Get the most effective clean with the Most Innovative Silicone Electric Toothbrush PomaBrush

The PomaBrush, which can be purchased at pomabrush.com, is unlike any other electric toothbrush I’ve used. It has a smooth, matt silicone surface. I was unprepared for the sensation of silicone bristles the first time I used it. The nylon bristles of a regular toothbrush head are significantly softer and less flexible. It’s an odd sensation to brush your teeth with it.Discover this PomaBrush review.

My initial reaction was that it couldn’t possibly be effective, yet after brushing, my teeth felt quite clean. I found myself reaching for the PomaBrush instead of my usual electric toothbrush during the testing time simply because I wanted to use it.

What exactly is Pomabrush?

The Pomabrush electric toothbrush is designed to clean your teeth properly and is suitable for sensitive teeth and gums. It has a silicone brush head and can produce 15,000 forceful and gentle vibrations per minute.

good value pomabrush review

Pomabrush review

PomaBrush review

PomaBrush review

Features & Design

The PomaBrush is lightweight but not flimsy in any way. It comes with a built-in USB charging case. It’s shinier than the matt brush, but they’re both as elegant and simple. The case is sturdy, with a rounded form and a magnetic closure that clicks shut.

The PomaBrush only has to be charged three times a year, according to its creators, although three months of the four-month total charge is stored in the case, so you’ll have to place your brush in it at some point.

I wanted to put the claim that silicone is inherently resistant to bacteria to the test (as far as I could), so I washed my teeth, put it back in the case, closed the lid, and left it overnight.

If you’ve ever traveled and put a moist brush back into a case and left it for a few hours, it will have acquired a distinct musty odor by the time you unpack it when you get at your destination.

The PomaBrush, on the other hand, may be stored in the case and comes out smelling only slightly of rubber and toothpaste.

It’s also waterproof, so you can brush your teeth in the shower if you choose. (Would you?)

The PomaBrush has extremely few functions when compared to other electric toothbrushes. This is by design, since the brush’s creators purposefully limited it to only the most necessary characteristics, as opposed to other manufacturers who add additional functionality with each iteration.

More features, on the other hand, might be beneficial. Electric toothbrushes provide a number of advantages over manual toothbrushes, including the ability to provide feedback. They can point out where you’re brushing incorrectly and assist you in improving your technique. It’s not simply better plaque removal that helps to keep your teeth healthy; it’s also better brushing.

PomaBrush review Silicone Electric Toothbrush poma brush

PomaBrush review

How does the PomaBrush do with its limited functionality?

For starters, it doesn’t come with an app, so it doesn’t track your brushing habits. A well-designed software can alert a user if they’re brushing too hard or ignoring certain areas of their mouth on a regular basis. But, let’s be honest, who uses their app on a daily basis? If you don’t, it’ll just pile up on your phone, eating up space and making you feel terrible when you don’t utilize it.

You can skip part of the feedback provided by an app if you’re confident in your brushing technique.

The PomaBrush does, however, include a timer that stops after every thirty seconds of brushing to let you know when it’s time to move on to the next part of your mouth. It automatically turns off after the suggested two-minute brushing period. This is one of the most crucial pieces of brushing advice you can acquire.

There is, however, no pressure alarm. If you press too hard, most electric toothbrushes will light up or make a noise. This is not possible with the PomaBrush. However, the silicone bristles themselves may be able to assist you. They’re so forgiving that you’ll need to brush with a new, softer touch.

Furthermore, because the bristles are silicone rather than nylon, they are kinder on your gums and teeth. If you press too hard, you will not injure your gums like you would with a nylon brush head, but you may reduce the efficacy of brushing. Nonetheless, the head vibrates at 15,000 times per minute, making it one of the most powerful sonic brushes available.

Is it preferable to brush with silicone bristles or nylon bristles? There have been some encouraging trials, but it is too early to tell. While dentists applaud the material, some are concerned that the larger bristles may not get between teeth as effectively as the small nylon bristles.

What can be stated is that silicone bristles are undoubtedly better for gum health, so if that’s an issue for you, a silicone brush may be the solution.

My only issue is the lifespan of the brush head. According to the maker, it should last far longer than a regular brush head — up to six months. Although the bristles can shift out of alignment, there was no change after the testing time. However, if you run your finger over them, they will spring back into place.

Is silicone toothbrush better?

It’s a matter of preference, really, but I prefer a silicone toothbrush. Here’s why: a) Silicone brushes tend to be more affordable, b) they’re easier to clean, and c) it’s easier to store. As a college student living in a dorm room, this is quite important. Realistically, a normal silicone brush is comparable to a manual one in both quality and effectiveness. It’s also comparable in price. If you’re trying to save a few bucks, or you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a good toothbrush, a silicone one is a good solution.

 PomaBrush review

PomaBrush review


How much does a PomaBrush cost?

The PomaBrush is now available through the manufacturer’s website.It costs $99 .It’s now also available with nylon bristles instead of the regular silicone, however you’ll miss out on the silicone’s inherent antibacterial characteristics if you choose this choice.

Spare brushing heads and a luxury version of the brush with a black charging case are also available to purchase.

When compared to other electric toothbrushes, we believe the PomaBrush is a great value at the moment. It includes a charging case and a USB-C cable, as well as a two-year warranty.


Get the most effective clean

PomaBrush review Verdict

The PomaBrush is appealing to the eye and enjoyable to use. It leaves your teeth feeling clean, and the silicone brush head is an excellent choice for folks who require milder gum care.

This might be the electric toothbrush for you if you’re searching for something a little more simple and easy than the majority on the market. It would be extremely useful for frequent travelers.

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Should I buy the PomaBrush?
  • Quality
  • Design
  • Price
  • Features


It’s straightforward, elegantly designed, and reasonably priced. This all-silicone brush is an excellent choice for anyone seeking for an alternative to a typical electric toothbrush.

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