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My experience with the PROLON kit -A diet close to fasting reduces the effects of aging

My experience with the PROLON kit -A diet close to fasting reduces the effects of aging

What is Prolon kit? How this kit can benefits for your health?

A temporary diet that mimics the effects of full fasting induces healthy cellular changes and slows aging as is normally seen after several days of a water-free diet, according to a clinical trial.

Before being evaluated with 100 participants, this diet called “Prolon”, developed by scientists at the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California (USC), was tested on mice. low in calories, sugars and proteins but rich in good vegetable fats. It comes in the form of vegetable soups, energy bars, tea and vitamin supplements corresponding to the consumption, depending on the meal, of 770 to 1100 calories per day compared to a normal consumption of 2500 calories for a man. and 2000 calories for a woman.

This study is based on long-standing observations in Drosophila worms and flies in particular, that a sharp reduction in calorie consumption significantly lengthens the lives of these animals by slowing the process of aging and related diseases. age.

In mice, this nutritional formula has been shown to reduce the frequency of cancer and inflammatory diseases as well as increase their lifespan.

The results of the clinical trial with 100 participants, published Wednesday in the American journal Science Translational Medicine, indicate similar effects.

The “Prolon” diet appears to also act in humans on the aging process and reduces age-related risk factors such as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease, these researchers note.


Cell regeneration

According to them, these beneficial effects appear to result from an increase in the number of stem cells and cell regeneration.

Preclinical studies had shown that Prolon provides the body with the necessary macro and micronutrients while keeping it in a fasting mode that activates cell regeneration in many organs and systems.

This nutritional formula, for which the University of California has filed a patent operated by the firm L-Nutra Inc, is according to these inventors a first success in the nutri-technology sector.

The formula results from a better understanding of the molecular interactions between specific food components and genes playing a role in aging, which can be used to cause cellular changes that are better coordinated than those generated by drugs.

For this latest so-called phase 2 clinical trial, researchers tested the effects of Prolon over three monthly five-day cycles on metabolic markers and risk factors associated with aging in 71 subjects randomly selected from this group of one hundred. The other 29 formed the control group continuing their usual diet.

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Risks of the water diet

The researchers found in the simulated fasting participants a weight loss of 2.2 kilograms on average and a reduction in waist circumference of 3 cm. They also reduced their fat mass, their blood pressure as well as their bad cholesterol and C-reactive protein, a marker of inflammation.

“The decrease in these indicators was even more marked in participants at greatest risk of developing metabolic diseases,” notes Dr. M. Wei of the University of Southern California School of Gerontology, one of the co-authors.

The 71 study participants also had lower levels of the hormone IGF-1 after these three monthly cycles, indicating a lower risk of cancer and diabetes.

No serious side effects were found, according to the researchers.

They also note that full water fasting for several days can have health benefits.

But this practice carries several risks, including hypoglycemia, hypotension and also gallstones. In addition, most people are unable to follow such a diet.

For Dr. Luigi Fontana, professor of medicine at Washington University in Saint-Louis, who was not involved in this study, “recent advances are helping to better understand aging, paving the way for interventions to delay it, like fasting ”.

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The experience with Fasting Mimicking Diet’s ProLon kit

The owner of the sporting goods store is Francesco Scarparo, 62, from Brindisi. He learned of the Fasting Mimicking Diet suggested by Professor Valter Longo from two clients a year and a half ago. Intrigued, he wanted to learn more about it, thus taking a nutrition direction that embraced the Longevity Diet concepts, first with a “do-it-yourself” process, then preferring a simpler and safer approach with the Fasting Mimicking Diet’s ProLon kit.

You love good health. What inspired you to accept Pr. Vision Longo?

I didn’t really know the professor. I was told about it by two of my clients. I wanted to learn about some scientific studies when my sister also began to pursue the values advocated by the latter, and I said to myself: “Why not try.”

The idea of dietary education as well as the possible influence of cell regeneration through nutrition is what most impressed me. I believe it is necessary to follow proper healthy diet, particularly nowadays, we eat everything and we do it in a haphazard manner, without considering the consequences that could be harmful to our wellbeing.

Why did you plan to purchase ProLon kit?

I am mostly away from home with my work. I required something quick and ready to use, but with a scientifically validated and clinically safe methodology that would not endanger my health, while maintaining the desired results, I decided to follow this route. That’s why I wanted to purchase a kit from Prolon.

Describe your Prolon diet for 5 days … Did you face any specific difficulties?

In fact, I have not experienced any unique difficulties; the arrangements are organized for each day in a clear and easy way.On the physical side, only on the third day I had a little headache, but otherwise, I did not suffer any side effects.

What were the advantages?

Weight loss, with an FMD period, is the least significant factor; I lost around 4.2 kg / 4.3 kg. I was often a person with a poor immune system, the kind of person who gets sick easily. I haven’t been ill for a year and a half, so my body temperature has stabilized since I was on this diet. In addition, I continuously checked my blood pressure and my heart rate every day and there were substantial results!

What are those outcomes?

I used to take half a pill before doing FMD to keep my blood pressure under control, but now I don’t take it anymore! Furthermore, I still tracked my heart rate, which was about 75/70 BPM, while it is about 50/52 BPM now at rest. Besides, right after the end of the cycle, mental focus and concentration have increased.

Do you play any sports?

I’ve always been athletic, but stronger physical feats are noted. In addition, the metabolism seems to have increased, if, for instance, before I burned 1000 kcal in one hour, in the same period of time, I burn 2000 kcal now!

What did you like and what would you change about the kit?

Overall, there are strong flavors of various foods. I liked the walnut bar especially; I would change the tomato soup, however.

Described in 3 terms, The Fasting Mimicking Diet?

Well-studied … well-studied
Regenerative medicine

Will it be recommended? And how are the most cynical individuals?

I would definitely recommend it, and I’m actually doing it, to be honest, because I’ve only found good notes in my personal experience. Also, if you allow it, I would like to add one last thing. I’ve always heard of costs that are too high for the type of food in the Prolon kit.I would like to remember that the dosing of components is the result of years of experimental study, but by chance they are not there. This money has been well spent, in my opinion!

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