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ProLon fast: assisted and clinically proven fasting

ProLon fast: assisted and clinically proven fasting
This is not just another diet, ProLon asserts. The ProLon fast program is the result of scientific research and clinical trials. More specifically, this is a medical program. In fact, it is recommended by more than 5,000 doctors around the world. It allows the body to detoxify and revitalize itself through the assisted fasting method.

The fasting trend

While fasting is an old practice, in recent years it has seen a resurgence of interest. It is a practice of depriving yourself of food and even drinks for a defined period of time. Medical practice or lifestyle choice, there are 4 types of fasting: full (only water is allowed), partial (caloric intake around 300 kcal per day), continuous and intermittent. Newcomer: assisted fasting.

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What is ProLon ® Assisted Fasting?

ProLon ® assisted fasting is based on the principle of calorie restriction. Concretely, over a period of 5 days, the body perceives a greatly reduced calorie intake. Then placed in a state of restriction, he behaves as if he were fasting. As a result, it triggers metabolic processes of protection and renewal. The assisted fasting offered by ProLon is guaranteed to be without risk to health. Indeed, the brand is based on clinical studies which have shown that the body receives all essential macro and micro nutrients. Thus, the risk of deficiencies is avoided.

The body reacts in two distinct stages. First, it initiates autophagy, a cell cleansing process. Naturally, it then begins to eliminate aging and failing components of cells in order to renew healthy cells. Second, it triggers the ketosis mechanism. This is because the body does not receive enough carbohydrates to produce energy. As a result, it starts converting fat into ketones instead of glucose. Moreover, it is this natural process that the ketogenic diet comes from. Indeed, the latter consists in drastically reducing the daily consumption of carbohydrates.

The benefits of ProLon fast

Revitalization of the body

The body is revitalized because it initiates a process of cellular self-cleaning. This step allows him in particular to renew his cells thereafter. This process promotes good health and promotes longevity after ProLon.
Physical well-being1

ProLon ® assisted fasting is believed to promote good overall metabolic health on the one hand. On the other hand, maintaining healthy systolic blood pressure. Finally, while maintaining lean mass, the body sheds visceral fat and begins a process of weight loss.

Mental well-being

According to ProLon, the majority of people who tested assisted fasting saw three effects on psychological well-being. First, improving concentration, lucidity and tone. Second, improving sleep for people with disorders. Third, better management of hunger and satiety.

Who is the ProLon ® program for?

Overall, ProLon ® assisted fasting is aimed at all those who wish to benefit from its benefits in a simple and secure manner and who are in good health. Also, it is feasible for overweight people, athletes or even for certain people with pathologies. In the latter case, medical follow-up is mandatory since not all of them are compatible like diabetes for example.
Program recipes

The program contains two versions. The first offers several soups: tomato, mushroom, vegetable and minestrone / quinoa. The second also contains soups, but different flavors. If the tomato one is still present, add those with butternut, white beans / spinach, black beans and butternut / quinoa. We can also see bars appear for snacks or tea and crackers.

ProLon products

The recipes are made with plant-based ingredients. In addition, they are gluten and lactose free. Also, the majority of the ingredients are organic. However, the program is not certified organic.

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