Preserving your health capital: advice and precautions!

Health is one of the most precious possessions of man. It is therefore important to adopt the right gestures to always stay in shape. Discover here some essential advice to preserve your health capital.

Maintain a good diet

Food is the consumption of different types of food in order to obtain the nutrients the body needs to survive. Food therefore provides the necessary energy to carry out your day-to-day activities.

Eating balanced and healthy meals is therefore very important. But, beyond this aspect, do not hesitate to subscribe to a mutual at Aésio Mutuelle.

Eat well and eat a balanced diet

The body largely depends on the nutrients supplied to it. As such, eating well and consuming healthy can strengthen your immune system. It is also the means by which the muscles of the body get the strength they need to function well.

In addition, the energy provided by food allows the brain to fight against stress. It is therefore advisable to adopt a regular feeding rhythm: at least three meals a day. You can add various intermediate dishes according to your tastes.

But eating well is not enough. It is imperative that your diet is balanced. Indeed, a diet is said to be balanced when it provides the body with all the nutrients it needs to function properly. These include, among others:

  • carbohydrates;
  • lipids;
  • proteins;
  • some water ;
  • mineral salts and vitamins.

Avoid fatty, too sweet or too salty foods

In terms of food, it is strongly recommended not to consume foods that are too fatty. Choose fruits and vegetables a lot in your diet. Eating at least five fruits or vegetables and three dairy products a day is a great way to stay in shape. Consuming cereal starch and fish is a better alternative to fatty meats.

It is also very important to avoid excessive consumption of sugar and salt, but also to hydrate abundantly during and outside meals. Do not forget all the same to vary your diet in order to optimize the vitality it will bring you. Many applications are also available to allow you to follow a rich and varied diet.

A good diet also helps prevent many diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. It also helps to limit the risk of age-related diseases.

It is also important to know that beyond the age of 50, maintaining your body in good health depends on several factors. The ability to maintain a balance between energy intake from food and daily energy expenditure.

Have good hydration

Hydration is essential for maintaining the body in good health. So you need water very regularly, and even without waiting to be thirsty. Not waiting to be thirsty before hydrating is very important, because the feeling of thirst subsides over the years. In addition, the body tends to become more dehydrated with age.

However, you don’t have to drink only water. The soups, herbal teas, tea or even light coffee are also good alternatives to hydrate while varying the pleasures.

Water also plays a key role in the kidneys. It promotes better elimination of metabolic waste produced every day. So, drink enough water, every day, allows the body to get rid of the many wastes that clutter it. This is also essential to maintain good health.

The amount of water to consume varies depending on several factors. These include weight, height, physical activities carried out, as well as the outside temperature. Water requirements also vary with age. It is also advisable to drink water:

  • wake ;
  • before taking each meal;
  • before, during and after a session of intense physical exercises (with a view to maximizing your performance and restoring lost fluids);
  • etc.

For adults, you can fill a 1.5 liter bottle of water in the morning to drink during the day. You can display it on a table so you won’t forget it or take it with you on the go. It might help you remember to drink water regularly.

Sleeping well is also important

Sleep is very important for the maintenance of health. Generally, it is advisable to get six to eight hours of sleep a day. Adequate sleep provides several benefits to the body.

Indeed, sleep qualitatively and for adequate durations improves attention, behavior and memory. The general state of our mental and physical health is also improved. Getting enough sleep also allows the body to properly maintain and regulate many vital functions.

Thanks to sleep, the brain is able to memorize and store the various information learned the day before. Sleep therefore helps long-term learning. In addition, by getting enough sleep, the brain refreshes itself and will allow it to be much more efficient throughout the day.

In the event of absence or insufficiency of sleep, the balance necessary for certain hormones secreted during sleep will be upset. Studies have shown that lack of sleep could increase the death rate by 15%.

It is therefore important, despite the various daily occupations, to organize yourself to get enough sleep. It is about preserving your health capital.

Engage in regular physical activity

The importance of physical activities for health is well established. It is important to exercise regularly, regardless of your age. These activities help to maintain both body and mind.

Just like a balanced diet, the practice of physical exercises helps prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and obviously obesity. Also, sports activities can significantly reduce stress and especially help to sleep better.

For example, cycling every morning or walking for a few minutes can burn your excess calories. Likewise, if you are used to elevators, you can now choose to take the stairs. If you hardly ever walk, opt for a change of habit by going to some places on foot or by taking your bike.

Jogging is also beneficial for the body and usually does not take a long time. And if you prefer swimming, taking a dip in the pool once in a while will help keep you in shape.

However, beyond a certain age, it is necessary to take certain precautions before starting or resuming physical activity. Consulting your doctor is very important to know what to do. With age, playing sports cannot be improvised. Indeed, certain physical activities may be contraindicated depending on your state of health.

Before starting a sporting activity, you must first of all get your doctor’s opinion. The latter will be able to recommend or not a preventive cardiological consultation and provide you with sound advice to avoid unfortunate incidents.

Have a healthy lifestyle

Healthy living is very important to maintain good health. It comes in two parts: personal hygiene and environmental hygiene.

Personal hygiene

In terms of personal hygiene, it is obviously good take care of your body. To maintain good health, it is important to take good care of your skin through regular showers.

Oral hygiene is not to be neglected either. It will also be necessary to avoid risky behaviors such as unprotected sex, the abuse of alcohol and various drugs.

Environmental hygiene

The hygiene of the living environment is also an important factor in maintaining good health. Most bacteria that are harmful to humans are acquired in the environment. It will therefore be necessary take care of your living environment keeping it always clean and pleasant.

Also, create healthy spaces around you. When it comes to indoor cleaning work, make it your priority. So you will always maintain good health.

Take care of your mind

Eating well, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, or taking care of your environment is not enough for your well-being. It is also important to have good peace of mind. The most important thing is to give yourself a few moments of relaxation. This will keep you in good mental and spiritual shape.

Airing the mind helps fight stress, anxiety, and many cardiovascular diseases. Then do meditation or yoga allows free your mind from the weights that burden it. This is also scientifically proven. Taking care of your mind also helps boost your immune system.

In addition, clearing the mind allows you to surround yourself with thoughts and positive waves, very useful for everyday life. However, sometimes it is necessary to disconnect from the daily routine. This will allow you to change your ideas a little bit, for the good of your body. It is also advisable to carry out activities that you enjoy in order to preserve your health and live longer.

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