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Oura Ring Gen 3 the new Smart Health Best Wellness connected ring 24/7 health monitoring

Oura Ring Gen 3 the new Smart Health Best Wellness connected ring with its heart rate, SpO2 and temperature sensors for 24/7 health monitoring.

Oura Ring Gen 3 the new Smart Health Best Wellness connected ring 24/7 health monitoring

Price: €314 Oura (Finland)

Last year, it seemed like the Oura Ring was everywhere. Researchers were investigating the possibility that this smart ring (and other wearables) could one day detect disease.

The NBA announced that it had purchased 2,000 Oura rings to track the health status of its athletes. the prince harry has been a fan for years, and celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian West were also spotted wearing the sleep tracker. It’s already a lot of noise for a niche gadget, but the third generation of the Oura Ring adds ambitious new features like period prediction and blood oxygen.

The new Oura Gen 3 offers a all-day heart rate tracking and advanced features like the latest smartwatches.

Oura Ring 3 review

Good points

  • Original design and good gift idea
  • Smart Health Best Wellness Smart Health Best Wellness connected object that is forgotten for health monitoring
  • Rest and recovery functions
  • Comfortable to wear all day

Points to improve

  • Some new features will not be available until 2022.
  • New users need a subscription to take full advantage of its features.
Oura Ring 3 reviews
Oura Ring the Smart Health Best Wellness connected ring

Design Oura Ring 3

Clearly a relatively bulky smart ring isn’t for everyone, but Oura has outlasted rivals Motiv and Amazon. And the Oura Gen 3 brings even more heart rate features.

Oura recommends wearing its ring on your index finger for optimal performance and precision. But, it is quite possible to also wear it on the middle or ring finger.

  • 4 finishes (silver, black, stealth and gold).
  • Made in lightweight titanium, PVD coating
  • Non-allergenic, non-metallic, seamless interior molding.
  • Dimensions of a wedding ring: width of 7.9 mm and a thickness of 2.55 mm
  • weight of 4 to 6 grams (depending on the size of the ring) – lighter than a classic ring
  • Waterproof up to 100 meters

Of course, you can choose the size of your ring. For this, once your order is placed, you will receive your free sizing kit within 2-7 days. You try on a sample ring on your favorite finger to assess comfort. Finally, you confirm your ring size by checking the link on the sizing kit packaging.

Oura ring 3 test
Oura ring 3: 4 finishes

Comfort and use

Unlike a conventional ring, you need to check that the sensors are positioned correctly if you want to get the most accurate measurements. As you wear it day and night, you also need to keep the sensors clean.

The fit is also important, as it is not adjustable. You rarely need to measure your wrist to buy a smartwatch, but for the ring you have to wait two to seven days to get a free calibration kit.

Oura then recommends that you Review a dummy ring for at least a day before placing an order. But like a smartwatch, the ring needs to be charged.

Connectivity, connection and compatibility

  • Bluetooth connection
  • Compatible with Apple Health, Google Fit and Oura apps
  • Autonomy 4 to 7 days.
  • Recharge between 20 and 80 minutes
Oura Ring 3 Sensors
Oura Ring 3 Sensors

Oura Ring for 24/7 health monitoring

The new Oura Gen 3 offers all-day heart rate tracking and advanced features.

The third generation of the Oura Ring tracks your heart rate 24/7. It provides live feedback on your bpm, which is a step up from previous devices. The second generation Oura Ring only recorded heart rate during sleep and rest periods in your day.

The Oura Gen 3 can now monitoring your performance during exercisehow a workout or sports session has challenged your body, and factor that into its various readiness scores.

  • number of steps,
  • calories burned,
  • Idle time

The Oura Ring App

The application is based on three scores:

  • state of readiness,
  • Sleep
  • Activity.

Each is calculated based on heart rate, temperature, and activity data collected by the ring. A high score is a good thing, while a low score means you may need to pace yourself or re-evaluate your habits. That’s the gist of it, and you could very well ignore all the other data it sends you.

With the Oura app, you can view daily, weekly and monthly trends for your main body parameters.

Oura Ring 3 Health Tracker
OuraRing app

Temperature sensor

The Oura retains its temperature sensor, which is now measured minute by minute. Since the Oura needs a few weeks to establish personal baselines, the data can be used to monitoring when you might get sick, and that’s clearly a result of the trials. COVID-19 of the company in 2020.

Thanks to the skin temperature sensor, the Oura Gen 3 can also help women predict when their period will occur. He can predict the menstrual cycle 30 days in advance and will alert users six days before the start of menstruation.

Oura claims it will change and adapt based on your body, making it more useful for planning than a standard calendar.

Improved sleep tracking

Oura determines the sleep score by looking at things like total sleep, REM sleep, and deep sleep — fairly standard sleep metrics that other wearables also provide. There are also more original measurements, such as “timing”, which corresponds to the midpoint of your total sleep, located between midnight and 3 am.

  • Personalized recommendations for when to start bed, based on the nights you got your best sleep scores.

One SpO2 sensor is now on board, which is added to the heart rate monitoring infrared and enriches the range of data from sleep monitoring.

And the sleep staggering algorithm has also been revised, according to Oura, this should offer a even more precise monitoring of the different phases of deep, light and REM sleep.

However, these two new additions to sleep will not be available until 2022 through an app update.

The Readiness Score uses what is known as the “Recovery Index”, which is the time it takes for your resting heart rate to stabilize during sleep.

Meditation and breathing

Ouraring stress monitoringLike Fitbit or Apple, Oura has also added new features to its dedicated application.

So you can now access meditation sessions and exercises breathing “backed by science”.

  • More than 50 audio sessions for meditation, sleep, concentration, energy boost…

Oura also added a measure called Restorative Timewhich checks that you get enough downtime during the day.

Ideal autonomy

It takes around two hours to reach 100% battery, and you’ll get around a week on a single charge with normal use.

Price and release date of the Oura Gen3 Smart Health Best Wellness connected ring

However, all of this comes at a cost and a new subscription-based system is planned for the Oura app.

The Smart Health Best Wellness connected ring is offered at €314 in silver or black and €419 in gold finish. Orders are open with delivery since November 15, 2021.

At the same time, an Oura membership program gives full access to the Oura app for a regularly updated set of features, insights, personalized recommendations, guided audio sessions, science-based educational content.

You benefit for the purchase of your Oura Ring from 6 months of free subscription to all the functionalities of the application. For the customers currents of Oura who pass to the third generation of the ring, they benefit of the application for free for life, as well as a discount when purchasing.

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