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Prolon fast reviews – Could you reset in just 5 days by fasting without having to skip a meal?

Prolon fast reviews –  Could you reset in just 5 days by fasting without having to skip a meal?

In this article, you’ll find out Prolon fast reviews ,what the Fasting Mimicking Diet is, how it works, and what sets it apart from other types of fasting. 

According to the method’s developer, scientist Valter Longo, this type of fasting can help prevent sickness and combat aging.

What is the Fasting Mimicking Diet?

The Fasting Mimicking Diet, also known as the Longevity Diet, is a diet that allows you to reap the benefits of fasting while still eating. As a result, we can see a form of fake fast.

Rather than eating nothing at all (as with intermittent fasting), you limit your calorie intake to roughly 750–1,100 calories per day (source). Low-calorie meals are made up of lipid-rich foods in sachets.

This diet follows scientific guidelines. Food intake should be just low enough to imitate the effects of fasting, according to Dr. Longo.

As a result, this fast would be easier to follow and less harmful than others. This assertion, however, has not been scientifically validated.

In addition, according to Dr. Longo, the Fasting Mimicking Diet may have many other benefits, such as protecting against type 2 diabetes,

This diet seeks to mimic the benefits of fasting while providing the body with the nutrients it needs.

Here are the main recommendations of the Fasting Mimicking Diet:

  • Eat vegan (sometimes with a little fish)
  • Avoid saturated fats and trans fats
  • Consume lots of good fats
  • Consume relatively little protein
  • Eat two meals and one snack a day
  • Spread meals over a maximum of 12 hours
  • Do not drink alcohol or coffee

This diet can be followed for 5 days by observing Dr. Longo’s “ProLon” program. This program consists entirely of food in sachets delivered to your home.

The macronutrient ratio of the Fasting Mimicking Diet is as follows: approximately 60% fat, 10% protein and 30% complex carbohydrates.

The consumption of alcohol and coffee is excluded. Physical exercise is also not recommended.

Who is Valter Longo?

Prolon fast reviews

Prolon fast reviews

Valter Longo, an Italian scientist and biologist, created the Fasting Mimicking Diet. Longo is the director of the University of Southern California’s Longevity Institute.

He wrote and published “The Longevity Diet” A low-protein diet, he claims, leads to a longer and better life. A high protein diet is hazardous for your health because animal protein has been shown to hasten the aging process in adults.

Because many people find intermittent fasting difficult to stick to, we first looked at how much food and what foods you can eat without erasing the effects of fasting. Before going into a human clinical trial, this diet was tried on mice.

How does the Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet work?

The Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet is a five-day meal-in-a-bag program. All meals are provided in 5 small boxes (one per day) which contain bars, soups, snacks, drinks and supplements.

According to ProLon, all ingredients are plant-based and meals are free of additives and preservatives.

In addition, they do not contain gluten or lactose. Overall, the meals are high in good fats and low in protein.

Here’s what’s in a ProLon meal box (5-day program):

Energy bars: the bars are made with nut cream, honey, flax seeds, almond flour, and coconut.

Soups: a variety of soups such as tomato soup, mushroom soup, and quinoa soup. Fresh herbs and lemon juice can be added.

Tea: Mint green tea and hibiscus tea are both recommended.

Algae oil: an omega-3 supplement that contains 200 mg of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).

Chocolate bars : a type of dessert bar that contains cocoa powder, chocolate chips, almonds, and flax seeds.

Crackers: a variety of crackers made with flax seeds, kale, spices, and pumpkin seeds.

Olives: Because they are high in fat, they can be consumed as a snack on certain days.
Diet drink: a beverage known as “L-drink.” It is a glycerol-based energy drink that can be used from the second to the fifth day.

It is also recommended that Fasting Mimicking Diet participants drink plenty of water and decaffeinated tea throughout the program.

Because calorie intake differs from day to day, it is best not to combine foods or carry them over to the next day.

The instructions are included in each box of the kit. All of the items recommended on a given day must consequently be consumed on that day.

After the five days, one is supposed to return to a normal diet.

Prices and costs of the ProLon diet

The ProLon diet program seems to be only available on the official website. You can order the ProLon meal kits containing all the foods for the 5-day fast there.

The Fasting Mimicking Diet or ProLon assisted fasting is not cheap. It will cost you around $200 for 5 days! $249 (USA); £225 (UK); €199 (Italy) A simple calculation is enough to see that following this diet for a month would cost several hundred euros.

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Prolon fast reviews

Why is this diet so popular? Prolon benefits


The diet is easy to follow because each box is divided into five little boxes. There’s no need to go to the store.

The box contains everything you’ll need. Because the portions are prepared ahead of time, overeating is impossible.

Save time

The Fasting Mimicking Diet of Dr. Longo saves a lot of time. Everything you’ll need to get started on the program will be sent right to your home. For those who despise cooking or have limited spare time, this can be a significant benefit.Everything you need to start the diet is delivered to your doorstep.This can be a big plus for people who hate cooking or have little free time.

Weight Loss

Since the ProLon program assumes consuming 750 to 1100 calories per day, one can only lose weight.

A small-scale study led by Dr. Longo compared people who completed three cycles of ProLon fasting over three months to a control group.

The ProLon group lost an average of 2.7 kg and lost more abdominal fat than the control group.

However, there is currently no scientific evidence that the Fasting Mimicking Diet is any more effective than other low-calorie diets or types of fasting.


Prolon fast reviews

Great rating Prolon fast reviews at

This diet was important to me for two reasons. To begin, you must understand how to fast properly in order to improve health. Second, to understand how to eat when not fasting. I switched to a more vegan diet after trying the Fasting Mimicking Diet. Nothing too severe… but I choose to eat more vegetables and cut down on my usual protein consumption. – Ines

I was very excited to read this book after hearing about Dr. Longo and his promising research. So I decided to buy his book. The first part of the book is very autobiographical. I have to say it didn’t really interest me. As for the rest of the book, it serves neither more nor less than to promote ProLon products. The author presents himself as one of the world’s leading experts in his field. I’m not so sure if that also applies to his general nutritional recommendations. In short, I am disappointed! –Nicole

I’m on day 5 of this diet, and I have to say that it hasn’t lived up to my expectations. Hunger is meant to reduce, but it has the opposite effect on me, and I can’t focus on anything. I work in a physically demanding environment, and these small servings are insufficient for me. For my taste, energy bars are far too sugary. I don’t eat these kinds of processed and artificial foods on a regular basis.

Personally, I would have preferred real, unprocessed food. Moreover, I find the ProLon kit very expensive paid. You have to spend a fortune, all that for a can of dehydrated soups, bars and herbal teas. Finally, I did not find much information in the book to compose your own food program. I would not recommend the longevity diet. – Jeans

I recently finished a 5-day ProLon-assisted fasting program. What are the benefits? I reduced one kilogram, had no constipation, and the meals were better than I had anticipated. What are the drawbacks? I was continuously hungry and fatigued during the day. Furthermore, I believe this diet is overpriced for what it is. I’d probably try again if the box was less expensive. I am a strong supporter of fasting, but I believe there are other, far more effective and cost-efficient options. – Aurelie

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Prolon fast reviews

 ProLon review – how this health expert feel better in just 5 days

Is the celebrity favorite ProLon ?

Paltrow struggled with the tight diet on the show (she was ravenous), but she eventually described it as “quite great” and said she looked 1.7 years younger than her biological age, according to a blood test. The broader population has gobbled up a previously little-known fringe regime.

ProLon has had “explosive growth” since its inception in 2016, according to Manos Spanos, president of the company’s consumer division. He predicted that last year’s revenues would be around $70 million, quadruple what they were three years ago, and that the company would earn $20 million. a recent fundraising event

While the company says the aim of the diet is to “trigger rejuvenation”, it notes that weight loss can occur, with participants in a clinical trial losing an average of 5.7 pounds after following the five-day program. at $249 three times in three months. . ‘The Real Housewives of New York City’ star Sonja Morgan is a ProLon client, and celebrity fans reportedly include Eva Longoria, Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson.


“I have become very fond of olives”

Debbie Allen Wright tried ProLon after seeing it on “The Goop Lab.” Prolon fast reviews PHOTOGRAPHIE AIREN MILLER

Debbie Allen Wright says the hunger pains are worth it. She first tried ProLon 18 months ago after seeing it on “The Goop Lab” and now does it every few months with the change in season.

“After my first five days, I saw profound results,” the 54-year-old Massachusetts-based health coach and lifestyle journalist told “Great Day Connecticut.”

She lost five pounds in five days, which she said was less important to her than the other health benefits – a higher heart rate variable (a sign of heart health, which she checks on her fitness bracelet) and improved energy.

She was also inspired to drink less red wine, something she really enjoys. “I felt so good [after ProLon] that I wanted to cut back,” she said.

The program’s idea is that it simulates the stated benefits of fasting — including cell turnover, mental clarity, enhanced metabolic health, and fat loss, according to ProLon — while still permitting eating. For each of the five days of the diet, five boxes of food are provided. Breakfast normally consists of a nut-based nutrition bar and herbal tea, while lunch and dinner consist of sachets of dried herbal soups.

There’s also a “L-Drink” produced with vegetable glycerin that can be consumed throughout the day. Olives, tea, and specialty crackers are among the snacks on the menu.

“I became very fond of olives,” Wright said. “They taste amazing when it’s all you can eat between your soups. »

Health or hype?

So, what exactly is the science behind the cleanse, and does it support crash diets? The facts are a well guarded secret credited to the program’s developer, Dr. Valter Longo, director of the University of Southern California’s Longevity Institute.

“It’s backed by $32 million in R&D and 20 years of research,” Spanos added, stressing that it was done in collaboration with numerous colleges. “There isn’t any pixie dust,” says the narrator.

In exchange for free products and money, ProLon has Instagrammers who help market the product. But, as Spanos points out, it isn’t a multi-level marketing firm like BeachBody or Herbalife.

Health coach Audrey Zona is one of the promoters. The 55-year-old from Franklin Lakes, NJ herself tried ProLon for the first time in the fall of 2020 and said she lost five pounds and saw her energy soar. She cleaned up six more times and now promotes the brand on social media as a paid ProLon ambassador.

“What I like best about it,” Zona remarked, “is how it helps you shift your relationship with food.” “I encourage my customers and those I coach to go deeper and get intrigued about why they eat what they consume over the course of the five days.”


Is the Fasting Mimicking Diet dangerous?Prolon diet side effects

For healthy people, the Fasting Mimicking Diet appears to be safe. It is not, however, advised for pregnant or lactating women, as well as persons who are underweight.

This diet should be avoided by people with allergies and certain medical disorders. Nuts, oats, soy, sesame, and celery are all found in ProLon products.

If you have a medical condition, I also recommend seeing your doctor before beginning this diet. This diet should only be followed by diabetics and persons with kidney problems under the direction of a doctor.

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