagy continues and increases the regeneration of stem cells.

Day 5 / Rejuvenation of the body

Regeneration of stem cells. The body is rejuvenated from within. In short, ProLon® acts on the activation of stem cells, the optimization of metabolic health and as a bonus on weight loss.

My experience with Prolon – ProLon reviews

Before starting the treatment I had a telephone meeting to get advice from Dr. An exchange that I really appreciated and that I advise you to take stock of your diet and best respond to your problems or objectives (lose weight, rebalance your diet, resume sport, improve your health, etc.).

During the first two days I felt a bit tired and a headache from my coffee consumption.

My goals were to reduce my sugar consumption, stop snacking, do a detox to boost my body and get off on a good footing.

My problem with food is that I often skip meals, I never have breakfast (just a sweet coffee), this fast was therefore an opportunity to take up the challenge and change all these bad habits. .

Since the treatment I have reduced my consumption of foods that are too sweet, and I am surprised to see that I no longer have any desire to snack. Despite this quarantine, no excess food or special cravings.

In the end, I haven’t gained any weight for the past two months, I feel more fit because I don’t eat as much sugar and fat anymore.

No more meals in front of the computer to work, now remains to get back to sport more seriously and regularly to lose my little bottle that bothers me.

Prolon is a new nutritional strategy that allows you to regenerate and rejuvenate the body in less than a week for a healthier life! Day 5 to awaken the body’s slumbering ability to heal itself by activating stem cells and optimizing metabolic health.

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